Official Veralyx Rules

Section F : forum rules:

  1. Cross-posting - You are not allowed to post the same thread over and over again in other sections. If you want it to be moved, contact an Staff member.

  1. Double-posting - Posting multiple times under a thread without a reply from another member in between your posts is forbidden. Use in that case please the edit function. > Please use the edit function to prevent such an event from happening.

  1. 1-Word topics/posts - Don’t post a reply with only one word, you have a space key to use, and this one is asking you to press it. So make sure your post is basically a thing, or else, it will be considered as General Spam or one-word post.

  1. General Spam - Anything irrelevant to the section or totally useless to this one will be considered as General Spam, same goes to anyone posting the same content on a thread or multiples thread to gain post and/or credit count.

  1. Edit function - This function is only to fix your typos, edit a thread and to add content to it. You may not use the function to switch from a childish insult into a pretty 'I love you'.

  1. Wrong Section Posting - Watch where you post, make sure your subject matches the right section.

  1. Respectful Posting - One of our most important rules. We are a community and we should treat each other with respect.

  1. Pornographic Content - Posting pornographic text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to strict punishment.

  1. English Language - Users should make their content in English. Remember, not everyone can speak either Turkish, Spanish, Italian, etc, so please be considerate of those around you.

  1. Writing Style - When making a post, make sure the colors are not hidden, invisible, and you did not post something in a rainbow style. It is cool but useless and will result in a warning.

  1. Moderating - We do not need mini-mods all around. You can report something that breaks our rules, but there is no need to post or PM the user who is breaking the rules. You can PM him his error respectfully but no insults should be made.

  1. Bumping - You are allowed to bump your own thread all 24 hours.

  1. Multi-accounting - Multi-accounting is not allowed. If you have any brother/sister living under the same roof as you, using the same IP as you, make sure to let us know. If not, you might end up being Permanently Banned + IP banned for no reason at all.

  1. Necroposting/Dead Horse Beating - You are not allowed to bump a thread which was never replied to after a period of one month.

  1. Homophobia & Racism - Not tolerated here, we’re not in some ghetto or Nazi party that allows you freedom of speech to the point of saying anything derogatory.

Section P : signatures & avatars :

  1. Display - You are not allowed to use your Avatar/Signature for pornographic content, gore content, and/or advertisement.

  1. Rules from Section O apply to this one as well.

Section O : offsite linking:

  1. Pornography & Gore - Links which lead to pornographic & gore content, such as videos, images & links are strictly forbidden.

  1. Download Links - You are allowed to post a downLoad link as long it is not a direct DLL link, you must post a virus scan from VT (more than one helps as well) or your links will be removed and so will your posting privileges.

  1. Harmful programs - You are not allowed to post any Malware/TrollWare/RAT/Keylogger nor any illegal thing such as those on our forum.

  1. Etiquette - Links to hateful, gruesome, terrorist and generally inappropriate content are also not permitted.

  1. Advertising - Advertising your referrals links, website, forums without a approval will result in an instant ban from our forum.

Section D : enforcement

Five Strike Policy - We use a simple policy, after 5 warnings, you will be banned from our forum from 3 days up to 3 months, so be careful to avoid it.

Disputes & Complaints - If you think we wrongly warned you, feel free to contact us, but do not try too hard to gain the dispute, we will listen to you & explain the reason. If you do not understand it, we will revoke it only if it was a mistake from our part or a misunderstanding.

Circumvention - If you try to circumvent a temporary ban or other moderator action, you’ll be

permanently banned from our Forums. (Multi-accounting, IP-changing etc…)

Permanent bans - We rarely permanently ban user from our forum, but we will not hesitate to do it if you are going too far; once you’re out, you’re out forever, that is all.


You are not allowed to leak any information and/or photos of someone who did not agreed to post it. We take this very seriously and we will not hesitate to instantly ban you from our forum, and this, permanently.