The Contracting Parties listed below enter into this DEVS 601 Loan Agreement for the test drive for the purpose of a possible purchase pursuant to the provisions of § 2193 et ​​seq. Of the day, month and year below. Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code.

Rocketman sro

IČ: 09366300

with registered office at:

Trojanova 16, 120 00 Prague 2

Registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague,

Section C, Insert 335217

Acting Neil Eamonn Smith, Managing Director of the Company

(hereinafter referred to as the "Lender")

- and -



No. OP / passport

number ŘP

(hereinafter referred to as the Borrower)

concluded this


to § 2193 et ​​seq. of the Civil Code


Subject of the contract

1.1 The Lender will lend to the Borrower for a specified period of time under the conditions below the electric DEVS 601 in the price of 140,000 CZK (excluding VAT),: registration number EL48AT (hereinafter referred to as the "motorcycle") for a test drive in order to consider a possible purchase. Due to the small number of kilometers driven and the short period of use, the motorcycle is practically in the condition of a new motorcycle.


The rights and obligations of the Lender

2.1 The Lender is obliged to hand over the bike clean and in a condition fit for proper use, ie. including a valid statutory insurance contract.

2.2 The Lender is entitled to demand the return of the motorcycle before the end of the period specified in this Agreement, if the motorcycle does not use it properly or if he uses it contrary to the purpose specified in this Agreement.


Rights and obligations of the Borrower

3.1 The Borrower is obliged to use the motorcycle properly in accordance with the purpose for which it is usually used and to protect it from damage, loss or destruction. The Borrower shall be liable for all damage, loss, loss or destruction not by the Lender and other damage to the motorcycle covered, which is the subject of the loan under this contract.

3.2 The Borrower is also responsible for causing damage to third parties in connection with the test drive of the motorcycle, for causing an accident that will result in injury, death, loss of third party earnings or any other claims of third parties that would not be covered by other forms (eg from compulsory liability).

3.3 The Borrower undertakes that in the event of any claims of third parties which arise in connection with the Borrower's use of the subject of the loan and which will not be covered in another form, if such claims are successfully asserted against the Lender, it undertakes to reimburse the Lender.

3.4 The Borrower may not leave the motorcycle for use by another person. If he does so, he is liable for the damage caused, as if he had caused it himself.

3.5 The Borrower is obliged by the end of the rental period to return the motorcycle clean and undamaged to the Lender's premises where the motorcycle was taken over.

3.6 The Borrower declares that he holds a valid driving license with a license to drive a personal vehicle - group B or motorcycle - group AM, A1 or A license to drive motorcycles with a capacity of 125 cc or more.

3.7 The Borrower declares that he is not and will not be under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited addictive substances for the entire period of the loan.

3.8 The Borrower declares that he understands that the electric motorcycle works differently from conventional motorcycles powered by an internal combustion engine and states that he has been sufficiently instructed on how to use the electric DEVS 601 motorcycle. The Borrower, when taking over the motorcycle, no longer has any questions about its operation.

3.9 In the event of an unforeseen situation in connection with the use of the motorcycle, about which he is not sure how to solve it, the Borrower undertakes to immediately terminate the operation of the motorcycle and request from the Lender for instructions to resolve the situation.

3.10 The Borrower will be charged fines for violating traffic regulations when operating a rented motorcycle, even if the Borrower learns about them only after the end of the rental period. In the event that the personal data of the Borrower are requested by the Police of the Czech Republic, these will be provided to them.

3.11 The Borrower is not entitled to leave the territory of the Czech Republic with the motorcycle.

3.12 The Borrower undertakes to compensate all damages to the motorcycle within 10 calendar days from the date on which they were billed by the Lender to the Borrower.


Test period

4.1 The loan is agreed for the period:

From (time / date)

To (time / date)

4.2 Orientationally agreed travel route within the loan:


Final arrangements

5.1 By concluding the Contract, it supersedes all previous arrangements of the Contracting Parties concerning the subject of the Contract, made both orally and in writing.

5.2 The contract is made in two copies, each copy being valid as an original and all copies together forming one legal document. Each party will receive one copy of the contract.

5.3 This contract may be amended only in the form of written amendments signed by both parties.

5.4 The Contracting Parties have duly read the text of the Agreement, they are aware of the individual rights and obligations arising from the Agreement, and do not find any ambiguities in the provisions of the Agreement.

5.5 The Agreement is a reflection of the true and free will of the Contracting Parties free from error. The contracting parties sign it as a part of the day, month and year below, in agreement with the rights and obligations arising from it, as an integral whole.

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