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Privacy Policy


“Customer” means the entity that executed the Agreement together with its Affiliates (for so long as they remain Affiliates) which have signed Order Forms.

“Customer Data” means what is defined in the Agreement as “Customer Data” or “Your Data”, provided that such data is electronic data and information submitted by or for Customer to the Services.

“Personal Data” means any information relating to (i) an identified or identifiable natural person and, (ii) an identified or identifiable legal entity (where such information is protected similarly as personal data or personally identifiable information under applicable Data Protection Laws and Regulations), where for each (i) or (ii), such data is Customer Data.


The BrandOps Inc. (“BrandOps,” “we”, “us”, “our”) Privacy Policy applies to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and declares how we handle information for your use as related to our SaaS solutions. From a GDPR perspective, BrandOps acts as a Data Processor. Persons or legal entities can try our software service or purchase a license. In order to provide the service, we need to collect certain information.

We are committed to handling personal and business information responsibly and in accordance with applicable law. This Notice sets out the information that we collect and process, the purposes of the processing and the rights that you have in connection with it.

Personal Information

BrandOps collects information when our users provide it to us and when they interact with our software.

Collection of Personal Information

Although the BrandOps SaaS application primarily collects business data, some personal information is collected. This includes:

SaaS Application and Website Data Collection

We collect usage information about users and accounts interactions with our website and application. This includes the web pages and screens that you visit, what you select, the date and time of those actions. This data is used internally to improve our service and is not shared with external parties.

GDPR and Lawful Uses for Processing of Personal Data

BrandOps relies on at least one of the following legal bases to process Personal Data in order to perform pursuant to one or more legal agreements with you:

Use of Cookies

We use cookies that are necessary for the functionality and improvement of the Sites to identify visitors, store preferences. These cookies are not used to track visitors over multiple websites. However, by using our Sites, you consent to cookies used for collecting data for advertisement, sales or support purposes by the following third parties:

Collection of Business Information

BrandOps’ primary offering is to collect information on businesses. BrandOps collects information about businesses, including yours for the purpose of analyzing brand health and competitive analysis. The information we collect on a business is separated into two types:

Public Data and Private Data

Collection and Sharing of Public Business Data

BrandOps collects data on companies that is publicly available on the Internet by:

We retain this data indefinitely. Information that was retrieved from public data sources is considered public data, and our Customers do not have the right to remove it.

The public business data that is collected is shared to any interested party. This includes customers, the customer’s competitors, or any party that uses our software.

Collection and Sharing of Private Business Data

Our customers have the option of providing additional “private data” to BrandOps for the purpose of analyzing the data.

Data Segregation

BrandOps services are operated in a multitenant architecture that is designed to segregate and restrict Customer Data access based on business needs. The architecture provides an effective logical data separation for different customers via customer-specific “Organization IDs” and allows the use of customer and user role-based access privileges.

Sharing of Private Business Data

All data provided to BrandOps by the customer through our “Private Data Collector Service” is deemed private to the company that provided it, and not shared with any other company.

Return of Customer Data

BrandOps does not return Public Data as it is deemed public to all. The only Private Data that is returned to the customer is data that was manually entered into the BrandOps system. If the Customer provides bulk data via an API from their internal systems, that data may be deleted after termination but due to the large amount of data is not available for return to the Customer.

Deletion of Customer Data

BrandOps shall, to the extent allowed by applicable law, delete Customer Data as follows:

Benchmarking Private Business Data

BrandOps offers customers the option of choosing to provide business data to BrandOps for the purpose of using our benchmarking service. In exchange for providing their data, BrandOps allows the Customer to compare their results to an aggregated, anonymous set of data provided by other Customers who also participate in the Benchmarking program.

Customer Participation

The BrandOps Benchmarking service is an optional service. If a Customer chooses to provide Private Data to BrandOps, they must explicitly agree to do so in our Benchmarking Agreement.

Data Security

We employ commercially reasonable security measures to protect your information; however, no system is impenetrable. BrandOps has implemented a variety of safeguards to protect the security of our platform including encrypting web connections to protect data transmissions, limiting the access of network connections, encrypting and hashing of sensitive data, limiting data access to internal employees, and other best practices.

Customers are responsible for protecting the security of their accounts, its contents, and all activities that occur under the account or in connection with the Services.

Use of Third-Party Sub-Processors

BrandOps uses the following trusted third party Sub-Processors which provide parts of the Service on behalf of BrandOps in regard to the processing of Personal Data, see: Sub-Processors

Updates to Privacy Notice

BrandOps may change the Privacy Notice from time to time, and it is our policy to post any changes to our privacy policy on this page. If we make material changes to how we treat users’ Personal Information, we will notify the Customer administrator by using the email they provided. The Customer is responsible for ensuring we have an up-to-date email address, and to periodically visit our Site and the privacy policy to check for any changes.


Questions or concerns related to Data Protection and Privacy can be directed to