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FAQ for Contributors/ Editors
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Adding New and Editing
Species Accounts


For New Users

For Author/ Contributors

For Editors

Updated 22 July 2021

For New users:

Note that new contributor registrations need to be approved by

an administrator so plan ahead!

Register for a Contributors account here:


If you encounter any errors in any of these functions, please contact Joyce Gross at, Ann Chang at, Michelle Koo at, or all three.

For Author/ Contributors:

As a Contributor, you can add or edit species accounts (entire accounts or sections), add or edit literature references, and add or edit decline factors. These edited accounts will be available for an Editor to review.

  1. Log in (button on lower left of navigation bar)
  2. Links to edit and add species are available for Contributors

Use the first link to start writing a species account

Links to your profile page and links to update/change your username and password.

  1. See the species account guidelines for details on specific sections

How to write a NEW species:

  1. Select the first link (“Write or edit species account”), then on the next page enter the genus and species you would like to write an account for.
    **Note: Only one Contributor can work on a species at a time. Editors can work on species at the same time as Contributors.

  1. Use HTML tags to format your writing:

  1. Write or copy your text into each of the sections you wish to fill. Please follow the Account Guidelines

  1. Your form is now done on your end! Click “Save” or “Save and View” if you want to preview your entry. The species will now show up on your “Contributor Information page” like this:

To notify AmphibiaWeb that it is ready to be published, please check the “Submit for publishing” box:

How to edit your account(s):

You can edit your own checked-out species accounts by logging in, going to your main contributor page, and clicking the “edit” link next to your checked-out species until it is published.

You can edit any unchecked-out account by following the steps above. However, please note that like writing a new species account, any changes will not be public until one of the administrators / chief editors reviews and approves the content.

For Editors:

Editors have all the privileges of a Contributor and also are responsible for editing and formatting any checked-out species accounts. They can post editorial comments only visible to other Editors, and otherwise prepare accounts for the public website.

For Editor privileges, please contact Ann, Michelle, or Joyce.