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Tony Zappasodi 2019 Christmas Card
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2019 Christmas Card

Ava is 7 years old (2nd grade). She still loves art and dancing, and has taken an interest in cooking and baking. She is a great reader, and perhaps her best big sister moments are when she reads to little brother - very sweet. She is the sweetest person ever; very thoughtful and generous! Still their youngest patient, Ava (finally) got off her first set of braces in October. Mia turned 6 last month, and is still Eli's #1 fan. She is in Kindergarten this year and really enjoys school. She tried soccer last spring and had a ball! She loves all things blue, running around outside, digging in the dirt, riding her bike, and mothering Eli. Eli is 2 and 1/2. He is very funny, talks a LOT, is very loud, and very loving. He likes see-sores (dinosaurs), trains, puppies, jumping, running, climbing (especially on mom and dad), swings, slides, and generally conquering his little world. He loves big. Tony and Katie celebrated their 14th Anniversary in October.