Chapter 1: A New

        It began with a small blue Tachyean boy. He was born on the homeworld of the Tachyeans; Destructoryous. This world had very few Tachyeans left for they went, and colonized many other worlds in their quest for peace throughout the universe. The boy was all alone with nothing, but dreadful wasteland as far as the eye come see. He could not tell why anyone would want to be here. Tachyean children at birth are always full of questions, yet they are quick to learn their surroundings. The children are always quite intelligent at birth, and they are also able to comprehend most of what they are able to do with their abilities. This Tachyean, however, knew that something was wrong with the fact that he felt unfamiliar with the place he was at. He decided to go to the peak of the nearest mountain to get a better vantage point. When he got there he could see a grand city on the other side of the mountain range. The path wasn’t very clear, but the mountains were oddly smooth, with small amounts of rigid areas to run into. The run over only took about thirty minutes to get to the city.

He saw there were others in this place that were similar to him, probably the same race as him was. There were others in the city not like him as well. In fact it seemed that there were more of the others than his own race. The boy then found the entrance to the grand city, a large gate guarded by two of his kind. He walked over to find that they were quite exhausted from their jobs it seemed. {Who goes there,} said the guard on the left. {Oh come down it is just a Tachyean boy Udgenray. Are you lost little one, what is your name, so I can help you find your folks. I imagine that they are probably somewhere around here. Oh my name by the way is Suundaika, and I am at your service.} {Suundaika, why are you treating this child so respectfully when we should be prepared for something to attack our city. Sometimes I think that you get too involved in the customs your father lived by.} {What’s wrong with my father’s customs, he was after all one of the top ten most respected Tachyean guardians to the Lord of Tachyon before he left us.} {Excuse me,”}said the boy. {My name is a... Neoum, and I don’t know my parents, nor where they could be. Sorry good guardians for causing this waste of your time, but if you can please let me in from this harsh environment that could make me feel better.} {Oh my you're an orphan it seems, Udgenray we must help this little one into the city so he can at least find out some information.} {I think that is going to have to wait for there are some of the beast that we were warned about. Little prepare yourself for some action. I suggest that you run far away from here for now, so we can handle this kid.} {No, I won’t leave,} He said as his shield and staff generated as the creatures got there.

These monsters were huge, about six kilometers tall with eight thrashing legs trying to stomp on us. We were swift on our feet, and the guards seemed impressed as to how well the boy was doing against the creatures. {I got this one,} He called out as he jabbed a point of his staff into the beast, which caused it to pass out. There was still many more of them, but when they saw the results the boy caused they fled into the wastelands, away from the great city. {Not bad kid, you're like a natural at this,} Udgenray nodded to Neoum.

             As the guards escorted him into the city, Neoum felt as if he lived here for years, as he ran to the library not even knowing that is where he would be running to. He told them that he loved reading for some reason, even though his hasn’t read anything before. He somehow had a memory of this place without being there, it was scaring him. He asked the guards if they have seen him before. {If we saw a kid like you before I’d be lying,} Suundaika said. {Besides we wouldn’t because we aren’t allowed to. Also we know everyone in town, so seeing you outside of town was a bit of a concern. The only reason we didn’t deal with you first was because we knew those monsters were coming,} Udgenray pointed out. How was it that I knew about this place so well.

The city was very large able to support up to a million people easily. The people weren’t very happy to see us in a group like we were. I heard them call at us.”Tacky Trash get out of here!” “Leave us alone, you lizard brains!” “Nobody likes you, you should have never came!” {I’m so confused. I saw the people pushover other Tachyeans and beaten them up.} {Sorry young one that you have to see this, things haven’t been the same since He past,} Udgenray said. {Why are they doing that to those people Suundaika, isn’t there supposed to be peace with everyone here. This doesn’t seem like the Order’s way of peace that I thought was established, and who’s he?} {Who is he, well this is odd that a Tachyean wouldn’t know who he is. He is the Lor…} {Quiet down Suundaika, we don’t need to cause any more of a scene than we already have.} {Oh, I apologized my friend. I was just getting a bit worked up with all that is going on now a days.} {Sorry for the trouble that I’m causing my royal guards. I just am so curious about everything. I was only born a few days ago.} {A few days ago? How can you be so knowledgeable at such a young age. Tachyeans don’t even talk for the first ten months of life. If you have only been around for a few days, and to be able to fend off creatures almost double our size, then there is something strange about you,} Suundaika panicked. {Show us your Tachyium again, but show a small piece of it so that the townspeople don’t become frightened.}

When Neoum activated the Tachyium it shined bright of a transparent deep blue, it causes the others around to notice. “Look the Tachyeans are going to use their weapons on us, get them!” They started to run at us quickly trying to grab at me and the others. Most of us started to fly up from the citizens as quick as possible not to get caught, but I just created an orb around myself to protect me from them. They were clawing at it and piling over the sphere, trying to get at me. {Please let me go, I just want answers to all this madness.} “Your people are responsible with the death of entire solar system, and now you’re going to kill more of us like we are just twigs in your perfect path! The worst part is that you won’t even let us know you feel guilty for your actions! Show us that you ‘SUPERIOR BEINGS’ care.” They kept yelling, and shouting at the poor infant, and then he burst into tears. {I’m sorry, but I can’t undo what I have done to the others who have to suffer from the Lord of Tachyon’s mistake. All I can do is try to redeem myself for the mistakes I made from my past self. Just please don’t take your anger out on the others for they didn’t do the crime that you speak of. I am the one who should now suffer for the mistakes that were made.}

The townspeople didn’t listen to the speech that the boy gave, they just kept at it to destroy the shield. The other Tachyeans on the other hand were shocked as to what the boy said. They couldn’t believe the ideas that the young one was trying to infer. They decided that it was time to find out what was going on, so they flew down and started to push the towns people out of the way to get the boy. The guards then decided that it was time to use the pausers (a weapon that would give just enough of a shock to knock out any being who was shot by it except Tachyeans) on the citizens. The crowd started to flee from the area, trying not to get shot by the bolts. {Stop!!} yelled Neoum getting up and wiping his eyes. {Don’t shoot them, it isn’t their fault that this has happened, it’s my fault that they are mad for I think I was the one who ended the other system. All I want now is just to go somewhere more safe.} The rest of the Tachyeans in town went to the commotion and they exited the city, all of them.

{Who are you little one, and why do you blame yourself for the mistake of our Lord of Tachyon.} {Yeah, please don’t make yourself responsible for the action of other who died long ago.} {My name is Neoum, and I blame myself because I can clearly see the entire event of the system’s destruction. I can also remember the war that took place against the Blarglorgyans, The creation of both the first Solar and Galactic Bridges, and I could feel the pain that was had when Gladatorus finished off the war and I can feel the first battle of our galaxy against our own son Darcornious being sacrificed in front of my eyes by our god Electruthez. I can field all of their pain, and happiness. What is wrong with me?} He then crumbled into a mess of emotions as the others watched the poor child.

{How can a child so young know about the major events that happened so long before his time. Then it is the way he described it as if he lived the horrific events.} {Wait did you see the colour of his Tachyium shield. It seemed that it was a blue shade.} {Hey you’re right his Tachyium is quite a peculiar colour. Do you think that he is some special new Tachyium.} {No how would there be a new breed of Tachyean. Now he could be something way more special than what any of us could imagine. He could be our lord of Tachyon!} Then a large uproar began with giant debates about how the child and whether or not they could be the newest lord of Tachyon.

{He couldn’t be son of the previous lord because he couldn’t have had the child for he was never Identified with any other being in a loving relationship, nor was he one of those Tachyeans that would simply asexially reproduce,) said Trearomm, the vice ruler of the planet. {But how would you know what he did near the end of his life. For all you know he could have had a hundred children before his untimely death,} Yelled back Yusryway, the Tachyean of the world.  {Still he wouldn’t have been able to have the child alive for it is way beyond the normal lifespan of the average Tachyean. This boy could only have been able to live and be so young if he was frozen in Tachyium, and that is highly illegal to do under the Order of Tachyon.} {What if that’s what he did. Think about it, if you were about to died wouldn’t you want to have your legacy continue with a child if you could. The most logical way for this to happen is that if his was dying and he knew his time was short, he would start producing the child. Next while the egg is generating he would use the little bit of spare Tachyium he has to create a ship that would freeze the growing process. Thus stopping the birth until it would get to a planet hot enough to begin the process again. Then after the egg would be finished, he would have to hold in the last bit of his life until the egg was far enough away to let death come on to him.} {Well that sounds all well if you think such an event can happen. That would sound absurd to any of the others races that we tell. Think of what the elders would say to such an idea.} {maybe we should at least show them the boy or we could just it it be and the matter of the Order will get worse.} {Uh, fine, whatever! I though will not be the one to tell them.} {Can you at least come with us so that we can experience this occasion.} {Okay, but only because you asked.}

Now with the idea planned out and the preparation to the Galactic Bridge ready, It was time for them to grab the young one, and bring them to the Elders of Tachyon. The boy was quiet for some time since the commotion in the city square, and seemed to be almost panic when anyone went to him. Why do they keep coming to me like I’m important, He thought to himself. (Average Tachyeans do not have the ability to have their thoughts private for their mind is always wide open.) There was about fifty Tachyeans together to bring the boy to the Elders by the safest ways possible for it could be dangerous if there is unauthorized movement of Tachyeans through the universe. The kept up the speed trying to get to the station before it left the planet. They did this because they were not sure if the little one would be able to survive in the nothingness of space this soon in live. When they got to the station there were civilians blocking the entrance to the transport with signs up saying things like “No Tachyeans allowed” or “Tachyeans can’t enter here.” The helpers of the boy decided to shield him while trying to charge into the transport.

The civilians became rioters in a second going after them with Tachyium shovels and other tools they gathered. The helpers used their Tachyium shields to block the attacks, but with the loud clashes against them only made the boy feel more panicked. The civilians raged and yelled at the tachyeans as They tried to protect the young Neoum, and get him to the Elders. This however wasn’t the only problem they had to handle.

Neoum was under some stress from the past events of the other day, and he was experiencing small flashbacks to times of bad happenings, causing him to feel less of a person and more of a book of past wisdom. He wasn’t able to sleep, nor even the tiniest of rest for the past five days. He couldn’t handle going to sleep to wake up in a battle against beings triple his size and with weapons causing immense pain to others. Now another one was starting up from the sounds of the clashes. {Help us our lord, they are just too powerful for us to…}  The soldier was smashed be a blast of the ships above. He scrambled up to help his fellow Tachyeans not realizing that in real life he was generating his weapon ready to charge at the townsfolk. I will not fail you, I may not know why you are all suffering, but I know that I can help you. Blind by the battle that was too long ago for any of the others there to understand what was going on was only able to hold him back from the townspeople, so that they wouldn’t get hurt. The Tachyean boy only became more dangerous as he started to shoot Tachyium shards at the shields, and trying to slash out at his fellow people. Stop you Monsters, I’ll make sure you regret ever trying to hurt the Order. I’ll make sure that your blood will spill over all the land for you have stopped the peace that this universe deserved. He then broke from the grip of the Tachyeans with his blades ready to kill them all. Then he fell to the ground, and started to cry in pain. He was going to strike down the poor people of this planet, and hurt the other Tachyeans that he wanted to protect. I’ve made a fool of all of you I’m not worth protecting if I can’t control what I’m doing. This shouldn’t happen, and I’ll make sure that it doesn’t have the chance to even happen again. The boy generated his sword and went to stab it threw himself, but then Trearomm shot the sword from his hand with his Tachyium blaster. He then knocked him out with the butt of the weapon, and made sure not to injure him.

The crowd that was there left in a hurry, fearing that they would be killed by that rogue Tachyean. The protectors of the boy were also leaving for they were worried that the event that just went down could happen again, so they prepared to have only the strongest of the Tachyeans to watch over Neoum. As for him, he was restless in his slumber, tossing back and forth, mumbling things into the minds nearby with horrific thoughts of the War from long ago. There were other thoughts to, like of the planetary destruction that belong to the race of the Fredorians during the war. He was under a lot of stress from the memories that he shouldn’t even have, and the Tachyeans nearby were worried that this was going to be a hard task for them to introduce him to the elders. Trearomm watched the boy, curious he was of the pure power that he had for if he didn’t stop before he got to the townspeople, he would’ve slayed them like grass. The worst part is that if any of us tried to stop him… we would have all ended up a pile of shattered Tachyium. The planet would have been eradicated by this small child that can’t even understand what he was doing. The more he fears, the more worried I become by this situation. I realize that they are just a child, but with so much immense power...I fear for the others, and myself. Trearomm stopped with his horrid ideas of the poor Tachyean boy, and then tried to get some rest.

They traveled quite fast and got to the station at the SolarBridge in a few short  hours. It was less active than usual, but that only made the mission at hand easier to complete. Neoum at that point had awaken, of course in a panic, but they seemed not to want to end himself this time. {I’m sorry Trearomm, please forgive the mistakes that I caused for I couldn’t even tell what was going on. I saw a war all around me with people like you dying in the most suffering of ways. I just wanted it to come to the proper conclusion with you all safe. The pain I felt was just too much to handle. Did I at least stop in time.} {Yes child, you stopped in time. Just next time don’t let your fears infect you with evil thoughts for that is how everyone suffers in the end of their time. That is just not the way one wants to live, so understand if I have to hurt you again for I will not allow you to suffer like that. Now come with me for we still have a long trip ahead, and I want to understand what exactly it is you are going through.} {Fine, but the problem with that is I don’t even know what it is that is going on. All I know is that I just want to live, and forget all this pain that I keep watching.} They continued over to the GalacticBridge station to wait for the time to leave. Now that they are safe they talked to the protector of the station to make sure that they can have extra security for the transport that they would board. They continued to wait for a few hours checking out the bridge, and meeting some of the bystanders that came along. They also had some time to interact with the other Tachyeans to tell them about their mission, and the others were very willing to help. They mainly want to help, so they can see the reaction of the Elders when they see the boy. They went back down to the station with their crowd of followers behind them. The protectors allowed them on with the most secured shuttle they could produce. It will only be challenging when we get there.

The trip to the GalacticBridge was a long one for sure, taking a whole week to get there. They were quite comfortable for the ride over, but Neoum was worried that he wasn’t what they wanted him to be, and that the longer he stayed near them, the more likely he will hurt them. He was able to feel the fear in Trearomm on the SolarBridge, and knew that he was going to kill them all if he was able. He thought of ways to talk to him able the fear that he had, but felt that if he brought it up would make him upset. When they did talk, it was about what he was seeing in his visions, and dreams. Trearomm only got more nervous when I describe to him the death, and destruction that I was experiencing at the time. It took a few days for him to finally be calm around me, of course it was only because of how I hadn’t attack, nor try to the whole trip, so he thought it was fine. I did get pretty close one night during one of the most horrible dreams. I was fighting this monster almost three times my height, and I cut off on of its two sets of arms, but then he knocked me down, I dropped my weapon. Then he grabbed me, and torn my body in half. The pain was so real that I was screaming in the night, and then the room was shattering apart, almost stabbing my leg. I realized my actions quickly, and stopped myself. The room came back to normal instantly after that event.  I stayed awake for the rest of the time, hoping that I wouldn’t see that dream again.

They arrived with a few hours before their meeting with the Elders. The GalacticBridge was quite different from the SolarBridge that they were at only a week before. The species on it seemed disgusted by the way they lived there, and the food they ate seemed to give off a certain smell that made me curious of how they could consume it. They also had a lot of people asking for things that I didn’t know of. The others just ignored them, so I did what they were doing. The walk only took a couple of hours, but I was always worried that we would be late. The boy kept thinking of his impression of the GalacticBridge, but when they got there he lost his thought. Now entering the chambers of the Elders He went silent for the time, and so did the others with him. Trearomm was ready for this meeting, so it could just be dealt with, but worried that he might have wasted his time.

Neoum entered the chamber alone, for only one Tachyean is allowed to see the Elders at a time. {Why have you come here little one. We are the high council of the entirety of the Order of Tachyon, and you interrupt our time with some nonsense we presume.} {I came all this way here so that I can be judged by you to see if I am the next Lord of Tachyon.} The room filled with the laughter of the Elders. {How can you think such an idiotic thing like that. A boy should only hope that they could even be an important Tachyean, why do you think that you can be so important.} {I can show you that I’m the Lord of Tachyon, just let me prove it.} Neoum generated his blue Tachyium in front of the Elders, he was able to tell that a couple of them were impressed. He started to form the mighty spears of the Lord Gladatorus. Some of the Elders felt a great honor amongst them. (Impressive young one, you have been able to create blue Tachyium crystal, and the spears of Gladatorus. That thou shalln’t be enough to prove that you can be the Lord of Tachyon. You must be able to prove that you know the secret of the First Tachyean before we can allow you to be our lord of Tachyean,) said the head of the Elders. Neoum wasn’t sure what could this secret be that he had to reveal, until he felt a striking pain of another memory. It was a time of the beginning of the Tachyean race with only two of them. They have been battling each other for some time with not a single blow landing. The battle field on the other hand has much damage from the battle with pools of magma revealed from the slices of their compact ash blades. The older of the two was the original Tachyean, and he could see that was his child that was fighting so hard to kill him. The first Tachyean finally stopped with the older one being struck down by the force of the young ones strike. The pain that he experienced was immeasurable, causing Neoum to fall to his knees for a second. Then he watched as the light came close to absorb the Darkness from the child, then obliterating him with it. I know the answer now, but after seeing that I don't think I have the ability to get up. He tried to make himself get up to give them the answer, but just couldn't pull it off. (Is the boy okay,) said one of the Elders. They watched him fall to the ground in immense pain, and they wanted to help, but the leader of the Elders didn’t want them to. (Boy, you are wasting our time. Get upon your feet,or crawl out of the chamber.) Neoum heard this, and for some reason recognized the voice. Another flashback showed two young Tachyeans, a boy and a girl. He was the boy in this scene, and the girl looked at him with intense feeling. (My lord, I know that you have been busy lately with your duties making this universe the peacefullest you can, but don’t let the other Lords before you feel that you have high expectations to achieve. You have done so much already, and befriend so much of the Order that they all care for you. Just try your best so that one day you to can be happy, something that no other lord of Tachyon has fully achieved just yet. I want you to be happy Legalacy, so that I can be happy.) The two continued their time with each other, and Neoum gained the strength to stand.

(The secret of the first Tachyean doesn’t matter my Elders. There has been too much sacrifice to get me here, and to keep the universe in a state of small stability. Too many have lost members of their families to let this wait any longer. Too many fathers have lost their sons to have their Lord of Tachyean not return, so Elders I hope that answers your question.) The Elders were impressed by the answer the boy gave. “You have done well young Tachyean, I must say that you truly are the Lord of Tachyon that we have needed for so many eons. Now it is time for you to rest.” Neoum bowed to them, and they bowed back to him except the leader of the Elders. It was her, the one he saw in the vision. He thought of what to say to her to find out who he was in that flashback.

Neoum was in his room ready for the next day for they sent a message to him so they can discuss all that has happened. He trained hard with Trearomm so that he would be able to prove that he is the Lord of Tachyon, the problem though, is what exactly does that mean to him. All Neoum wanted was to survive, but now he has to help the Order of Tachyon as their ruler which scared him a lot. All he wants is to know why the memories of the fallen haunt him.

Another message was sent to Neoum to come down to the meeting room that instant, so he rushed over to the room of the Elders to find only the leader of the Elders waiting for him. “Why did you come to us this day young Tachyean. I can tell that you were not wanting the answer to the question you came in with, so why would you ask it? Why would you come and make so many changes to what we as an Order have to worry about? Why would you come here to make everything different? You don’t even know what you have signed up to be, and yet you did it anyway. All I want to know before you're allowed to leave these chambers though, is why did you take Him Away!” She took off the cloak that she, and the others would normally wear to reveal her armor for battle. She was then generating a chain with three sharp blades at the end of it, with her Tachyium. She then throw it at Neoum, missing only by a few nanometers.

Neoum in a panic decided that it was time to leave, but then another chain was hurdling at him. He responded quickly jumping into the air to see that the Elder was coming with two Tachyium long swords. He generated his to perfectly block the attack. She only got more angry with every failed attack, and started coming in with fast swipes of her swords. Neoum dodge left and right, trying not to get the bad end of the battle. He created a shield to defend only to see that she was able to crack open the shield instantly, knocking him to the ground. He rolled out of the way from the falling slam of her blades, and then continued to evade her attacks with very little time to react. Her chains were coming closer to hitting him as he tried to keep up with her speed. How am I to live through this, Thought the stress boy. She seemed so enraged with the boy that he didn’t think there was a way to fix what has be done to the room, now shattering before them.

The battle only intensified with her blows of the chains starting to land, causing a lot of damage on the boy. She was becoming too strong for him, or at least until he remembered something about her, and the other girl was with in another flashback. In this vision they were fighting, similar to how he was fighting right then. “Stop avoiding me Legalacy, I’m going to beat you. When I do, you will never have to leave. We can finally be happy, so let me defeat you my love.” “I can’t allow you to do this. There are too many beings out there depending on me to survive, so I can help them through this hard time.” Neoum realizes that He said that out loud. He could also tell the real battle just stopped, but continued the memory. “ I need to go to the next galaxy to save them, I must be able to unite the universe Jelnory. I know you want me to stay, but I have a duty as a Lord of Tachyon to do this. I would want you to come with me as well, but you have already given your heart away to this galaxy. If I were to be with you I would never be able to leave. This is your home Jelnory just stay with it okay. I love you too much to hurt what little time we have in the universe so do me this one favor and just survive.” “But Legalacy I need you to stay here, you’re right that I can’t leave so please just stay with me.” The girl starts to cry, and stops the battle. She fell to her knees begging the Lord to stay with her, but it never happened.

Jelnory heard the boy speak word for word the speech that her lord before that boy said to her that long time ago. “You...are...just too much...for me to ha...handle. I just thought that if you knew enough to answer the secret of the first Tachyean, you would know the answer to my question.” She dropped her weapons on the ground, and started to cry. Neoum got up, bruised all over his body, with deep cuts as well from the battle. He waddled over to the Elder to see if they would be fine. “I sorry that your loved one left you, but it sounded and felt like he really didn’t want to leave you. I just hope that me being here didn’t ruin any memory you had of him.” “You are so much like him that I feel awful for all the pain, physically and mentally, that I caused upon you. I hope you can forgive this lonely old lady for the trouble she made.” Neoum then hugged Jelnory. “You truly will be great, won’t you young Tachyean. By the way little one, my name is Jelnorelus, so if you please don’t call me Jelnory.”

They went to the infirmary to have Neoum patched up after his beating from Jelnorelus. The doctor of the facility asked what happened, and they informed him that he was hit by a nearby speeder. He seemed convinced by the lie, and went to work. It was a couple of hours later when Neoum was fine enough to head over for his meeting with the Elders, he thought of something. What if I go through another intense war vision. If that happens, they will fear me, and I will be banished far away probably. I feel though I have worked so hard to prove that I’ll be able to help my people some day, so let's not mess this up.

He entered a different Chamber for this meeting for they thought the other room was not “built” for the occasion. “Enter young Tachyean. We have you here for a very important reason, that being the announcement that will inform all the Tachyeans of the universe that you, our lord of Tachyon, has returned. Are you ready to be known by the universe young Neoum.” He felt nervous, but stood in front of them, ready for whatever he can do for his people. “I’m ready my Elders.”

“Greetings all Tachyeans of the universe, I am your new Lord of Tachyon. I have returned to you in your time of need to help and restore order. I may be young now only being a month of age, but I shall train myself into the proper leader that you all need. Thank you for allowing me to have this time in your mind, and I hope you appreciate this message. Goodbye my Order, until we meet in person.” Neoum stepped down from the stand to hear the cheering of the universe, and all the happiness that he has spread by this first act in his Realm Of Tachyon