Time: 2.57.64

Hit the of button

Think about this, you are in the city going out for a walk by yourself, your head is looking down in a position which is making your back neck feel like it is holding a bowling ball and paying no attention to the world around you. I understand if you can’t picture that because you have never seen anybody do that, but people being completely distracted by their cell phones is the most popular reason for all car crashes, road deaths, neck transplants and vision problems before the age of 15.

1. Did you know that 1.6 million car crashes are caused by people looking down at their phones and driving each year. People are either texting, looking at facebook or twitter, either way it has ended up faithfully with people in hospital or down in a ditch. Eleven teenagers die a day because of texting while driving and according to the AA in America 94% of teenagers have admitted the dangers of texting while driving and carry on doing it.   While 35% admit they text when they are driving.   As a result sadly 21% of teenage drivers that have died are directly linked to cell phone distraction.


Imagine your spine is a stick, would you want it to be holding a heavy bowling ball, I personally would not like to do that. You might be thinking why am I even talking to you about this, well that is exactly what is happening to your neck every time you look down at your phone. Highly trained spine doctors have come up with a term called text neck. If you don’t stop putting pressure on your neck to hold your heavy bowling ball head, your neck will permanently stay in that shape because of the damage done throughout the years.


Lastly doctors have said that the basic reason by people under the age of 15 require glasses is because they looking at their phones and devices in the dark. Some people are so addicted they can’t even resist being off their for one minute.. Doctors have said that it does not cause long term damage but if continued for a long period of time eg. days/weeks it can cause eye discomfort and headaches. Who would want to keep dealing with that, coming to school, not really registering and stopping you from achieving your best.

In conclusion would you want to be involved in a car accident, have painful neck surgery and suffer from vision problems. It takes 21 days to break a habit so why not start today.  It is easy to get out of a habit now, but wait for long and it will be hard.  I hope I have informed and persuaded you of the dangers cell phones … now your job is to HIT THE OFF BUTTON.