COFFEE roasted by us, right here in St Peters

Espresso                                                         $4.2

Long Black                                                         $4.2/4.9

Filter                                                                 $4.2/4.9

Milk Coffee                                                         $4.2/4.9

Add +$0.50 for Soy / Oat milk alternatives.

Add +$0.50 if Extra Shot / Decaf / Mocha.

All black coffees made using rotating single origins - ask our baristas for today’s offering. Our milk coffees are made using our ‘Pacemaker’ blend. All are freshly roasted each week in our space next door.

TEA by Tea Craft

Assam Breakfast (Black) / Yunnan (Red)                          $4.2

Cloud & Mist (Green)                                                 $4.7

Peppermint / Chamomile / Heal (Herbals)                         $4.2


Venezuelan by Black Gold                                          $4.2/4.9

Brewed Chai Latte by Sticky Chai                                 $4.2/4.9


Fresh Orange Juice                                                $5
Soda: Blood
 Orange/Lemon/Passion Fruit/Pine Mango         $5

Heaps Normal        Quiet XPA (<0.5% abv)                        $7

Sparkling Water                                                $3

We use the word ‘we’.  /  We find the positive.  /  We celebrate the underdog.  /  We’re always there to belay our mates.  /  We give first and take only what we need.  /  We celebrate the journey as much as the outcome.  /  We recognise the next hold may not be the most obvious.  /  We leave no trace, whether in a customer’s venue or campsite.  /  We’re generous with our time, our knowledge and our beans.  /  

When we have the opportunity to add value, we pass it on.


Banana Bread                                                        $6

With spelt flour and cultured butter.

Breads and Spreads                                                $7.5

Double slice of Brickfields sourdough or Nonie’s gluten-free charcoal loaf (+$2), with a choice of:

Cultured butter, blood orange and lime marmalade, mixed berry jam, vegemite, or P.B.

Free Range Poached Eggs                                                $13

With Brickfields sourdough and cultured butter.

House-made Granola                                                $14

With yoghurt, seasonal fruit and your choice of milk.

Porridge                                                                                   $14

W/ seasonal poached fruit and/or cream & brown sugar

Smashed Avo                                                        $16

Smashed avocado, pan fried cherry tomato, and garlic sourdough.

Asparagus and Burrata                                                                               $16

Vanella Burrata, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, sun-dried tomato tapenade on toasted sourdough.

Soup Season                                                        $14

Ask staff the daily soup situation


Brekkie Roll                                                        $14

Potato hash, fermented chilli mayo, salsa verde, baby spinach, cheddar and poached egg.
+$5 LP’s pig’s head sausage.

Three hot cheeses                                                                           $10

Add tomato +$1

Add ham ‘off the bone’ +$2.5

Roast mushroom, broccolini, romesco, vegan mayonnaise                           $14

Chicken, tarragon, avocado, mesclun, mayonnaise                                    $16

Pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss, pickles and russian dressing                        $16

Add  +$2 Nonie’s gluten-free bread.
       +$5 for a side of halloumi.

        +$5 for a side of mushrooms.
       +$5 for a side of avocado.

        +$5 for a side of ham ‘off the bone’.

        +$5 for a side of LP’s pork sausage.

        +$2.5 for a free range poached egg.

See bar display for daily baked sweets and pastries. All dishes available gluten-free, advise server for any other dietary requirements. See display for today’s offering.