Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

March 23, 2013 at WSC

Board Members present were: David McLamb, Jim Wimbish, Mike Butts, Rudy Tatum, and Butch Blanchard        


Yeoman Report:  No minutes were presented.  


Purser Report:     No report was given but bank balance was stated as $8,564.48 via email.

Commodore David McLamb summarized plans for the coming workday and items to be done such as replacement for water heater and the need to explore alternatives for more efficient hot water power management by timer or switching, or rerouting plumbing.  A waterline leak was scheduled for repair by Mike Butts, as was the water heater issue. A schedule of activities for 2013 was distributed.  A new member application from Steuart and Sheila Link was approved.

 Events:                  April 13        Club Clean-Up in morning; Boats Clean-Up in afternoon


                        April 27        Scheduled - Monthly Club Sailing

                        Isotope Nationals or State championship to be scheduled

                        Tanzer 16 SAYRA event to occur with Indian Summer Regatta

Hosted Events:        March 31        Easter Sunrise Service LW Churches

                        May 4                Schultz party

                        May 17        Scott, Stocks party

                        June 8                Cardboard Boat Regatta – Whiteville Rotary Club


Site and Equipment:  Water to be turned on second week of April.

Web Site Publishing.  The NEW WEBSITE address is www.waccamawsailing.com   Please check the site monthly for calendar, events, and news.

Next Meeting:   April 27, 2012 at the Club at 10:00 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Butch Blanchard, Yeoman