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Parent Portal Contact Information Checks
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Infinite Campus Parent Portal - Reviewing Contact Information


Now that you have successfully created your parent account and logged into the system, the next step is to check your contact information.  

It is important to do this now as our emergency notification service uses this information to make emergency notification calls, SMS messages, etc.  If this information is incorrect (i.e. you have a new phone number but did not tell the school) you may risk not receiving some important communications from your school or the district.

In order to view and, if needed, update your contact information do the following.  

Note - some, non-essential, updates will be automatically applied to your identity in the system but others will be subject to approval and will require you to bring supporting information into your school.  For example - you can change your phone number and the change will take effect immediately, however, if you change your home address the change will be placed on hold until you bring in supporting information to meet the Wisconsin proof of residency requirement.  In such cases you will see the following popup message appear in the top right of the window.

Step 1:

Click the menu item “More” on the bottom left hand side of the window.

Step 2:

Click Address Information

At the next screen you can see the information that the district has for your household.  Review this information for correctness.  If changes are needed click “Update”

Click the “back” menu item:

Step 3:

From here review the other areas such as “Demographics” and “Family Information”.  Update anything that you feel is incorrect following the same process as described in step 2.  

Pay particular attention to details in the “Family Information” page.  That is where your email address is located and can be updated if necessary.

Note that when you are in areas such as demographics you will be focused on one specific student.  If you have multiple children in the district you will need to review the information for each one separately.  You can switch between the information for each child by clicking the drop down menu on the top right hand corner.

REMEMBER  - Not all updates you make will be applied automatically.  Some may require verification.  Any time this is needed a popup message will appear on the top right of the screen (shown below) informing you of this need.