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Impact Go is going to be the world’s first app for mobile donations which is connected to African start-ups. On Impact Go you can support low-income people in Africa with health insurance. Only € 5,00,- (tbc) get one person 3 months of health insurance coverage. Givers receive notifications (3-step notification), telling them whom they have insured and where.

For some time various telecommunication providers have been offering to pay and receive money via cellphones (eg. with m-Pesa). This is particularly useful for millions of unbanked people. Our African start-up partner, Jamii Africa ( in Tanzania, leverages on this service and sells small insurance packages to the unbanked. After registering with SMS and the payment through m-Pesa they get an insurance-ID as a SMS. 78 hours after registration they can get treatment and medication in about 3.000 private hospitals in Tanzania.

Once donated insurance is distributed as a form of freemium package to pregnant women/orphans in Tanzania. People can then test being insured for free over the course of 3 months. By doing so, we want to reduce the lack of education concerning insurance products in Africa. People can then extend it themselves. Thus, we want to avoid creating dependency on us as a donation organisation.

Tanzania’s population encompasses 50 million people in total but only around 5 % of those who are insured. More than 70% of the population in Tanzania are part of the low-income segment who are struggling with health care financing. Only 3 % of Africa’s total population are insured. Impact Go’s goal is to provide as many people as possible with temporary health insurance.

This reality is evident in the global effort to achieve universal health coverage, a promise of Sustainable Development Goal 3 to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages." Health for all will only be achieved through collective action, and a recent collaborative effort deserves celebration.


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Boiler Plate:

Impact Go was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2017. It is going to be the world’s first app for donating health insurance to low income families and mothers in Africa. In close cooperation with African start-ups Impact Go leverages on the high share of cellphones and the mobile payment service m-Pesa in Africa. By doing so, we also want to get the unbanked health insurance coverage. With a small donation of € 5,00,- (tbc) donors provide access to treatment and medication for 3 months. Impact Go lets donors track the whereabouts of their donation from their wallet to the actual insurance sign-up. This “3-Step Notification Flow” guarantees maximum of transparency.