Gateway Regional High School

Course Information

Academic Skills / 7th-12th


Chris Ann Ceraso, Cheryl Baldosaro


Phone Number

856-848-8200 x760 (Ceraso), 856-848-8200 x609 (Baldosaro)

Course Description

         ~ Academic Skills is a small class setting where we check the students’ grades daily and help them to prioritize their assignments from other classes.

         ~ We help the students get caught up when they fall behind due to absences.

         ~ We provide additional time to complete work when teachers deem extra time is needed or to accommodate 504 requirements.

         ~ We provide motivation and encouragement.

Course Expectations and Assessments

Students work on an academic or educational activity from bell to bell. They may choose from among the following:

~ Current academic work from other classes

~ Read a book

~ Play one of the many educational games or puzzles we have in class

~ Draw

~ Research a topic of interest online. This must be justified to the teacher.

Course Policies 

        We grade based on how much of the class time was spent doing an educational activity: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, or 0%.

        This is a pass/fail class, meaning that a grade of 65% and above will earn a “S” grade, which is “Satisfactory.” A grade of 64% or below will earn a “U” grade, which is “Unsatisfactory.”

        A “S” grade at the end of the year will earn the student 5 credits toward graduation.

Required and Recommended Materials 

        We actually supply all materials that students may need to be successful in their other classes. If they need a pencil, posterboard, a binder, etc., we have it. We also have laptops they can use in class if they don’t have their chromebook. Our goal is for there to be no impediments to their success at Gateway.


        We help the students with organization, planning, and tutoring if they need specific help. If we are unable to help (as in, the math is too difficult or we don’t know the physics equations) then we try to set up a time for the student to meet with the teacher or another tutor. We also ask the other students who may be good at that particular topic if they can help. We like to build community.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

        ~ We expect students to work from bell to bell for a full grade.

        ~ Students must be honest about what work they need to do and what they have completed.