1. The Spanda School membership is a direct-debit 3 month minimum contract for unlimited classes at Spanda School.

  1. Debits are $140 per calendar month and ‘Ezidebit Health Fit MB’ will appear on your bank statement as reference. The total minimum payable will be $420.

  1. After the third direct-debit payment, debits will continue monthly unless Spanda School is notified in writing to cancel your membership.

  1. CANCELLATION: to cancel your membership, please email advising the date you would like to cancel your membership. Note that 7 days written notice is required prior to your next debit date.

  1. If you change your card or bank account details for the direct-debit, simply email us at or let us know at the studio. Note that any declined or dishonoured payments will incur a $11.90 dishonour fee.

  1. SUSPENSION: you can suspend your membership for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 60 days at a time. We cannot retrospectively or back date any suspensions. Please note that 7 days written notice is required before the suspension date starts, to

  1. The Spanda School direct-debit membership entitles you to:

  1. 10% off workshops and events and priority booking
  2. 10% off Internal Teacher Trainings

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