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Toolboxes :

Power Sequencer -

A comprehensive toolbox of strip editing functions.

Blender Edit -

VSE bin ability, multi user project, and extra sequencer UI/operators.

(In development, may be unstable)

VSE Quick Functions -

This script is designed to make Blender's VSE easier to use by implementing features often found in other video editors.  Includes: strip parenting, ripple editing, right-click context menus, automatic proxy generation, and much more.

Easy-logging -

De-rushing and tagging, 3 point editing, video editing by tags, share log and metadata, parametric video editing.

Kino Raw Tools -

Huge tool compilation with navigation, markers, in/out, strip info, modifier clean up, menus, proxy tools, audio tools(+audio meter), exif info, eco, random, glitch etc.

ToolPlus -

Set of buttons with icons for edit tools. Located in the VSE menu header.

Tutorial -

Blender Velvets -

Generate proxies, modified interface, shortcut keys, export to Ardour.

Sun Tools -

Movie Manager, view and trim clips before import, A/V import as metastrip, Sort files, proxy import, Trim Tools. Docs:

Extra Sequencer Actions -

The Grandfather of all toolbox VSE addons. Download -

Multithreaded Export :

Parallel Render -

Using the UI, utilize all cores for as fast as possible export from VSE. Tutorial: 

Blender Power Sequencer Render -

Standalone command-line tool for multithreaded export.

Export :

Export Settings -

Control detailed export settings from panel in Sequence Editor.

Export CMX 3600 EDL -

For ex. Davinci Resolve, Lightworks, Final Cut Pro  & Premiere Pro. Exports: video, audio and dissolves. Tutorial -

Export CMX 3600 EDL -

Only image sequences? Made for export to Davinci Resolve.

Export to Reaper/Samplitude/Vegas:

Basic exporter for Blender's VSE timeline audio files to an EDL file that can be opened by Reaper, Samplitude, Vegas, and more.

Export Audio to Ardour -

Export VSE to Node Editor? -


Export Markers as Subtitles -

Export & Import of Markers -

Export Cameras -

Upload to YouTube -

Export Selected:

Export Selected Strips -

Export Selected Audio Strips -

Export Selected Frames -

Import :

Import & Export of Animated GIF -

Import & Export of Audacity Labels:

For ex. Beat detection in Audacity and import in Blender.

Import Images -

Load properly scaled image strip respecting transparency and proportions.

Import Subtitles(.srt files) -

Import From Freesound Audio Library -

Import File Batch & Add Crossfades - 

Import EDL -

Import Final Cut Pro X Markers -

Set Import Settings-

Change the defaults ex. modification date, thumbnails and tiny. Docs:

Strip Effects :

VSE Transform Tools -

Edit Strip With Compositor -


Natron Connect - 

Tutorial -

Mask O’Matic -

Set up a basic mask and mask modifier for a single sequence editor strip.

Motion Blur -

Tutorial -

Echoes -

Layered and offset strips with opacity.

Strip Alignment -

Align strips to edge of frame.

Slideshow Scripts -

Adjust image ratio / pans / zooms.

LUT Curve Editor -

For the Node Editor.

Auto Color -

        Adjust lift/gamma/gain across multiple strips

Roundtrip Strip -

Open a VSE strip's source audio/video in an external editor like Audacity or Avidemux.

Loop Strip -

Correct aspect ratio -

Strip Editing:

Cut Smash -

Cut, ripple, lift, remove and markers etc. 

Cut Every Nth Group -

Cut a sequence into framecount groups and remove every nth group.

Lengthen and Separate Sequences -

Move selected sequences apart, lengthening them and leaving a gap.

Frame Splitter -

Cut one sequence into one lengthened, separated sequence per frame. Made for manual frame-by-frame animation.

Meta Strip Unpack & Repack -

Separate metastrip, add new strips or perform ops, then pack metastrip.

Shuffle Strips -

Reorder selected strips. Intended to give random variation to cycled sequences.

Add, Delete & Edit Transitions -

Add and manage fade, scale, slide, rotate in/out transitions through transform strips.

Generate :

Optical Lens Flare VSE -

Hand Drawn Strokes & Writing -

Stopwatch Timer -

QuickTitling -

Generate static or animated titles (or CGs) using text, basic 3d objects, images and videos.

Letterbox -

Frame Number as Subtitle:

Audio :

Sampler Builder -

Import m3u playlist, Adjust gain, Mixdown, Create Sampler, Pair, Scope, Shrink Gap.

Sync Audio -

For syncing external audio with your crappy camera audio.

Audio to Markers -

Bake audio data and an interactive tool to place timeline markers which can be used for many things like music animation or video editing.

Auto Volume -

        Adjust volumes to fixed value for multiple sequences. 

Mass Volume -

        Use master volume to multiply volumes across sequences.

Audio Toggle Button -

Fast toggle for Audio in Timeline header

Properties : 

Use Resolution from Strip -

Reset Aspect Ratio -

Extract MediaInfo data -

Tutorial -

Cinematic Aspect Ratios -


Batch Proxy Properties -

Audio Proxy -

Scene Strips :

VSE Camera Switching in 3D View(2.79) -

Tutorial -

Dynamic Slideshow -

Generate slideshow in 3D View and import to VSE. Docs -

Camera Dolly and Crane rigs -

Pro Camara Formats -

Camera Switcher and Bind to Marker -

List of Markers -

Adds a list of Markers in the Scene, and add some extra features to them.

Camera Markers to Scene Strips -

For converting bind-to-markers-cameras to VSE-scene-strips.

Organize :

Find Strips by Name or Type -

Find and display relevant media sequence strips from the Blender VSE. Built to catalog assets and display them for copyright/fair use documentation.

Collect All Files -

Blender Addon to collect all used external files from a project, including video files. BA:

Multicam :

Multicam Tools -


Strip Properties Clean Up -


Channel Tools -

Color, hide, mute, select, volume change entire channel.

Center Image -

Centers VSE preview.

Toolshelf Category hiding on-the-fly -

Toogle Strip Modifiers On/Off -

Mute Modifiers -

Mute / unmute all VSE strip modifiers. Useful if modifiers are slowing down video previewing.

Display Active Image Strip’s Name -

When seeking through an image sequence, display the active strips' file name
for the current frame, and it's playhead.

Current/end time -

Display current/end time as SMPTE on Timeline Header.

Final Resolution -

Displays a "Final Resolution" label in render settings.

Path Editor -

Setup for path for sounds, path for clips, path for sequence videos and path for texts.

Set Import Settings-

Change the defaults ex. modification date, thumbnails and tiny. Docs:

Full Screen Preview -

Avid Edit Functions - Insert, overwrite, cut all channels, ripple trim etc. Download link:

Select Left/Right/Current -

Shortcut Keys:

Numpad Playback Controls -

Final Cut Pro & Premiere Pro -

VSE Shortcuts -

H : Hide / Unhide function (with the same key). Q, S, D : JKL-like function (moving backward (fast backward), stop, forward (fastforward)). Alt+Arrow to move Clip (up, down, right, left), Alt-Shift + Arrow to move by ten units (only left and right). I / O : Setup IN / OUT. Shift I / O : Goto IN / OUT

Jump X Frames -

Jump X Frames with Shift Up/Down in Timeline.


Import Timed Fountain Screenplay and Draw Storyboard -

Can export the timed dialog to srt subtitle files which can be imported with the srt import add-on and cameras one pr. drawing can be converted to scene strips with the camera markers to scene strips add-on.


Sequencer Pie Menu Template -

General Template w. Menu, Panel and Shortcut -

Description -

Multifiles Template -


Comprehensive Manual(in French) -

Sequencer Manual -

Video Editing Basics -

Sequencer Manual(Old?) -

Dev:Source/Sequencer -

Internal functions -

This document is created by the Video Editing in Blender Sequencer Facebook Group.