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AMJRF Strategic Plan Objectives 2021-2022
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2021-2022 AMJRF Strategic Plan

This strategic plan represents the organizational goals of the American Jump Rope Federation (AMJRF) for the 2021-2022 fiscal year (September 2021-August 2022):



Key Performance Indicators

Strategy Manager(s)

Identify 1 or more contact person (people) to support new teams and programs

  1. Communicate open position to the membership by September 30
  2. Vet possible contact by November 15
  3. Publish contact information on the AMJRF website by December 15

Communications Committee, along with Brian and Chris; State organizations

Add and publish language about inclusive jump rope events and categories

  • including for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and adaptive athletes
  1. Evaluate adaptive athlete task force recommendations and adopt inclusive language for events by October 30
  2. Publish inclusive language on the AMJRF website and communicate by December 15
  3. Start conversations with Special Olympics about inclusion of jump rope by August 2022

Adaptive Athlete Task Force

Resources and handouts for teams and programs (new and experienced)

Develop and publish 2 how-to handouts, 1 for new teams and 1 for new programs

  1. Develop 2 handouts by January 31
  2. Board reviews and votes by February 15
  3. Publish by February 15

Instructor and coach certification

  1. Evaluate instructor and coach certification options by February 2022
  2. Develop certification courses by June 2022
  3. Publish certification courses by August 2022

Identify 1 or more new judge trainers and have them lead a judge training with an experienced judge trainer

  1. Identify potential judge trainers by October 30
  2. Complete certifications for new judge trainers by November 15

Hold 1 nationwide judge training that is streamed live and recorded

  1. Identify dates and judge trainers by October 30
  2. Ensure necessary resources are available for live-streaming by November 15

Recognize and compensate judges and support staff

  1. Increased stipend for AMJRNC judges and staff by June 2022
  2. Published judge and staff profiles and recognition by June 2022

Programs and educational development, board, competition committee, state organizations, and communication committee

Empowering and engaging spectators and audiences in new ways

Hold 1 or more new competition, with an active spectator judging format

  1. Develop competition structure by January 2022
  2. Pilot new competition by February 2022
  3. Run new competition by August 2022

Knowing our audience

  1. Standardize demographic data collection by December 2021
  2. Implement demographic data collection by January 2022
  3. Review collected demographic data by August 2022


  1. Livestream AMJRNC in June 2022
  2. Test streaming a sanctioned tournament by August 2022

Competition Committee, Athlete Advisory Council, and AMJRNC planning committee



Key Performance Indicators

Strategy Manager

Grow the membership to 1000 members

  1. Track membership numbers with event dates included and visualize related membership growth (internal)
  2. Publish resources for members by December 15
  3. Hold at least 1 membership drive by August 2022
  4. Add 1 new state organization by August 2022

Board, Graham Booth, and the state organizations

Ensure there are affordable and cost-effective options for members to participate

  1. Meet with stakeholders and gather information by November 15 (and throughout the year)
  2. Compile and analyze costs of events, programs, and resources by December 15
  3. Adjust costs where possible by January 15

Finance committee, competition committee, camp committee, state organizations, board

Recruit volunteers to aid in organizational progression

  1. Communicate open positions to the membership by September 30
  2. Track retention of volunteers starting September 15
  3. Develop exit surveys for volunteers by May 30

Nominating committee, communications committee and board

Increase reach on social media

  • Record progress quarterly (November 30, February 28, May 31, August 31)

  • 3000 followers on IG on FB by Sept 31, 2022
  • Recruit marketing expert
  • One candidate lead per month
  • Secured by January 1, 2022
  • Instagram - Average 12% total audience engagement per post from Sept 1, 2021-Sept 31, 2022
  • Feature athlete at some interval so that the feed consistently showcases actual jump rope
  • Resharing content more frequently.  Highlighting athletes instead of just dates
  • Featuring/highlighting teams
  • Facebook - Average 1.2% total audience engagement per post from Sept 1, 2021-Sept 31, 2022
  • Email - Average 20% open rate across all email campaigns and average 10% click thru (for content with links) from Sept 1, 2021 - Sept 31, 2022.

Communications committee and state organizations

Invest in jumpers and jump rope programs

  1. Develop and publish resources, handouts, programs and events (see other goals and objectives) for members by December 15
  2. Monitor and report on quarterly finances for the fiscal year
  3. Award two $1,000 scholarships to graduating senior jumpers with organizational funds by May 2022
  4. Revenue growth of 10% by August 2022
  5. Invest 10% of budget into low-risk funds by August 2022

Programs and educational development, finance committee, scholarship committee, state organizations

Partner with new sponsors

  1. Compile list of potential organizational sponsors and sponsorship materials by October 15
  2. Contact potential sponsors starting October 15
  3. Secure title sponsor for AMJRNC 2022 by April 30
  4. Secure sponsors at sponsorship levels offered (continuous)
  5. Secure ad hoc sponsors (continuous)

Finance committee or task force

Engage with donors

  1. Formalize a donation process by November 30
  2. Publish on the AMJRF website by December 15
  3. Track donations, number of donors, communication with donors, and donor retention (continuous)

Finance committee or task force

Obtain grants

  1. Recruit 1 or more people to work on grants by November 30
  2. Research potential grant opportunities and ways to offer or apply for grants by February 2022
  3. Develop relevant program resources by June 2022
  4. Apply for grants starting June 2022

Finance committee or task force

Create a sport development committee

  1. Review, vote, and approve sport development committee charter by Oct 15
  2. Seat committee by November 15




Key Performance Indicators

Strategy Manager

Engagement with International Jump Rope Union (IJRU) events

  1. 100% attendance at national governing body-related events continuing forwards from September 2021, where financially feasible
  2. Clear communication of all open IJRU events to members within 2 weeks of the announcement

Board, communications committee, and athlete advisory council

Multi-sport org recognition

  1. Develop structure and resources for holding jump rope events at multi-sport organizations by December 15
  2. Attend a multi-sport conference and network with multi-sport organizations by February 2022
  3. Hold a jump rope event in conjunction with a multi-sport organization by August 2022
  4. Determine who reaches out to multi-sport organizations by August 2022
  5. Engage in discussions about recognition with a multi-sport organization by August 2022

Competition committee, athlete advisory council, state organizations, and board

Recognition from the United States Olympic Committee (USOC)

  • for broader worldwide recognition and access to international networks and resources
  1. Evaluate compliance with requirements for USOC recognition by August 2022
  1. Explore USADA recognition
  1. Gain recognition for a multi-sport organization that is recognized by the USOC by August 2023
  2. Network and open discussions with the USOC by August 2024

Athlete advisory council, state organizations, and board



Key Performance Indicators

Strategy Manager

Develop jump rope technology startup accelerator program, with training resources and options

  1. Compile number of cameras, tablets, computer, etc. needed by September 30
  2. Include in AMJRF budget for 2021-2022
  3. Purchase by November 30 to own enough technology to run AMJRNC and sanctioned tournaments with electronic scoring and replay, with budget and infrastructure for shipping
  4. Publish training resources and options by August 2022

Competition committee, finance committee, and board

Broadcast 2 AMJRF events

Produce a condensed, packaged 1 hour video segment for AMJRNC 2022 that is viewable and retained on the AMJRF website

  1. Compare and identify production companies by April 15
  2. Ensure on-site videoing takes place June 2022
  3. Publish video on AMJRF website by July 22, 2022

Livestream 1 AMJRF event

  1. Livestream AMJRNC in June 2022
  2. Test streaming a sanctioned tournament by August 2022

AMJRNC planning committee and communications committee

Publish packaged, flexible, inclusive tournament models

  1. Develop new competition structures by January 2022
  2. Run new competition by August 2022

Competition Committee, Athlete Advisory Council, and communication committee

Hold a virtual leaderboard process combined with ability to certify scores in-person and an interactive leaderboard display

  1. Research and identify display by October 15
  2. Include leaderboard display in 2021-2022 budget
  3. Test leaderboard display by November 15
  4. Integrate display on the website by November 30
  5. Identify judges and backup judges for each by November 30
  6. Test electronic scoring by November 30
  7. Certification available by November 30
  8. Comparison of data between in-person and virtual (post process)

Competition committee

Publish results and records (scoring and historical) on the AMJRF website

  1. Compile results and records from previous events by October 15
  2. Publish results and records on the AMJRF website by October 30
  3. Update after each applicable tournament (continuous)
  4. Develop process to collect stats/history for jumpers by November 30

Communications committee and competition committee