Blues/ rock n roll prep

Due Thurs 17th Oct

Find the song ‘Crazy Little thing Called Love’ by Queen on YouTube. Listen to it and answer the questions below


0-    5 secs

What word is correct to describe the guitar part in the intro?

(a)  Melody               (b) ostinato                    (c) bassline


5 secs-23secs

In verse 1, which word describes the bass guitar part?

(a)  Melody   (b) broken chord        (c) block chord



5 secs-23secs

What else can you hear in the backing of verse 1?




In verse 2, describe what the backing vocals do




1min 20- 34

In the guitar solo, what notes does the guitar use?

 (a)  Blues chord   (b) blues scale   (c) other notes



2min 15 - end

Describe the ending






Investigating a Genre Project (3 weeks)

Choose a genre (style) to investigate – e.g. blues, Jazz, soul, rock n roll, Heavy metal, Classical, Electronic,

•Find out about the most important artists in that genre,  when the genre started and how  it started. Was it a mix of earlier musical genres?

•Also find out about the musical features of that genre – e.g. what sort of instruments / instrument groups were used, any typical musical features like fast tempos, very electronic sounds etc

•You can also include any interesting non-musical features like the way the artists dressed or behaved

•Listen to examples of this style and add these to your project : describe an actual song in that style and describe the music you can hear as you listen to the song – how does the music change?

•Include your own opinion of the music – what do you think, what do you like or not like?

•You can present the project any way you wish- on paper, card, booklet, powerpoint, even film! It should not be in your music book however

Make sure you write in your own words, please don’t use copy and paste

DUE: Thurs 26th Sept