77.14 Escalate
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77.14 Escalate

492. I need to escalate starting tomorrow.  No TV.  Whole plant based foods.  No grains until I am under control.  Call and cancel the nutritionist.

493. I have to get all parts of the WS machine working in unison.  The problem is that I have too many things I want to write about and I am overwhelming myself with what has to be done.  I have to do more with less.

494. Starting tomorrow, I begin week 3 of my 11 week quest.  I have to raise the stakes and put the pedal to the metal.  All in.  3,000 words is right, and I will go beyond that at times.  My failure now is not getting enough exercise.  The diet is fine.  As much as I don’t want to, I have to go walkabout every day either downtown or at the beach.  

495. My basic ideas for IBM* apply across a broad spectrum.  My solutions are radical and personal.  IBMs* should use these as a base and develop their own.  I hope men will develop a thousand tactics that they will share online and help others with.

496. What works best is outlining good ebooks or articles that I read and writing my own posts.  Learn and repurpose at the same time.

497. I should do my 3,000 words first each day like I have.  That allows me to get out of the house and roam as much as possible.  Some exercise will have to be yard work or carpet cleaning just to not have to deal with her.

498. IBMs* can start with one part of the AA 12 step program:

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

499. AA is about giving it up for God.  That’s maybe why it fails so much.  As Stoics, we look inside ourselves and our personal strength.  Either way can be right.  You have to choose your own path.

500. One thing is obvious, I need funds to head to the Ukraine to test out traditional MOBs versus Diolli.

501. You're going to create a central hub which documents all of your moves in the IM world. Whatever these moves happen to be is entirely up to you. Invest in all the courses you want. Follow any system that strikes your fancy.

502. But do so with three goals in mind...

1. Try to make it work, obviously. Do your best to get each system you implement to make you money.

2. Grow your central hub... your primary blog. This will get your name out there, give you a sense of true purpose, and provide you with some stability. This will be your “rock,” of sorts. Your primary business.

3. Promote each system as an affiliate. Hey, you're workin' the damn thing... encourage your readers to do the same! Why wouldn't you?

503. The Man Diet - Use Food To Boost Your Testosterone Naturally


Researchers out of Massachusetts found that the average man’s testosterone levels have dropped by 1.2-1.3%  annually over the last 20 years with 1 in 4 men experiencing lower than average T levels.

504. domains to add to nofollow plugin:  charleslamm.com,newmailorderbrides.com,introvertboomermale.com,iperpetualtraveler.com,cloudonlyaai.com,burndownthefreakingmission.com,freeworlddatingsites.com

505. What I need to put together is a group of diverse affiliate links in areas where I can make money and in good conscience promote the products.

  1. Diabetes
  2. Peyronie’s Disease
  3. Prostate Health
  4. Toe Crossover
  5. Preppers
  6. Survivalist
  7. Travel Insurance
  8. Medical Travel
  9. Cloud AAI
  10. PUA
  11. Introverts

506. AI:  Immigration

507. Way too many resets trouble my life.  Once you take control, you realize how little you actually know about life, and living.  My holy trinity:  health, wealth, and relationships.  And I am deficient in all 3 areas.  How can this be?  Are my standards too loose?  Do I just not care about the traditional, accepted paths?  Can I even see the path anymore?  It’s easy to see that I have done little to create the path I want.  I have ambled through life choosing the path when I was younger - jobs and wives - and let the universe have its way with me.  And come to think of it, I didn’t pick most of the jobs and wives either.  They hijacked me.

508. abroad.  I’ve also slogged in call centers and been in sales moving overpriced crappy products that barely work at solving problems that aren’t problems in the first place.  Just wants.  Not needs.

509. Any product that is actually needed is already a commodity.  Have you ever tried to sell goods or services you know are crap?  You can’t send the person down the road to buy the product you use.  A sugared turd is still a turd.  I have set out to create the best me.  I will record a journal pdf to see how well I am doing.  This is not some chart with hard goals I have to meet or I have “failed”.  I’m not some Type A Extrovert.  Extroverts can be dangerous to your health.

510. All you have to do is make your life 1% better in the 3 areas of health, wealth, and relationships (HWR).  To do this, you don’t set goals.  You determine the next thing you have to do in each area.  For example, I have type II diabetes.  Dozens of natural actions can help me if I only act.  In fact, if I go for 91 days, I can probably add something new every day without fail.  For example, I can walk 30 - 60 minutes in the Florida sun, eat only raw fruits and vegetables, add cinnamon to my coffee, cut out coffee altogether, go to the gym, develop a vitamin regimen, or practice ho’oponopono to reduce stress.  Here’s the problem.  Everything is connected.  I have trouble with diabetes, anxiety, BPH, central serous detachment in my right eye, bad circulation developing in my feet, and a bit of a shitty attitude about the wasted years.  Even health, wealth, and relationships are interconnected no matter where you are in the world.

511. I used to call it the Unit.  You have to work in all areas to create your maximum self, especially if you want to prevent yourself from becoming that old fart in the mirror.  All of this contributes to my iPT (perpetual traveler) theme.  I need to be free of diabetes and fit for travel.  To get there, I need to go vegan, and maybe even “rawatarian” until my blood sugar is controlled, reversed, or cured.

Pure Leverage As Your Business CMS

After years of ups and downs in affiliate marketing, many of the old ways of building websites and blogs, creating unique content, article marketing, guest posting, PR, classified, and more are fading.  

People are lazy.  I much prefer an ebook or article, but I am in the minority.  YouTube is now master of the universe.


Pure Leverage is a suite of tools created by affiliate marketers to cover everything you need to create a full online business in one place online.  You can try and test it for free.  After that, it runs about $25 bucks a month.  

About $20 more a month if you want to be a reseller.  This works like an MLM to some extent, except you don’t have to bug your friends.  Everything is done inside the system.  If you don’t join, someone else gets the commissions.

Training on affiliate marketing and the Pure Leverage tools is as good a set of videos as you can get.  

Here are the pieces:


And this isn’t all.  You have a built in Wordpress blog pre-populated with your affiliate links for promoting the PL affiliate program if you wish.  If you purchase a domain, you can redirect to your internal blog and create whatever you want for your business.  This is all hosted by Pure Leverage.


The game changer is internal video email and video blogging.  For $45 a month, you can get rid of 3rd party video software and services and keep everything together in one place.  

I have been a blogger for years.  Writing like this and posting is getting harder and harder to develop a following or connect with customers.  Try it out free if you wish.  Look at the free training.  If the time saved is not worth $1.50 a day, you don’t have a business.

Anyone can teach you SEO and affiliate marketing, but I am redirecting my efforts to all things from within PL.  In fact, for anyone who joins free or paid, I will be sending you a bonus pack of pdf ebooks to not cover just my new system for fast affiliate marketing income, but short pdfs on how to do certain things like send a video email if you don’t want to go through the video.

The built in conference room is better than ones you pay for.  All one needs is a browser to join the conference.

Peyronie’s Disease

I hate talking about it.  I have had a bent erection for several years.  It’s not as bad as it once was, but it hasn’t gone away either.

Peyronie’s disease is a penile disorder that makes the penis bend. The exact cause is unknown, but scar tissue, plaque, hard lumps, injury, or some other build-up can create an abnormal curvature. The condition can range from minor to severe with symptoms that last for years. In some cases, it might interact with sexual intercourse or cause pain.

Before I hit the road looking for my next ex-wife, I want to reverse Peyronie’s if possible.  Like diabetes, doctors don’t know what causes it.

Peyronie's disease might result from repeated injury to the penis. The penis might be damaged during sex, athletic activity, or as the result of an accident. For most men, no specific trauma to the penis is remembered.

Age is a factor.  It occurs most often in men over 55.  Statistics say that anywhere from 1% to maybe 8% of men will develop the condition.  Many men never seek medical help for Peyronie’s, so the stats are suspect.  But one thing tells me it’s more common than we think - TV ads.

A number of oral medications have been tried to treat Peyronie's disease, but they have not been shown to be as effective as surgery.  But damn.  I don’t want a surgeon anywhere near my penis with a scalpel.

An alternative to surgery is injections.  It doesn’t sound much better to me.

Drugs injected directly into the penis may reduce curvature and pain associated with Peyronie's disease. You might be given a local anesthetic to prevent pain during the injections.

If you receive one of these treatments, you will probably receive multiple injections over several months. Evidence on the effectiveness of injections is dubious. These injections may also be used in combination with oral drugs.

The curve that is typical of the disease comes from scar tissue, also known as plaque, that forms beneath the surface of the skin along the length of the penis.  Mine is the most common which curves upward.

A significant bend in the penis is a visible symptom of Peyronie’s disease. It can curve upward, downward, or bend to one side. During an erection, the penis might resemble an hourglass appearance with a narrow band around the shaft.

According to the Mayo Clinic:

“Peyronie's (pay-roe-NEEZ) disease is the development of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis that causes curved, painful erections. Penises vary in shape and size, and having a curved erection isn't necessarily a cause for concern. But Peyronie's disease causes a significant bend or pain in some men.”

What it really does is cause you to lose some length and hardness when erect.  And I don’t have any to spare.

It’s more a matter of stress and anxiety in my own mind.  It still works.

No treatments are guaranteed cures, though one or more methods can often provide improvement for most men.  For me, Vitamin E seems to help.

I swear there are times when I believe diabetes is a factor.  I can’t prove it.  I have never read any medical literature that links Peyronie’s with diabetes.  It’s all in my head.

But my theory is:  Diabetes causes everything.

As I lower my blood sugar and A1C levels, I will see if any improvement takes place down under.

The Dual Nature of Walkabout Solopreneur

One of the problems of starting an online business is generating initial income.  

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money instantly, but it’s not a business.  Transactions are one off but can be lucrative.

Building  a blog and an authority site and an email list can give you customers for life but takes months if not years to build.

The secret is obvious for the solopreneur.  Do both simultaneously.  Write original articles that review or link to good affiliate products while building your authority sites with content that will later turn into your own Kindle books or Clickbank digital products.

The WS system begins with spun articles in virtually any niche.  So many authority sites are built around finding the perfect niche, but for affiliate marketing, it doesn’t matter.

I don’t much like product review articles.  They are the “fake news” of affiliate marketing.  Using product launches on MunchEye to write reviews as products become available, they are essentially the same from review to review.

The reviews regurgitate the sales page and add little or nothing.  For Internet marketing products on JVzoo, reviewers can add their own bonuses to the main offerings.  

Daily PDF - Your “Might-Do” List

Goals Suck.  So do “To-Do”

I know.  Every self-help guru and efficiency expert pounds you to set goals and exceed them.  Companies lay out goals for each employee, locking into an annual business plan.  How well you do against your goals determines your pay grade and promotions.


Goals and to-do lists are imposed on us from elementary school.  Teachers are required to create lesson plans to submit to the principals and maybe even the school board.  What do they call a to-do list:  homework.

Only a kiss-ass suck-up asks for more homework.  The less homework you have, the more you can surf the web learning whatever you want, or play video games.  Even if you want to get ahead in math, you can go to khanacademy.org and learn to your heart’s content.

In fact, the more time you have away from current schools, the more you can learn about anything.

After school ends years later, you start your first job.  These days it might be a call center, retail sales, or god knows what if you don’t have a science or engineering degree where you have real work in a real field.

You get some training, and then the manager slams you with impossible metrics for handling a call or getting the sale.  Life insurance companies love to tell sales personnel to make 100 calls a day to get 10 appointments to make 5 presentations and 2 sales.




Without a paycheck, you would not do any of that voluntarily except maybe help your relatives settle claims.  Any leads the company has are going to the old timers who have experience and a book of business.

That 2% sales rate above is generous.  It’s really about a 1% close rate for new agents.

I’m trying to find out what the washout rate is for college grads who fail at insurance sales, but I can’t get a decent figure.  I’m sure the numbers are hidden as proprietary info, or at least anonymized by an industry group.

But enough about what you already know.  Goals are imposed from above in most job situations.  If your goal is only enough to make meal and gas money, I can’t afford to hire you.  Think of desks, chairs, electricity, computers, phones, air conditioning, heat.

No one can afford to pay you what you’re worth because of their management overhead.  That’s why we are developing Anytime Anywhere Income (AAI) for those who are unemployed or underemployed.

So what’s the deal with a might-do list? Plenty.

A goal is a task with a deadline.  All you can do is succeed or fail.  I don’t get where sales managers constantly jack up sales specialist’s goals as an incentive.  All you get is a failure.

The only goal that you can control is the number of people you talk to each day.

AAI is my way of making money online 24/7 so I can travel the world at will.  No dough, no go.  

Onward. No more messing around. Let's dive right in. Listen: As you may or may not know, every once in a while I give a class on copywriting and/or selling by mail. During these classes, one of the questions I like to ask my students is: "If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who could sell the most hamburgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side to help you win?"

The answers vary. Some of the students say they would like to have the advantage of having superior meat from which to make their burgers. Others say they want sesame seed buns. Others mention location. Someone usually wants to be able to offer the lowest prices.

And so on.

Whatever. In any case, after my students are finished telling me what advantages they would most like to have, I usually say to them something like this: "O.K., I'll give you every single advantage you have asked for. I, myself, only want one advantage and, if you will give it to me, I will (when it comes to selling burgers) whip the pants off all of you!"

"What advantage do you want?" they ask.

"The only advantage I want," I reply...

"Is... A Starving Crowd!"

This is why I have a might-do list instead of goals.  I work off a huge theme for the rest of my life.  To become that perpetual traveler, you need to improve your health, wealth, and relationships.  Mine are unique.  So are yours.

Health, wealth, and relationships all work together to create your theme - not a career, not a wedding, not a surgery.

Goals have an end point.  A theme is your life.