PWC School Council Minutes

Date: Thursday, October 4, 2019

Time: 4:30-6:00 pm

Regrets: Janet Bartlett

Present: Michelle Best (Parent Representative)

          Lilly Lush (Community Representative)

          Michelle Skanes (Parent Representative)

         Gordon Stokes (Parent Representative)

         Christine Rideout (Teacher Representative)

           Carla Roberts (Principal)

         Julianna Tschaja (Student Representative)

1. Welcome/ Call to Order at 4:30pm

2. Approval of Minutes: MOTION: Christine Rideout made the motion to accept the minutes of March 28, 2019; seconded by Lillian Lush.

3. Business Arising:

  1. Membership introduction
  2. Contact list updated with member emails reviewed for school website
  3. School council Chairperson vacancy for this current year. Hugo McCarthy stepped down from chair position. Carla Roberts will send an email to the school council for nominations/ interests in the role of Chair.
  4. NLESD school council handbook discussed re: roles and responsibilities



        Principal’s Report

Fund Development

5. New Business