Inventory Management

Print list or make excel sheet.

Every Wednesday count and order needed supplies.

Restocking of products:

First in

First out

Checking in products

  1. When product arrives immediately count and verify that all products then put your initials at bottom of invoice.
  2. When product is added to procedure code files in system place a check mark next to the product name. More detailed explanation: We track all products. There is an inventory spot under each product we check out. That must be updated with each order.

Example invoice:

How to update inventory count in computer

In Thomas go to Code Files
click Procedure (on left side of screen options are Insurance, Procedure, Doctor, Other)
click Procedure under Procedure and look to the right at code files to find product.
Select product by double clicking or highlight and click pencil at top left of screen.
Procedure code box will open, then you click Inventory to update.
Save after you update.

Fill in box
On Hand:      
# that is on the shelf (add new order amount to existing)    Current Cost:    What we charge
Last Order:    
date we ordered on invoice                                                     Order date:      Leave blank
Last Price:      
What we pay for product                                                         Order Qty:        Leave blank
Last Qty:        
Amount we ordered on this invoice

How to run inventory Report in Thomas
Go to Reports, Custom, inventory Report, Run, click R (you can do a date range if needed)