Anthrocon Art Show
Reservations Information Packet (ASRIP)

v.19a (Apart from dates, there are only minor wording changes from v.18, indicated with underlined text)

Artists are invited to reserve space to exhibit original artworks of a science fiction, fantasy and/or fannish nature, especially relating to anthropomorphics.

Reservations timestamped or postmarked by April 30 are guaranteed space, which will be allocated equitably among all those who meet the deadline. After that if any leftover space remains, late reservations will be accepted until all available space is taken, and then requests will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Areas of the Art Show

There are two distinct areas of the Art Show. You must specifically reserve space in each area in which you wish to display and sell your work:

  1. The “General Gallery” features original artwork depicting subjects suitable for all ages to view. This area will be open for silent (written) bidding during the day and early evening Friday and Saturday, and Sunday morning. If a piece receives enough written bids by noon Sunday, it will be sent to the main voice auction Sunday afternoon.
  2. The “Mature Gallery” is for original artwork depicting mature subject matter, as detailed in the “Display Requirements for Mature Artwork” section below. This area will be open during the same hours as the rest of the Art Show Friday and Saturday, and monitored to keep minors out. Pieces in this area which receive enough written bids by Saturday evening will be sent to a separate voice auction later that evening.

Types of Artworks

  1. All entries of original art must be your own work. All entries of prints (photoprints, serigraphs, lithographs, photocopies, laserprints, or other multiple-copy items) must be based on your own work.
  2. You may enter collaborative works for which you contributed a significant effort, as long as you have permission from all other involved artists, and credit them accordingly. If a work is based on commercially-available patterns, designs, stencils, etc., this must be stated in the “medium” description on the bid sheet.
  3. All flat art must be matted and backed, framed, or otherwise mounted, ready to hang upon arrival. Framed works must have a wire for hanging. Nothing containing  glass, slate or other fragile material may be hung on panels because of the risk of shattering if it falls. Please reserve table space for such items.
  4. If you have small works (flat or 3–D), we recommend you provide a case to hold the items, the better to safeguard them from damage or theft.
  5. Only single copies of prints will be allowed in the Art Show. Any item created using a computer or other method which can be used to produce multiple copies (e.g., photography, screen printing) must be indicated as a print in the “medium” description on the bid sheet unless accompanied by a statement from the artist affirming that it is a unique work and that no further copies will be made. Hand-colored prints are considered original art.

Display Space

  1. The display unit for flat art is the pegboard panel, 2 ft. wide by 4 ft. high (approx. 60 cm wide by 120 cm high). The display unit for 3–D art is the half-table, which is 3 ft. long by 30 inches deep (approx. 90 cm long by 75 cm deep). You must specifically reserve space for each area in which you wish to display work: General Gallery and Mature Gallery.
  2. When reserving your space, please keep in mind that you must allow space for mats, hanging hooks, adequate clearance, and for bid sheets around your pieces. Your artwork may not extend beyond the edge of any panel or table, and it may not interfere with any works displayed by any other artist. One panel will typically hold six 9″ x 12″ or A4–size (21 cm x 29.7 cm) matted pieces. Bid sheets are 4.25″ wide x 5.5″ high (10.8 cm x 14 cm, approx. A6–size). Allow 3″ (8 cm) above the top of each piece for clips and hooks. The top 2″ (5 cm) of each panel is unusable because of the panel supports; a sign for each artist is attached there.
  3. Since we have much more space in the convention center, there are no limits on how much space you may reserve. However, please be realistic and reasonable. If you request a great deal of space, be prepared to justify it.
  4. In the unlikely event there is excessive demand and we do run short of space, all artists who meet the April 30 deadline will be granted some space, which will be allocated in a “round-robin” fashion, one panel or half-table at a time, until the room is full. Depending upon demand we may not be able to accommodate fully artists requesting a great deal of space, although exceptions may be allowed for those with an established history of above-average sales, as well as for the Guests of Honor.
  5. Floor space for large free-standing artwork (e.g. sculpture or costumes) must be arranged with the Art Show Director by May 15; please contact him and include all details about the piece(s) and supports (if any).
  6. Panels will be lit by reflector floodlamps attached to an overhead support. Tables will be illuminated by ambient room light. If you want to bring your own electrical equipment (e.g. a lighted display case) or if your work requires electrical power as an integral part of the work (e.g. lamp or kinetic sculpture), please provide full details, including a description of the equipment and total wattage requirements, on your reservation form. We will pass along any fees the convention center charges for electrical usage, divided among all the artists using electricity.
  7. After the show becomes booked full, partially-granted requests or late reservations will be held as “pending.” If someone cancels their reservation before the con, the space will be reassigned in order of response. Artists who cancel their reservations are not allowed to “pass on” their space to someone they name, as this would be unfair to other artists waiting for space.
  8. At the con, the pending requests will be set aside. If any space becomes available it will be allocated on a “right-place, right-time” basis: we will assign the space to the next artist who arrives and requests it. Experience has shown it is not practical to keep a waiting list at the convention, not knowing who (if any) of the people on the waiting list will actually arrive. In the past space has gone unused because of this, and we would rather assign the space to someone who is present and ready to participate.
  9. You forfeit your reserved space if you or your agent do not check in by noon on Saturday unless prior arrangements have been made with the Art Show Director. If your plans change and you cannot participate, please cancel your reservation by the Monday before the con. Artists who repeatedly forfeit reservations without cancelling in advance will not be allowed to participate in future Anthrocon Art Shows.

Agents and Mail–In Service

  1. If you cannot attend Anthrocon, you may be represented by an agent at the convention. An agent is simply someone you authorize to act on your behalf in dealing with the Art Show at the convention. He or she will bring, hang and pick up your artwork, do your paperwork, etc.—i.e., perform the normal duties and accept the responsibilities you would if you were present. Typically, an agent is an artist’s friend or acquaintance who is attending the convention anyway. One person can act as an agent for several artists. There is no set limit to the number of artists an agent can represent, but remember, it takes time to hang the art and do the paperwork: allow at least 30 minutes per panel or table.
  2. If you will be represented by an agent, you must provide your agent with a signed letter of authorization to present at the Art Show. Your agent must purchase an attending membership in order to be admitted to the convention, and must be prepared to show id at the Art Show. Please complete the “Agent” section of the reservation form if you wish that bid sheets, forms, etc. be sent to your agent instead of yourself. You may send this information later if you have not yet found an agent, but we must receive it by May 15.
  3. We no longer offer mail–in service. As our convention has grown, dealing with mail–in artwork has demanded more and more staff time that we feel should be directed to meeting the needs of attending artists, who have invested a considerable amount of time and expense to be present at the con.

Preparation and Check–In

  1. Every piece must be labeled with its title, minimum bid price (or, if it is not for sale, it must be so noted) and the artist’s name and address. All items for sale must have a minimum bid of at least $1, and all prices must be in whole-dollar amounts. Each piece must have a bid sheet and be recorded on a Control Form (provided by the Art Show). Any art that does not have its paperwork in order will not be accepted for entry. You are allowed to decorate your space with display material (not for sale), e.g. an illustrated nameplate, examples of published works, etc.
  2. All artwork must be able to withstand reasonable amounts of handling in hanging and moving to auction. Please do not bring or send items which are not adequately protected or which may break upon handling. This includes glass-faced mountings.
  3. We do not accept any responsibility for your artwork until the Control Forms have been checked and signed by a crew member. Please find a crew member to do this after you hang your artwork.
  4. Once an item has been entered in the Art Show, it may not be withdrawn or the conditions of sale (e.g., minimum bid) changed without the consent of the Art Show Director.
  5. We do not provide insurance coverage for art entered in the show. While we take measures to protect your art, we recommend you verify that your insurance coverage extends to display in the show.
  6. To protect your rights, photography is not permitted in the Art Show, except by staff–escorted photojournalists who have received permission from the Art Show Director. Please indicate on your reservation form if you will allow this, and if you will allow your artwork to be displayed on panels visible from the entrance to the Art Show, where it may appear in images taken in the convention hall. While we take measures to keep high–quality cameras out, and keep watch for those who may attempt to use small cameras built into mobile phones or other devices, we cannot guarantee that no one will photograph the artwork. In addition, the Art Show reserves the right to take photographs of your panel or table setup for administrative purposes. During the voice auction, a video “freeze” of the item up for bids may be projected for the benefit of the audience; no permanent recordings of such images will be kept.

Limitations on Artwork Accepted for Display and Sale

  1. Artwork for sale should depict your own original characters, unless:
  1. (a.) you have written permission from the character’s owner, or
  2. (b.) the work is obviously a parody: i.e., it must ridicule the original work; must not use more of the original work than is necessary to evoke thoughts of the original in the viewer’s mind; and must not directly affect the market value of the original work (no one should be willing to buy the parody as a substitute for the original). 

    Except for parodies, artwork depicting trademarked characters cannot be offered for sale because, as Anthrocon is the seller of record, we are not licensed to sell them. Works found to contain unauthorized depictions of others’ intellectual property may be removed from display or marked “Not For Sale” by the Art Show Director upon request from rightsholders or their representatives.
  1. If you use real animal parts (such as feathers or bone) in artwork you plan to exhibit at Anthrocon, please contact the Art Show Director before May 31. The laws regarding the possession, sale, and transport of such items across state and international borders are complex, and it may be illegal to bring these items into Pennsylvania, to sell them at Anthrocon, or for buyers to take them home.
  2. The Art Show Director reserves the right to refuse any artwork for display and/or sale for inappropriateness of subject matter or for administrative reasons. This may include works that do not meet with the standards of quality that we would like to see at Anthrocon; works which may infringe copyrights or trademarks as noted above; works with libelous references to actual persons; or works which may pose a safety or legal hazard for the convention. Since it is not always possible to determine such a situation prior to check–in, the Art Show Director may remove such pieces from display, or change them to “Not For Sale,” at any time.
  3. The Art Show Director is the final authority over Art Show policies, and makes the final decision regarding artwork accepted for display in the Art Show.

Auctioning and Sales

  1. Artwork in the General Gallery receiving eight (8) or more written bids by noon Sunday will go to the voice auction later that afternoon. Artwork receiving seven (7) or fewer written bids will be sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet.
  2. Artwork in the Mature Gallery receiving eight (8) or more written bids by 6 pm Saturday will go to the voice auction later that evening. Artwork receiving seven (7) or fewer written bids will be sold to the highest bidder on the bid sheet.
  3. If circumstances warrant, the Art Show Director may elect to set a different number of bids required to send a piece to voice auction. We will announce such a change in advance of the con, and we will send you bid sheets with the appropriate number of bidding lines.
  4. If an unforeseen situation makes it necessary, the closing times for written bidding and the start times of the auctions may be changed. Should this occur, we will publicize the change as widely as practical. Signs posted in the Art Show will show the final schedule.
  5. Any artwork properly bid on and won but not collected and paid for by the high bidder will be purchased by Anthrocon at the bid price, so that artists may be paid promptly. Anthrocon will attempt to contact the buyer and collect payment; anyone who fails to honor their monetary obligations will not be allowed to participate in future Anthrocon Art Shows, and will be denied membership at all future Anthrocon conventions. If the high bidder declines to pay or cannot be contacted, Anthrocon may elect to sell the artwork to someone else, or donate it for charity fundraising.
  6. Art sales do not include reproduction rights. The artist and buyer must negotiate separately per current copyright laws.

Check–Out and Payment

  1. Please keep in mind our Artist Check–out hours, 2–5 pm Sunday; please arrange to have your items out of the Art Show before the end of Artist Check–out so that we may begin disassembling the display equipment. You may authorize someone else to pick up your artwork, but you must notify us of this in person in advance, and obtain an authorization form which must be presented by the person picking up your artwork. We reserve the right to remove artwork from its display space in order to expedite the tear-down process if you or your representative do not make a timely appearance.
  2. If you must leave the convention before Artist Check–out, please notify the Art Show Director as soon as you know your plans. If you leave without taking all of your unsold artwork, we will ship the leftover pieces to you and deduct the shipping expense from your sales payment.
  3. We are unable to provide summary or detailed sales information (such as prices paid for individual pieces) when you check out, as sales are still being transacted at this time. You will receive a complete report with your payment check.
  4. Anthrocon Art Show will issue payments to artists within 45 days after the convention (mid-August). Checks will be drawn on a United States bank, in United States funds. They will be made payable to the artist unless otherwise requested by the artist or agent. Those outside the United States may choose to be paid by International Postal Money Order, if available for their country. We do not trust PayPal and do not have a PayPal account. Under no circumstances will it be possible to pay at the con for sales.
  5. If you wish to inquire about the status of your payment in the weeks after the con, please contact the Art Show Director, who is the only person who can provide you with complete, accurate and precise information on your payment status.

Please, do not direct Art Show queries to the chairman or any other Anthrocon representatives.

Fees and Commissions

  1. There is no fee for reserving space in the Art Show.
  2. On all work sold through the Art Show, we will collect a commission of 15% (12.5% for those who paid for space in the Dealers Room).
  3. We will pass along any expenses incurred (e.g. return postage for unsold artwork left behind after check–out) by deducting them from sales; if the amount of sales is insufficient, we will bill you for the difference. As with delinquent buyers, anyone who fails to honor their monetary obligations will not be allowed to participate in future Anthrocon Art Shows, and will be denied membership at all future Anthrocon conventions.

Display Requirements For Mature Artwork

Anthrocon strives to maintain a comfortable environment for all members. We feel that it is unfair to force sensitive persons to be exposed to material which offends them; likewise, we feel that it is unfair to tell others that they may not bring materials that appeal to them to the convention.

In order to strike the best balance and in an attempt to make Anthrocon an enjoyable experience for all, we permit material of a mature nature, as described below, in the Art Show provided it is shown in a separate area into which people may not inadvertently wander.

We set aside a special Mature Gallery, partitioned from the General Gallery, in which you may request panels for the open display of mature subject matter, with the exception of certain items as detailed in section III below. It will be open during the same hours as the General Gallery, but monitored to keep minors out.

In addition, you may elect to display some mild erotica in the General Gallery, provided you use tasteful coverings as detailed below. We will have an ample supply of creative materials for this purpose.

We feel that this policy strikes the best balance between those who wish to have access to mature items and those who do not wish to be exposed to them in any way.

I. Mature Subjects Allowed In The General Gallery, With Coverings

If the subject could not be displayed on the covers of magazines sold in a general-interest bookstore such as Barnes & Noble, certain portions of it must be covered in the General Gallery, but may be displayed openly in the Mature Gallery.

If you want to show pinups, cheesecake or beefcake, all we ask is that you please keep it mild and tasteful: think Vargas, Petty, or Playboy. Bare breasts may be shown, but nipples and areolæ must be covered. Bare buttocks may be shown if genitalia are not visible. Stronger stuff (e.g. Penthouse) should be shown only in the Mature Gallery.

We will allow realistic depictions of natural animals in an unaroused state. We are not going to make you castrate your stallions.

If you wish to cover portions of your pieces as described above, we will provide low-tack adhesive paper slips (e.g. Post-It® notes) for you to attach to your pieces. Alternatively, you may overlay such pieces with a clear plastic sheet, hinged at the top, and attach the concealment (e.g., stickers, Post-It® notes, opaque tape or paint) to the overlay; this will allow bidders to lift the overlay to see the entire piece, but the sheet and its coverings will fall back into place when they are through looking. We suggest that such pieces be displayed only on the lower half of the panel, below the average eye–level.

II. Subjects Which May Be Displayed Only In The Mature Gallery

Scenes which would cause a motion picture to be rated R or stronger may be displayed only in the Mature Gallery:

III. Items Not Allowed Under Any Circumstances

  1. Artwork depicting sexual acts involving:
  1. Children or beings that appear to be children;
  2. Only humans, human-like beings, and/or non-anthropomorphic animals.

Sorry, you can’t claim “this is really a 500-year-old elf” or “it’s a sapient horse”—a police officer or a judge isn’t going to consider that, they’ll go only by what is evident in the picture, and if it looks like someone’s having sex with a child or an animal, we’ll all get in trouble.

  1. Mature 3–D items with primarily a functional, rather than artistic purpose (e.g., intimate products, fetish implements, etc.). Fetish apparel and masks are allowed if they have an anthropomorphic theme.

Please Note: The examples above are meant as guidelines, and are not to be considered all-inclusive or absolute. The Art Show Director has the final decision on whether and where any particular artwork may be displayed, in accordance with the spirit (not necessarily the letter) of the rules.

Figuring your Hanging Space

Use graph paper to lay out your display space to scale. Each 2' x 4' (approx. 60 cm x 120 cm) panel will hold approximately six 9" x 12" or A4-size (21 cm x 29.7 cm) matted pieces.

You must allow room for the bid sheets attached to the pieces, for the hanging hooks, and for the framework clearance at the top of the panel.

Bid Sheets: 4.25" x 5.5" (10.8 cm x 14 cm, approx. A6-size)
Hooks: 2" (5 cm) at top of piece (may overlap)
Framework clearance: 5" (approx. 13 cm) at top of panel
We put a sign with your name in this space.)

Your work and bid sheets may not extend below the panel, nor interfere with other artists’ work on either side of your assigned space.

Suggested Planning Schedule

(Thanks to Dale Farmer.)        

        Today        Fill out Art Show space reservation form.

        April 30        Reservation postmark deadline for guaranteed space.

        May 15        Contact Art Show Director if you have not received acknowledgment.

        June 29        Select and mat artwork for Anthrocon.

        June 30        Fill out control form and bid sheets.

        July 1        Pack art in sturdy, well–padded containers. (Pack your clothes, too.)

        July 3–5        Arrive at Anthrocon, settle in, get your badge.

        July 5, 10AM        Hang art attractively in your assigned space and check in.

        July 5–7        Enjoy the con. Tell everyone at the con to bid on stuff in the Art Show. (Your stuff, that is.)

                Help the Art Show crew with running the show. (Volunteer at least 18 hours during the con to earn a free membership for next year!)

        July 7, 11:55AM        Goad bidders into sending your pieces to auction.

        July 7, NOON        Help close out Art Show and prepare for auction.

        July 7, 2PM        Encourage voice auction bidders to outbid one another for your pieces.

        July 7, 2–5PM        Help the sales crew take people’s money for you. Remove any of your artwork that the philistines didn’t bid on. (Pout.) Pack it up and check out.

        July 7, 5PM–12AM        Help pack up the Art Show supplies. Hang around the Zoo, saying goodbye to friends.

        July 8        Return home, unpack, do laundry, start thinking about what to bring to Anthrocon next year.

        August 19        All sales payments will be issued by this date.

        September 15        Contact Art Show Director if you have not received your payment.

Art Show Hours

(Tentative Schedule as of January 30; final version will be sent in June)        

We realize that some people may not arrive until late Friday, July 6, or even Saturday, although we strongly urge you to check in as early as possible. The longer your work is on display, the more bidding action it is able to receive.        

Thursday, July 4:        

        3–9PM        Unpacking & Setup—Volunteers needed to help with stuff the union crew doesn’t have to do!
Crew Training—Learn how to help run the Art Show!

        6–9PM        Early Check–In for Dealers & Staff

Friday, July 5:        

        10AM–6PM        Artist check–in

        2–6PM        Art Show open to bidders

        9–11PM        Artists & Dealers Reception—Meet and socialize with other artists and dealers, sponsors and staff.

Saturday, July 6:        

        10AM–6PM        Art Show open to bidders

        10AM–NOON        Artist check–in

        NOON        Unclaimed space forfeited to waiting artists

        6PM        Mature Gallery written bidding ends

        11PM        Mature Gallery voice auction begins

Sunday, July 7:        

        10AM–NOON        General Gallery open to bidders

        NOON        General Gallery written bidding ends

        2PM        General Gallery voice auction begins

        2–5PM        Sales, artist check–out

        5PM–12AM        Packing & cleanup

Volunteer—it’s a great way to meet people!

Anthrocon is a cooperative effort. We rely on fans just like you, giving a bit of their time to put on a great con and a great Art Show. We’re always looking for more people to join the Art Show crew—every little bit helps!

Most of the work is clerical—checking in artwork (comparing the info on the bid sheets on each piece to the info listed on the Control Form we keep on file for each artist, so we know what’s been entered in the Art Show), signing up bidders, helping with sales pickup, etc. (We no longer need volunteers to assemble and disassemble the panels—our contract with the convention center requires us to hire union labor for that.)

We hope that volunteers will agree to help for at least 2 hours on both Friday and Saturday at the con, as well as Sunday afternoon, which is our busiest time. However, we realize that you are a volunteer and want to have time to enjoy the con! Even if you can work only an hour or two here and there, it will help a lot. Simply check the box on the front of the reservation form, then stop by during the con to see when and how you can help. We’ll have a training session for new crew Thursday afternoon, if you plan to arrive by then, but if you can’t attend we can train you “on the job” later.

You’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you have played a crucial role in making Anthrocon possible. In addition to our deep appreciation, if you volunteer for 12 hours or more, we’ll give you a free Anthrocon T–shirt! And if you volunteer for 18 hours or more, we’ll add in a free membership for next year!

Anthrocon Art Show Reservation Form

By submitting a reservation form (online or paper), you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the Anthrocon Art Show rules.

Online Art Show Reservation Form