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Strategy Two: Tapping The Power Of Our Whole Community

Objective 2.4:        More Engagement of Parents

Executive Sponsors:        Cynthia Valdez, Assistant Director Special Programs and Bill Eagle, Director Special Programs; Mike Wilson, Wenatchee Learns Support Specialist

Three-Year Benchmark Objectives, Actions, Barriers and Outcomes


  1. Increase parent volunteer capacity by training current and new Partners. (Moved to 2.1 for 2016-17.)
  1. Adopt and implement district-wide parent programs in Spanish & English to build parent leadership/capacity.
  1. Coordination of Family Advocate teams for more parent engagement.  (Ongoing in 2016-2017)
  1. Seek partnerships & funding sources to support expansion of parent programs. 
  2. Create district wide Wenatchee Learns’ Ambassador program.  (Reconfigured in 2.1 for 2016-2017)
  1. Create Wenatchee Learns Connect partner recognition. (Parent recognition will remain here; Partner recognition will move to 2.1 in 2016-17.)


  1. Continued coordination of Family Advocate activities to increase  parent engagement.  
  1. Provide technical assistance to Title 1A schoolwide and targeted assistance buildings in implementing required Parent-Family Engagement strategies
  1. Coordinate Parent-Family Engagement activities among Special Programs areas:  Title, LAP, Migrant, and Bilingual
  1.      Build capacity of parents and staff to increase Parent-Family Engagement


  1. Ongoing Parent program opportunities
  1. Seek parent input on current K-5 report card use and format of comments section
  1. Partner with Coalition for Children and Families North Central Washington to offer community Cafe’s regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)



What obstacles or barriers need to be addressed?

Who needs to be involved in the planning discussion and action steps for this objective?

What measures need to be developed to monitor the outcomes of the objective benchmarks?

Executive Summary:

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