• Co-authored Priority Setting in Healthcare Through the Lens of Happiness, a chapter of the 2019 Global Happiness & Wellbeing Policy Report. (Employed through the London School of Economics.)

• Successfully applied for a job as Research Analyst for Rethink Priorities (RP).



• Worked on various projects with RP, including a database of information on humane fish slaughter and an experimental grant evaluation.

• Volunteered with the Happier Lives Institute (HLI), e.g. with first-pass screening of mental health charities.
• Left to attend EAG San Francisco, then experimented with living in the Bay then Bali.


• Returned to Blackpool to deal with some health issues. Productivity dropped by ~80% during this period for that reason.

• Worked on a series of posts (~40,000 words in total) on the development and application of a wellbeing-adjusted life-year.
• Gave minor assistance to various other projects for RP and HLI.

• Attended the 3rd Oxford Workshop on Global Priorities Research run by the Global Priorities Institute.



• Continued working on the wellbeing posts and a couple other projects for RP.
• Developed the framework for the next round of mental health charity evaluations for HLI.

• Assisted the Open Philanthropy Project with their tracking of corporate cage-free and broiler welfare commitments.

• Began an evaluation of an app for treating anxiety, in order to advise a high net worth individual on a $1.1m impact investment.


• Co-authored a paper on human challenge trials that has been accepted by the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases (preproof), and some of the content of the associated 1Day Sooner website.
• Co-authored a post on
LessWrong and the EA Forum on the use of option-based guarantees for accelerating vaccines and other public goods.

• Co-authored an academic paper based on that post, which the journal Vaccine has asked us to revise and resubmit (preprint).
• Co-authored a paper on the health and economic impacts of various approaches to testing, tracing, and isolation; the Lancet asked us to revise and resubmit and we are awaiting a response to the resubmission (
preprint of the first draft).

• Wrote (confidential) Covid-related policy reports for government and private sector decision makers.

• Contributed questions and made revisions to the SCRUB survey, which “aims to provide current and future policy makers with actionable insights into public attitudes and behaviours relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

• Wrote a summary of Thomas Pueyo’s post on testing and tracing.

• Completed the (confidential) evaluation of an app to treat anxiety.

• Continued developing the process for evaluating mental health programmes for the Happier Lives Institute, and began reviewing some of the programmes.