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‘What’s not up?’ is probably a better question at the moment!! As we approach the end of the term and year, there are many tasks to be done and of course we are trying to get these done around students who are tired and scratchy.

It is amusing that many people say to me, as we approach the end of the year, “You must be enjoying winding down”. If fact it is the opposite. There are reports to be written, checked and marked, budgets to review and confirm for next year, classes to arrange, final assessments to be done and recorded into our system, discussions and planning for 2017 to name but a few!

Thank you for the continued support you give us at this time.

Ka kite


On Friday 2 December, at Springston School we had a “Help Kaikoura Day” where you bring some items to donate. We appreciate what you have given us! With the kindness that you have shown we have been able to donate 372 items. The people in Kaikoura are very thankful for the donations that we have collected and they are going up in a Helicopter to get there.

Caitlin and Nina

Picnic Afternoon

Picnic Afternoon is fast approaching! This annual event will start at approximately 12:45pm after the official opening of the Adventure Learning Centre on 13 December. Activities will include swimming, water-sliding, Wii and Singstar, balloon darts, facepainting and a Nerf Gun war. Those children wishing to participate in the Nerf Gun war must hand their guns in to classroom teachers at the start of the day. Guns and all ammo must be clearly labelled. Children can be picked up from 2pm. Children may come to school in mufti.

Important dates coming up:


13  Music and Certificate  

      Assembly AND School


      Official Opening of       Adventure Learning       Centre (11:30am)

14  Whole School

      Prize-giving - 5:45pm

15  Last day of school Y4-8         (half day)


After a spate of shoplifting at the Springston Store, I wish to advise that school students are not to enter the store unless they are with a parent or adult.

Lisa from the Dairy.

Schools evacuated after suspected bomb threats, possible link to overseas hoax  - a school in Christchurch needed to be evacuated yesterday, along with others from around NZ. How would we notify YOU if such an event happened to us...?

...Through TIQBIZ - We are grateful to the 48 users who have obviously viewed all of their notifications as of 30 November. We have 138 users signed up, but some families have no members receiving our notifications and alerts. Please ensure you are kept informed - join Tiqbiz now. (NB - there has been a very recent iOS update to the app).

Student leavers - Teachers of students we know are leaving at the end of this year, have handed those students a guide of what to do if they/you wish to retain access to their Google files and personal blogs. Please check with your child if you haven’t received this. Email Carol if you need a digital copy of this information. Please note, all student Google accounts will be archived during the last week of this term and access suspended - please act before Tuesday 13 December. Students returning next year will also be unable to access their accounts over the holidays.