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1.        Purpose

The purpose of the school-community relations program is to establish and maintain communication that informs the parents/guardians and public and involves them in the educational goals and programs of the District's schools.

2.        Authority

To achieve this purpose, the Board shall provide parents/guardians and other District residents opportunities to receive information and orientation regarding the schools. The Board will utilize all appropriate means and media to achieve its public relations objectives.

3.        Guidelines

The objectives of the District's public relations program shall be to:

        Pol. 902

  1. Explain the programs, achievements and needs of the schools to parents/ guardians and the community as a whole. The communication to the public may take various forms. One form in which the policies, programs, problems, and planning of the school system shall be communicated to each household is through the publication and distribution of the District bi-monthly newsletter. Other forms include parent advisory councils; PTO's; parent support groups such as Boosters, etc.; District calendars; building-level and special interest newsletters; open houses; student publications such as newspapers and yearbooks; American Education Week; community and professional advisory committees; GMTV and related cable-casts, District web site (; and other publications as warranted.

  1. Determine which particular areas of the school program, policies or operations need further clarification or explanation.

        65 P.S. 701 et seq

        Pol. 903

  1. Keep students and staff members fully informed about District policies and procedures and the reasons for them and system-wide activities.
  2. Operate in public session, as speedily and efficiently as circumstances permit and with appropriate public participation.

  1. Recognize students and their achievements.

4.        Delegation of         Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of all District staff to:

  1. Acquaint parents/guardians and residents with the work of the schools and students.

  1. Give courteous and thoughtful consideration to all inquiries and suggestions and carefully investigate all complaints.

  1. Make parents/guardians, volunteers and visitors feel welcome in the school and in the classroom.

  1. Cooperate with parent-teacher and other community groups.

  1. Maintain student relations that encourage cooperation of the home.

  1. Observe interstaff relations conducive to high morale that merit the respect of students and citizens.

PA Statute

65 P.S.

701 et seq

Board Policy


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