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Spring 2024 THURJ HS Research Competition Rules and Information
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The Harvard Undergrad Research Journal Competition Rules and Information

  1. Eligibility: The competition is open to 9th through 12th grade high school students.
  2. Groups: Students may form groups of up to four eligible students. They do not need to be from the same high school. All submissions will be judged the same regardless of group size.
  3. Registration Period: Students must register for the competition via this form by April 13th at 11:59 PST. Please submit the registration form once per group. On April 14th, teams will be emailed a form to submit their final paper.
  4. Paper Deadline: All papers must be submitted by May 6, 2024, by 11:59 PST. No extensions can be granted.
  5. Research Article Requirements:
  1. Submission Format: Teams must submit a PDF of their paper, any data used with their paper, and a brief (100-word) statement explaining their choice of research topic.
  2. Harvard Student Mentors: All teams will have the chance to meet with a THURJ writer or peer reviewer, current Harvard students with robust research experience. After submitting the registration form, teams will be matched with mentors based on their field of interest and research topic. They will receive their contact information within seven days of submitting the registration form.
  3. Registration Fee: In order to fund this competition and THURJ's research projects, there is a $59 registration fee for the tournament per team. More information on how to pay is in the registration form.
  1. Review Process: The top articles will be determined by a panel of highly experienced researchers guided by the Faculty Advisory Board, which includes Dr. George Daley, Dean of Harvard Medical School, and psychology professor Dr. Steven Pinker.
  1. Awards: