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Mrs. Robyn Danza


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856-848-8200 ext 536

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Google Classroom:  Period 4:  xbdl3s

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Prerequisite: Successful completion of Honors Algebra I - This course is a fast-paced course that allows students opportunities to take responsibility for learning.  The Geometry curriculum is composed of the following major concepts or ‘Big Ideas’: (1) patterns and geometric figures; (2) inductive/deductive reasoning; (3) measurement in the plane; (4) reasoning with triangles; (5) circles; (6) trigonometry and right triangles; (7) measurement in space; and (8) transformations, coordinates, and vectors. While knowledge of content is being developed, students are engaged in hands-on and cooperative activities that encourage mathematical reasoning, problem solving, communicating, and making connections. Through these activities students utilize technology such as graphing calculators, computers, and calculator-based lab equipment. In addition, they are encouraged to think more critically through activities that involve investigations, explorations, and discovery. Finally, evaluation appears in several formats: tests, performance tasks, and long- and short-term projects.

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