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Dewey Chromebook Guidelines 2021-22
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Dewey Public Schools

  1:1 Computing/Chromebook Guidelines



At the beginning of the school year, the district will assign a Chromebook to each student in the current phase of the Student Computing Initiative.



The Chromebook is a personal computer designed to work with Google’s G Suite for Education web-based applications. The school district chose this device as the best fit for the needs of the students in terms of productivity, processing speed, ease of operation, and cost-effectiveness. The school district will purchase and retain full ownership of the Chromebooks, and students are to use them in accordance with the district’s technology policies.


Distribution of the Chromebooks

A student will be given a device only if a parent or guardian (or the student if age 18 or older) has submitted signed and dated hard copies of the following:

Each student will receive the device and a power cable with charger.  Earbuds or headphones will not be provided.


District Responsibilities for the Use of the Chromebook

The District will comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to do its best to prevent the inappropriate use of the Chromebook and/or the Internet whether the device is being used at school or at home. The District will have devices available that can be checked out to students whose devices are being repaired or replaced.


Parent and Student Responsibilities

As with any District-owned property, such as textbooks, parents and students will be responsible for returning the Chromebook in good working condition. The student and his parent or guardian will be responsible for replacing a lost Chromebook or making repairs that were the result of inappropriate use or neglect of the device. Different levels of protection for the device will be offered to those parents who choose to purchase that coverage.


Because the Chromebook is an Internet-based device, the student will need Internet access (either at home or at public places that offer WiFi access) in order to use the web-based applications, although offline editing of G Suite files is possible. At school or elsewhere, students are expected to observe all DPS technology policies and federal, state, and local laws.

Digital Citizenship Tips for Teenagers

Damaged Chromebooks

A student with a damaged or malfunctioning Chromebook may take it to the Library Media Center and will be issued a new device immediately if the protection plan has been purchased. If the plan has not been purchased, appropriate faculty will contact parents about repairs and/or replacement.

General Care of the Chromebook

Guidelines for Appropriate Use

With the opportunity afforded by using District technology comes the requirement to use that technology responsibly. Failure to use district devices, networks, or other resources responsibly may result in disciplinary action.


Students will:


Students will NOT:

Dewey Public Schools

Student Chromebook Protection Plan Agreement

The Dewey Public Schools Student Chromebook Protection Plan Agreement has been established to give parents the ability to purchase protection for the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative. The package consists of a Chromebook and a charger with a cord and is valued at $339. The protection plan, if purchased, will cover the repair or replacement costs of these items. The cost for protection from the time of checkout until the end of the school year is:

Fee determined by student meal plan qualification


Family (2+ students)

Full Pay Meal Plan Qualification

 $35 Online* / $40 Cash

$65 Online* / $70 Cash

Free or Reduced Meal Plan Qualification

 $15.00 Online* / $20 Cash

$30.00 Online* / $35 Cash

                * Online payments are subject to a convenience fee for processing.

This is a voluntary coverage program and families are strongly encouraged but not required to participate. Keep in mind, according to the Chromebook Responsible Use Agreement, if protection is not purchased at the time of device acceptance, parents/guardians are responsible for the full cost of any repair/replacement of all damage to/loss of the Chromebook and/or charging cord.

Acts of intentional damage will forfeit protection coverage.

Estimated Repair/Replacement Costs WITHOUT Protection Plan





Chromebook (w/o charger)




Charger and Power Cord


Battery (not replaceable, so full loss)


Power Cord only (w/o charger)


Keyboard and Trackpad


Entire package (Chromebook and charger)


Asset Tag Removal


Protection Coverage:

If purchased, the Dewey Student Student Chromebook Protection Plan Agreement covers 100% of the FIRST incident of damage or loss (including theft*) of the Technology Package items (Chromebook and charger) and 50% of the SECOND incident of damage or loss (including theft*) of the Technology Package items from date of issue until but not including the first day of school. After two incidents, the parent is responsible for all repairs and replacement costs. Exact repair/replacement costs will be determined at the time of the repair. This coverage will reset each new school year if protection is purchased for each new school year.




First Incident



Second Incident



Third Incident



*        Theft coverage requires a completed Dewey Police Report or School Resource Officer report, signed by a parent. A copy of the police/officer report must be provided within one week of the theft, or the protection plan claim will be forfeited.

Parents have the opportunity to purchase the protection plan during August registration at the school or afterwards with the school’s Secretary by cash, money order, or online. To sign up online, please use the provided link and follow the steps below. Infinite Campus- Parent Portal

Once logged into Infinite Campus as a parent, click on “Fees” in the left hand pane. On the right side of the screen, click on “My Accounts.” Finally, click on “Optional Payments” to navigate to the Chromebook Protection Plans.

Students will retain the Chromebook model throughout their education at Dewey Public Schools.

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