Alejandro Solano


Week 8 Reflection

        For this week's reflection, I wanted to take a picture of something that I have done that has supported someone or something. I chose to take a picture of the leopard gecko mainly because of how we saved a female from almost dying. I also took this picture because I haven’t seen a leopard gecko on top of its surroundings and this is a new sighting for me. I am 99% sure that the leopard gecko chose to stand on top if this ornament to get warmth from the heat lamp that we set up for them. Hopefully, in the next few days, the other female leopard gecko can recover from her sick state and start eating for once.

        Taking this information and applying it to my current knowledge in herps, I can make sure that all of the new reptiles that we acquire should have a source of heat so that they don’t freeze to death. Chanelle from Seaworld really helped us out with this issue because I thought that the leopard gecko had a parasite or was sick in general and wouldn’t eat but it turns out it was just warmth that she needed. I am happy that we had Chanelle come down to us and immediately knew what was wrong and suggested that we did that because if she didn’t, the leopard gecko would’ve died.