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SPR UK & European 5th Joint Conference, Krakow, Poland

19-21 September 2019

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for registering for the forthcoming Society for Psychotherapy Research 5th joint European & UK Chapters Conference, Krakow, Poland; Thursday
19 – Saturday 21 September 2019.

We hope your preparations for the events are going well and that you’ll have
a pleasant journey to Krakow. We look forward to welcoming you very soon!

A few information beforehand: Registration for the conference will open on Thursday at 8:00 (8am) and will remain open also on Friday from 7:30 to 17:00 (7.30am – 5pm). Please do make sure to register as soon as you arrive and that you wear your ID badges when you are at the venue. If you are planning to register onsite, please bring a valid credit card with you. We can only in exceptional circumstances accept cash – and only Euros.

We start off with one pre-conference workshop on Thursday at 9:00 (9am) with all others commencing at 14:00 (2.00pm). We’ll open the conference with John Ogrodniczuk’s Keynote address at 6pm, which will be followed by a Welcome Reception until 9:00 (9pm).

The poster session will be held on Friday evening and include a drinks reception from 18:00 to 20:00 (6-8pm). For those with stamina, we offer a Krakow-pub crawl afterwards!

You will receive a full printed programme for the conference when you register. The final programme and the book of abstracts will be also available at the conference website here.The programme clearly displays the room numbers and in brackets you can see the size of the room. Last minute changes to the programme will be announced on a billboard next to the registration desk. 

We recommend that presenters set up their presentation well in advanced. All rooms were equipped with Windows-based laptops connected to projectors and speakers. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick. Posters should be mounted on the poster boards in the Exhibition Room after lunch on Friday. Poster tack/clay is available at the registration desk.

The EU and UK Chapter meetings will take place on Friday after lunch from 13:30 - 14:30 (1.30-2.30pm). Travel awards will be given out at each respective Chapter meeting. The UK Chapter also has a Special General Meeting for UK members to vote on suggested amendments to the SPR UK constitution. The EU Chapter country coordinators meeting will be in Saturday from 13:00 - 14:30 (1-2.30pm) and some Special Interest Groups meet for lunch on Saturday from 12:00 to 13:00 (12-1pm).

The conference will close on Saturday at 17:00 (5pm). The Banquet will be at the UNESCO World Heritage Wieliczka Salt Mine and starts at 18:30 (6.30pm) with a guided tour. We offer a shuttle service to the venue that leaves outside the Auditorium promptly at 18:00 (6pm). If you are making your own way, the address is ul. Daniłowicza 10, 32-020 Wieliczka. Please be on time not to miss the tour.  It will take 90 minutes (2.5 km, 1.55 mi) and includes a descent of over 400 stairs. It is child-friendly and very accessible, although it is recommended to take flat shoes. Cloakroom and toilets will be available before entering the dining area. If you do have concerns about the descent or require assistance, please let someone at the registration desk know in advanced. We will dine in a magnificent chamber that is situated 135m (440 ft) underground. Temperature will be around 18 degree Celsius, so you may want to bring a cardigan or jacket.

The Local Organising Committee offers to assist you if you would like to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum with SPR colleagues together. Please reserve a space as soon possible for Sunday the 22 September for either the morning or early afternoon at: http://auschwitz.org/en/visiting/ and let the conference organizers know about your booking.

Please also refer to our website for further information about accommodation and how to get around in Krakow. However, if you have any questions or need any further information please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.

We wish you safe travels and look forward to seeing you soon in Krakow!

Felicitas Rost         

Svenja Taubner

Michał Mielimąka

President UK Chapter

President European Chapter  

Chair Local Organising Committee







Last changes to the program



  1. Saturday | 08:30 AM--10:00 AM | Medium Hall B - Aula średnia B (134)
    The therapeutic relationship in interaction: alignment vs. disalignment
    Discussant: Anssi Peräkylä
  2. Brief Paper Session 60 - Personality disorders II
    Moderator: Poornima Bhola, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Deemed University, Bangalore, India

  1. Saturday | 13:00 PM--14:30 PM | Medium Hall A -Aula średnia A (134) Post-traumatic stress - new routes to recovery – paper in panel
    Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) for female survivors of Intimate Partner Violence. A series of single case studies.
    Stephanie Lane, University of Nottingham, UK Thomas Schröder, Rachel Sabin-Farrell & Stephen Regel, University of Nottingham, UK
  2. Friday | 16:30 PM--18:00 PM | Room 209 (45)
    Workshop: Compassion Fatigue, Vicariuos Trauma & Burnout,
    Kasia Wereszczynska, Oakton Community College


Brief Papers:

  1. Risk to premature termination: Profile and predictors   Ângela Ferreira, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal; Eugénia Ribeiro, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal; Inês Sousa, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal (Friday | 16:30 PM--18:00 PM | Conference Room - Sala konferencyjna (80) - Adverse Effects in Psychotherapy)
  2. Positive Psychotherapy compared to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in groups in the treatment of depression - a randomized controlled study  Anton-Rupert Laireiter, University of Salzburg, Austria; Raphael Schuster, University of Salzburg; Linda Maria Furchtlehner, Kepler University Hospital Linz (Saturday | 08:30 AM--10:00 AM | Room 209 (45))
  3. The effect of using the Partners for Change Outcome Management System in psychotherapy - a systematic review and meta-analysis  Ole Karkov Østergård, Aalborg University, Denmark (Saturday | 10:30 AM--12:00 PM | Room 209 (45) - Routine outcome monitoring)
  4. Anxiety and personality disorder - a randomized controlled comparison between behavioral therapy and psychoanalytic therapy Henning Schauenburg, University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany; Dorothea Huber, Internatiopnal Psychoanalytic University, Berlin; Miriam Henkel, University of Kassel, germany; Hermann Staats, University of Potsdam, Germany; Heinrich Deserno, International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin; Silke Wiegand-Grefe, University of Hamburg, Germany; Cord Benecke, University of Kassel, Germany (Saturday | 13:00 PM--14:30 PM | Room 203 (45) - Personality disorders II)


  1. Negative experiences and outcomes in psychotherapy  Anton-Rupert Laireiter, University of Salzburg, Austria; Isabella Christina Gruber,
  2. Emotional intelligence in patients with anxiety disorders and personality disorders and its impact on the outcome of treatment in psychotherapeutic group  Paweł Zakrzewski, University Hospital of Kraków; Magdalena Zalewska, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

Need to know - from the Local Organizing Committees

  1. The weather forecast
  • chilly (arctic) weather is expected with temperatures at night falling down to 3 degrees Celsius.
  • do not forget to bring some warmer clothes, a raincoat/umbrella and a scarf.

Thursday, 19 September

Friday, 20 September


Saturday, 21 September

  1. How to get to room 203 and 209

  • Rooms 203 and 209 are located in Didactic centre of the Faculty of Law and Administration (ul. Krupnicza 33A) on the second floor. It is located between Auditorium Maximum and the Groteska Theatre.

  1. Final program
  • Please check the program again as we had to make a lot of changes due to members’ queries. You can find the print version of the program here.
    The program shows the room names/ numbers and in brackets you can see the size of the room.

  1. Poster Session:
  • The Poster session will be held in Exhibition Room on Friday from 18:00 - 20:00
    (6-8 pm).
  • Posters should  be mounted on the poster boards after lunch on Friday from 13:30 (1.30 pm).
  • Exhibition Room is located on the second floor in Auditorium Maximum.
  • Poster tack/clay is available at the registration desk.
  • Recommended poster size: A1 - A0 (from W: 59.4cm x H: 84.1cm to W: 84.1cm x H: 118.9cm)
  • Posters are appropriate for the full range of research reports, including completed projects, single case studies, pilot studies, and work-in-progress. They provide a good opportunity for detailed discussion with interested colleagues. Please keep in mind that many attendees will appreciate receiving a handout summarising your research findings.

  1. Lunch and coffee breaks:
  • Lunch will be provided on Friday 12:30 - 13:30 (12.30-1.30 pm)
    and Saturday 12:00 - 13:00 (12-1 pm) and will take place in Exhibition Room.
  • Coffee will be available in Exhibition Room with scheduled tea/coffee breaks in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon on Friday and Saturday.

  1. Country Coordinators:
  • Stig Poulsen and Svenja Taubner will host a country coordinators meeting at Saturday | 13:00 --14:30 (1pm-2.30pm) | Room 209. If you are a country coordinator or want to become a country coordinator please join us!

  1. On-site payment
  • We strongly recommend registering on-line and paying with the use of a credit card (registration). Should you decide to pay in cash, we can only accept Euro. We ask you to have the exact amount in Euro prepared (1 USD = 0.93 EUR) - as the LOC will have only a very limited amount of cash with them. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

  1. Invoices
  • The invoice should be available to download in the registration system:

1. sign in

2. my profile

3. click here to manage your profile

4. Invoices

5. Filter by status:change to "Any status"

6. Click on the little box:   next to the checkbox of the needed invoice - this should trigger the download of the PDF document.

  • For any questions regarding invoices please contact SPR Executive Officer Prof. Marna Barrett (sprexecutive@gmail.com)

  1. Wieliczka Salt Mine and the Banquet Dinner:
  • We offer a shuttle service to the venue that leaves outside the Auditorium promptly at 18:00 (6pm).
  • The tickets have been nearly sold out. If you still need a ticket try this link or contact the LOC.
  • Please be on time not to miss the tour.  It will take 90 minutes (2.5 km, 1.55 mi) and includes at the beginning a descent of over 400 stairs (800 stairs in total). Comfortable shoes are highly recommended!
  • Temperature will be around 18 degree Celsius, so you may want to bring a cardigan or jacket.
  • Cloakroom and toilets will be available before entering the dining area.
  • If you do have concerns about the descent or require assistance, please let someone at the registration desk know in advanced.
  • On site please do not hesitate to address dr Patrycja Jęda or dr Anna Kaczmarska from the Local Organizing Committee with any questions/concerns you may have.
  • Dietary restrictions: we will try to meet your special dietary needs declared when purchasing your banquet ticket - a green apple sticker will be handed to you at the registration desk with your banquet invitation. Please present it to the waiter during the dinner. Thank you kindly.

  1. Local transportation and basic travel information:


How to select/change language:

-    Airport travel information (including train and bus information) http://www.krakowairport.pl/en/passenger,c70/transport,c313/how-to-get-to-krakow-airport,c314/ 

Auschwitz - Birkenau Memorial and Museum 

How to Get to there from Krakow:

The distance from Krakow to Auschwitz is about 66 km and there are three main ways to get there. You can hire a private taxi, use the public bus or visit by public train.

Admission to the grounds of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial is free of charge. The entry cards should be reserved on visit.auschwitz.org. The fees are charged only for engaging a guide, renting a headphone guiding system and watching a documentary movie. Visitors in groups are required to engage an Auschwitz Memorial guide; individual visitors may also engage a guide. Groups of more than 10 people are required to hire a headphone guiding system.

Over one million people visit Auschwitz so please consider that lines are long. We recommend visiting the place in the afternoon. It takes about 3 - 4 hours to visit museum.  The open hours: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM.

By train:

From: Main Train Station Krakow.

Price: 15,60 PLN for Adult one way ticket (around 3.60€)

Travel time: 1:30-2:00h.

Distance to Museum after stop: 20-30 mins by foot, 5-10 mins with local bus stops near the railway station and includes the “Muzeum” stop. (2,7 PLN around 0,50€)

How to get a ticket: The tickets are available from tickets machine at Main Train Station Krakow or online.

Websites and phone numbers:


By bus:

From: Central Bus Station MDA which is located at 18 Bosacka Street.

Price: 15 PLN (around 3.50€)

Travel time: 1:30h.

Distance to Museum after stop: Depending on which bus you take you will get off at one of three stops:

Muzeum Auschwitz (closest) - applies to buses LAJKONIK

Więźniów Oświęcimia (about 3 minutes walk away) - applies to lines number 2 operated by Marek Lewański and Przewóz Osób JS

Oświęcim Lodowisko bus stop (5 minutes walk away) - applies to the rest of lines run by GT TRANS, Marek Lewański (line number 1) and Przewóz Osób JS (line number 1)

How to get a ticket: The tickets are available from ticket office at Central Bus Station in Krakow, from a driver on the day and also online for Lajkonik (you can buy it on their website: by clicking the banner “KUP BILET ON-LINE").

Websites and phones number:




By taxi:

The Krakow to Auschwitz Taxi price is around 65-80$ each way.

Websites and phone numbers:



Radio Taxi Wawel / Website – waweltaxi.pl / Phone +48 12 266 66 66

MPT Radio taxi / Website – radiotaximpt.krakow.pl / Phone +48 12 647 20 42

Dwójki Radio Taxi / Website – taxi.krakow.pl / Phone +48 12 422 22 22.