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The River Church

3738 River International Dr.

Tampa, FL 33610

River Car Show

Rules and Regulations

  1. Every person, participant or spectator, must register for the event and sign the attached liability waiver.
  1. Vehicle Exhibitor and Spectator registration can both be done online before arrival, OR at the registration booth at the entry gate.
  2. To register online go to
  1. “Contest” Exhibitor Fee is $15 online prior to the event, or $20 at the gate.
  2. “Show Only” Exhibitor registration is available. This is for those who do not want to enter their vehicle in the contest for judging and prizes, but just want to park and display their vehicles. “Show Only” Admission is free.
  3. Free General Admission for spectators.

  1. Event Hours
  1. Gates open at 4:00PM for arriving Vehicle Exhibitors
  2. All registered vehicles are to be parked on the show field by 5:15PM
  3. Gates open to spectators 5:30PM - 8:30PM

  1. “Contest” Exhibitor registration cutoff time is 5:15PM on the day of the show. (There is no registration cutoff time for spectators.
  2. If you miss the vehicle registration cutoff time, you may enter as a “Show only” Exhibitor, parking will be permitted as space allows.
  3. Competition category definitions:
  1. Modern – vehicle is 24 years old or younger (1997 - present)
  2. Classic – vehicle is 25 to 49 years old (1972 - 1996)
  3. Antique – vehicle is 50+ or older (1971 or earlier)
  4. Custom – any age vehicle but must be customized.
  1. Any car with three or more significant modifications to the body, engine and/or interior, including custom paint jobs, blowers, turbos, low-riders, custom interiors, custom bodies.
  1. Specialty – Motorcycles, kits, replicas, rat rods, military, etc.

  1. The owner/exhibitor will classify their vehicle when they register, but it is subject to change by the judges if inappropriately classified.
  2. Registered Car Show Contest participants will be issued an Exhibitor Number card; this must be visible at the time of judging.

  1. Class judging will be based on paint/body, engine compartment, interior, and overall fit and finish. Each of these sections will be assigned a score of 1-25 and then summed.

  1. Exhibitor’s number must be clearly displayed on the driver’s side windshield to be judged.

  1. Car show participants, or someone from their team, must be present at their vehicle during time of judging.

  1. Judges must have access to all areas of the show vehicle including trunk, interior, and engine compartment. Judges WILL NOT open these areas for evaluation, vehicle owner must have these areas ready for judging.

  1. The car show judges’ decisions are final. Tie breakers will be made by judges after a short evaluation and possible re-inspection.

  1. All vehicles must remain in the show area for the duration of the show. Emergency situations will be addressed as they arise.

  1. River Car Show awards will consist of winners in ALL classes, a “Best in Show” Award, a “People’s Choice” Award (voted on by visiting spectators), and a “Wild Card” award.

  1. Each winner will receive a trophy.
  2. The winners of the “Best in Show” Award and “People’s Choice” Award are not eligible for other awards.

  1. WINNERS MUST BE PRESENT FOR AWARDS. Awards ceremony time will be determined by the number of entries.

Safety and Liability

  1. Proper photo identification required to enter property.
  2. Again, every person, participant or spectator, must register for the event and sign the attached liability waiver.
  3. Verify that the name that you enter on your registration, is as it appears on your photo ID.

  1. No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the property. Nonadherence to this will result in immediate removal of spectator or participant and their entire party.

  1. Smoking is not permitted, except in designated smoking areas.

  1. No animals allowed on property, including service animals.

  1. No loud music is allowed from the Exhibitor’s display area. Any display of questionable music, videos, art, or other media is not permitted and will be removed from the show.

  1. All entries must be driven onto the judging area. NO VEHICLE SHALL BE UNLOADED ON THE SHOW FIELD. Nonadherence to this rule could forfeit your entry. Entries must be completely operable and should be able to start, pull forward, backward, turn, and stop under their own power.
  1. It is permitted to bring your show vehicle on a trailer, it will just need to be unloaded in the parking lot, and driven onto the show field.

  1. For the safety of our spectators, and other participants, there is a speed limit of 5 mph once the show begins (4:30PM).

  1. This is a concours show and NOT A DRAG MEET. Tire squealing, hot rodding, and loud radios are cause for penalties ranging from point deductions to DISQUALIFICATION.

  1. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If a participant behaves in such a manner as determined by the event head judge and/or the RMI car show staff, the entry will forfeit any points, and the participant will be asked to leave the show.

  1. The artificial grass (Astroturf) is flame retardant and is made of a high-quality synthetic material that does not burn but will melt if it comes in contact with hot objects. Therefore it’s vital that all hot objects are kept away from artificial lawns to prevent it from melting.
  1. Vehicles parked on the artificial grass will NOT be permitted to leave their vehicles running at any point. Once parked, they must be turned off.
  2. Also, participants are asked to limit their vehicle movements and turns on the turf, going straight to parking spots, and keeping speeds below 5 mph, to not tear turf seams.

  1. Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring their display area is clean prior to leaving at the end of the show.