Creating a vision board, filled with inspirational words and images, can really work wonders, and call what you desire to you. This has honestly worked for me many times; it helped me to meet a wonderful partner, to find resources when I really needed them, and create synchronicities that go beyond the logical.

  This can bring a wonderful sense of life as being responsive to our needs, and magical in how they manifest. It has led me to feeling re-enchanted with the world, and incredibly grateful for all the wonderful blessings that have come my way.

 A note to say that I also believe that life has a grand design, meaning that sometimes our exact desires may not get met, as life has a greater purpose and plan in mind. I find it really helpful and humbling to keep this perspective, as I have found that life’s design has ultimately been for my highest good, even if my ideas about it were different!

If you’ve never done a vision board before, here is some guidance:

1: Gather magazines, images, photos, poems and quotes you love...whatever helps you to feel inspired. Also materials such as pen or crayons, paper or card, glue or blue tack, and scissors.

2: Take time aside to meditate on what is your heart’s desire for the year to come. This can include the whole range of life experience- relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth (including spirituality, social life, education) and health.

3: From this place of inspiration and heart wisdom, let yourself very intuitively be drawn to images and words, and start to cut these out and build them onto your page. Try not to think too much or be too fussy, let it flow! Have fun with it, let yourself get excited about it. Add any of your own words in your own handwriting too if you’d like. Glue or tack the images at the end so you can re-arrange if need be as you make it.

3: : Place your vision board somewhere that you can see it every day. What we focus on, expands, so aim to visit your vision board each day, and contemplate it. Let yourself feel right now, what it would feel like to have this in your life. In feeling it, we can attract it to us.

May this be a year lived from your heart ‘s desires, and with the wonder of their fulfillment!

With love, Aisling