MSc in Computer Science and Engineering


Software Development

My main specialization from my master programme. I have a broad knowledge of Java and C with good experience in object-oriented programming.

Computer Graphics

I have 7 years experience working with graphics APIs like OpenGL, Direct3D and WebGL including shading languages.


I enjoy looking for smart and efficient ways of solving computer related problems. Often with good results.


Math have always been one of my best interests and skills. I’m a puzzle solver by heart.

Web Development

I'm a self learned web developer with experience in many different web related technologies including html, css and layout.

Rubik's Cube

A hobby of mine, I compete in solving the cube as fast as possible. I'm currently averaging 15 seconds!


Bentley Systems - Senior Software Engineer

Currently leading development of the web-based real-time rendering engine 3DMaps in Bentleys Reality Modeling team.

Agency9 - Software Engineer                        

Developed web-based services for 3D visualisation in mapping solutions.

2019 -

2012 - 2018

Tieto - Software Engineer (internship)

Built a radio node configuration system on an Android platform. The wireless node communication was mainly done using SNMP over TCP/IP.


Ericsson Research - Research Engineer (internship)

Developed an Augmented Reality featured application for mobile phones using the Android platform. GPS was used for mapping real world objects.



Luleå University of Technology - Luleå, Sweden

MSc Programme in Computer Science and Engineering — 300 HP        

Grade: 4.8 / 5.0 (view transcript)

2007 - 2012

Balder (Upper Secondary School) - Skellefteå, Sweden

Technology Programme with IT specialization — 2500 P

Grade: 19.2 / 20.0

2004 - 2007

Master Thesis

High accuracy volume measurement of small shapes through imaging methods

I developed a method for accurately determine the volume of small objects by reconstructing a 3D model using a stereo vision system. The Swedish mining company LKAB were asking for a non destructive method to determine the volume of their porous iron ore pellets. (view thesis)


University Projects

WebRTC and HTML5

I participated in a project for enabling real-time communication in the web browser using HTML5 and the bleeding edge technology WebRTC. The application was targeted the healthcare.

Computational Geometry

Developed an O(n·log n) algorithm for finding activities among time and position stamped data points in 2D. Data points defined as an activity are close in both time and space.

Embedded System Design

Designed (PCB) and programmed an embedded system for analyzing data acquired from a bicycle. Features including GPS tracking with speed and temperature measurements using sensors.

Networked Virtual Environment

Developed a networked 3D virtual environment that could handle multiple servers and clients in a reliable fashion. The programming was done in Java with the graphics engine JMonkey.

Autonomous Robotics

Constructed and programmed an autonomous model vehicle. It navigates through the environment using ultrasound sensors and an AVR microcontroller.


Swedish (native)

English (fluent)

Adam Lärkeryd — — +46 700 456 941