Posted June 13, 2018



Funding Agency



June 18, 2018

MOST Israel - Slovakia

Call for proposals




-Communication systems for smart cars, space systems or navigation systems.

-Information systems and ICT in healthcare and cyber security.





June 21, 2018

MOST – support for international Conference (to be held in Israel)

Link to MOST International Conference Call






June 25, 2018

MOST – Israel France


Link to Israel France Cooperation call

Offering financial support for already running collaborative research projects





June 25 2018

Falling Walls - International Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society

Falling Walls Israel Poster


Also open this link and scroll down to Israel

A  process that can lead to the opportunity to present – in 3 minutes – your breakthrough ideas – to an influential global audience.





25 June 2018


Mekorot Call

June 27, 2018


Israel-German Water Call 2018

Isr-Ger Water Call application forms





June 28, 2018

Israel Land Authority

ILA Call Guidelines

ILA Application Form

Together with Foundation for the Conservation of Open Spaces





29 June 2018

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

IIASA website

Short term research in Austria in topics such as global environmental, economic, technological, and social change





July 2 2018


Neiman Scholarships for Phd candidates and Post-Docs



מדיניות מדע, כלכלת מדע והוראת המדעים





July 4 2018 (registration)

July 18 (submission)

ISF Post-Docs in Social Sciences

ISF Post-Docs in Social Sciences






July 5 2018

Volkswagen Foundation

Volkswagen Pre-proposal Call Details

Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future.

Proposals MUST be led by a German researcher.





July 10 (on-line registration required

July 24 - submission

ISF - Support for the publication of books in the humanities

ISF Humanities Books Publication Support






July 10, 2018


החזרת מדענים לישראל ע"ש יצחק שמיר-מלגות למשתלמים לפוסט-דוקטורט לשנת 2018

MOST Scholarships for returning (to Israel) scientists


הענקת מלגות להשתלמות פוסט-דוקטורלית לצורך הבאתם של מדענים ישראלים השוהים בחו"ל ואשר מתקשים למצוא תעסוקה בארץ






July 10, 2018

October 3 2018

National Geographic Society

National Geographic Research Tracks

Very interesting opportunities.

Recommended that ADSSC check them out.

July 12, 2018


מלגות ע"ש צבי ינאי

 לאזרחי ישראל ערבים, דרוזים וצ'רקסים לתלמידי תואר שלישי ולמשתלמים לפוסט דוקטורט

MOST Minorities Scholarships


הקול קורא פתוח לתלמידי מחקר בכל התחומים


July 15, 2018

MOST - Life Sciences and Medical Sciences

Call for pre-proposals מדעי החיים והרפואה בנושאים: רפואה רגנרטיבית; פתוגנים עמידים; ביולוגיה קוונטית

Regenerative Medicine, Resistant Pathogens, Quantum Biology submission instructions

1. Regenerative Medicine  

2. Resistant Pathogens

3. Quantum Biology

July 15, 2018


Navon Scholarships for Ph.d. or Post-Doc candidates from the periphery



פיזיקה, כימיה, ביולוגיה, מדעי הסביבה או הנדסה,





July 15 2018


BARD - Binational Agricultural R&D

BARD - NIFA Linkage Program

BARD is offering grants for Israeli researchers to link up with projects that are funded by the US National Institute for Food and Agriculture





July 17, 2018


Scholarships for Ethiopian Master’s Degree students


August 1, 2018

MOST - Scientific Infrastructure Track

Environment, Agriculture and Water Call for pre-proposals

Instructions for on-line submission

1. Marine Sciences

2. Cleantech

3. Land Ecology


August 1 2018


Applied Sciences call for pre-proposals


MOST grant for AI, nano- technologies, and nuclear engineering


תמיכה עבור מחקר מדעי יישומי ומחקר הנדסי


Pre-proposal: August 1 2018

Full proposal: 12/12/2018



Link to MOST-Germany Cancer call

Clinical trials are not suited for this program

August 1 2018

MOST- Israel Germany in Batteries/Electrochemistry

MOST -Germany Electro Chemistry

August 1 2018

August 1, 2018

Core Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship

Grant for US citizen to come to Israel

מלגה לאזרח ארה"ב לפוסט-דוק ישראל, מי שאין לו שיתופי פעולה עם ישראל זכאי להגיש

August 15, 2018


 למלגות בתחום המדע היישומי וההנדסי לתלמידות המסלול הישיר לתואר שלישי ע"ש שולמית אלוני לשנת 2018


Link to Applied Sciences Direct to Ph.D scholarships call


August 30, 2018

France - Israel "Maïmonide-Israel

France - Israel Call

Maimoinde Form

1. Digital agriculture in plant and livestock production

2. Information Safety: "Theory, Practice & Applications"

September 2, 2018

Ministry of Energy

Min of Energy

Scholarship call

Scholarships for in energy-related subjects

לסטודנטים לתואר ראשון עד שלישי בתחומי האנרגיה, הגיאולוגיה והגיאופיסיקה של דלקים פוסיליים והמחצבים

September 12, 2018


United States - Israel Binational Agricultural Research and Development Fund

BARD Research Guidelines

September 13, 2018

Ministry of Agriculture - Vegetables

Min of Ag Vegetable call









Call expected within 2 months

BIRAX (British-Israel Academic Exchange)

Draft BIRAX call

Aging and Health (in broadest terms)

Anticipated: November


Council of Higher Education

Quantum Sciences Joint Call website


Quantum Sciences