Program Sponsor Overview                                                                                  2

Contact Information                                                                                          3-5

Comparison between TPEs & CSTP                                                                          6

Acronym Key                                                                                                  7

Induction Program Component Overview                                                                  8

Advisement                                                                                          9

Enrollment                                                                                        10

District and School Level Support/District Roles & Responsibilities                                10-11

Mentor                                                                                                     12

Professional Learning                                                                                    13

Program Completion                                                                                        14


Mentor Memorandum of Understanding                                                                15-17


Request for Reassignment Policy                                                                            18

To be used in the event that a request for reassignment is needed.

Monitoring Mentor Teacher Effectiveness & IC Participation                                                          19

Extension of Induction Program Policy Process                                                            20

Credential Candidates may request an extension of the Induction Program if necessary

and if the criteria of the Extension of Induction Program Policy Process are met.

Application to Extend the Madera Induction Consortium Program                                        21

Approved Leave Policy                                                                                22

SB 57 - Early Completion Option Policy                                                                    23-24

SB 57 - Early Completion Option Application                                                                    25-29

The ECO is available for exceptional experienced candidates..

Program Sponsor Overview

Welcome to the Madera Induction Consortium Program!  The Madera Induction Consortium Program is a regional consortium headed by the Lead Education Agency Madera Unified and comprised of the Madera County Office of Education, all nine of the school districts in Madera County, and university partners.  The Madera Induction Consortium Program is in its seventeenth year of operation in Madera County.  The program has served over 1000 Credential Candidates and worked with over 250 Mentors.        


The Madera Induction Consortium Program Design includes:

The administrative structure includes the Program Director and Administrative Assistant housed in the consortium office, Eastin-Arcola Elementary School, Madera USD

The Advisory Committee, comprised of Superintendents or designees of participating districts, County Offices of Education, and University partners provide input in to policy decisions and fiscal oversight to the regional program.  

At the heart of the Madera Induction Consortium Program are our Mentor Teachers and Induction Candidates.  All program decisions and resources are focused on providing an exemplary support and formative assessment system for the induction of new teachers.

Madera Induction Consortium Program

Phone #: (559) 673-2450    

Fax #: (559) 673-4932       

29551 Avenue 8

Madera, CA 93637


Steve Thornton, Program Director:

Jessica Salazar, Admin Assistant

Contact Information





District Liaisons

Edward Gonzalez, MUSD Superintendent

Gladys Wilson, Admin Assistant

675-4500 ext. 220

Kent Albertson, MUSD Chief HR Officer

Sharon Gutierrez, Admin Assistant

675-4500 ext. 275

MUSD HR Credential Analysts 


Isabel Barreras, ext 280

Ana Perez, ext 278

Vicki Mendoza, ext 281

Amanda Vela, ext 282

MUSD Site Principals

Aimee Anderson, Mt Vista   675-4580

Marvin Baker, Desmond MS   664-1775

Andy Beakes, Pershing Elem    664-9741

Orlando Bellomo, Howard Elem  674-8568


Kimberly Bitter, James Monroe Elem  674-5679

Jesse Carrasco, Thomas Jefferson MS  673-9286

Ana Carrillo, Dixieland School  673-9119

Tom Chagoya, Alpha Elem  661-4101

Carsten Christiansen, Berenda School 674-3325

Lisa Fernandez, James Madison Elem  675-4630

Rosalinda Galvez, Millview Elem  674-8509

Danene Guglielmana, Eastin-Arcola  674-8841

Fermin Guzman, Ripperdan Day School  674-0059

Isabel Guzman, Nishimoto Elem  664-8110

Adalberto Hernandez, Washington Elem  674-6705

Alan Hollman, Madera High School  675-4444

Omar Jeronimo, Parkwood Elementary  673-2500

Stephanie McPherson, Chavez Elem 664-9701

Linda Monreal, Lincoln Elem  675-4600

Melissa Murray, John Adams Elem  674-4631

Jesus Navarro, LaVina School  673-5194

Kathy Nekumanesh, Sierra Vista Elem   674-8579

Oracio Rodriguez, MSHS   675-4450

Sabrina Rodriguez, MLK MS  674-4681

County Site Principals and HR Contacts

Alview-Dairyland School District

Sheila Perry, VP/Curriculum Coord.   665-2275 

Alview School   665-2275

Dairyland School   665-2394

Bass Lake Joint Union School District

Kris Rich, Supt. Secretary 642-1555

Brad Barcus, Oak Creek Intermediate 642-1570

Jason Mecier, Wasuma Elem   642-1585

Kathy Murphy, Oakhurst Elem   642-1585

Chawanakee Unified School District

Kelly Marshall , HR Director  877-6209

Daniel Ching, Minarets High School  868-8689

Gayle Fain, North Fork Elem   877-2215

Jessica Fairbanks, Spring Valley Elem  868-3343

Chowchilla School District

Tracey Moore, Personnel   665-8000

Kristi Ariaz, Stephens Elem  665-8060

Terry Barnes, Fairmead Elem   665-8040

Melissa Esquivel, Ronald Reagan Elem  665-8080

Dr. Sandra Frisby, Fuller Elem  665-8050

Zach White, Wilson Middle School  665-8070

Chowchilla Union High School District

Maggie Yamasaki, Assistant to Supt.  665-3662

Justin Miller, Chowchilla High School  665-1331

Golden Valley Unified School District

Sabrina Malm, HR   645-7500

Kirk Delmas, Liberty High School  645-3500

Chris Imperatrice, Sierra View Elem  645-3560

Ladislao Lopez, Webster Elementary  645-3540

Felipe Piedra, Ranchos Middle School  645-3550


Madera County Office of Ed    673-6051

Tricia Protzman, HR Director, ext. 6240

Kristen Anderson, HR Coordinator, ext. 6261

Raymond-Knowles Union Elem SD

Karen Hutchings  689-3336

Yosemite Unified School District

Jeanne Holcroft, HR Manager  683-8801, x379

Stacy Nicol, Coarsegold Elem   683-4842

Bob Rose, Rivergold Elem  658-7566

Randy Seals, Yosemite High School  683-4667

Comparison of Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE) and

California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP)

SB2042 required universities to implement an assessment for all preliminary credential candidates having completed the TPA, Teacher Preparation Assessment. Many Candidates are leaving their university credential programs familiar with a set of standards called the Teachers Performance Expectations (TPE).

These are very similar to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).  Some Participating Teachers will be familiar with both sets of standards.

Below is a comparison of the TPE and the CSTP.

They are very similar and, in many cases, identical in language.


2042        Credential law requiring 2 years of Induction to clear preliminary credentials

API        Academic Performance Index

AYP        Academic Yearly Progress

CCTC        California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

CDE        California Department of Education

CDI        California Development Interview

COE        County Office of Education

CSTP        California Standards for the Teaching Profession

CTE        Career Technical Education                

CTP        Continuum of Teaching Practice

EL        English Learner

ELD        English Language Department

ESEA        Elementary and Secondary Education Act

IC        Induction Candidate

IEP        Individualized Education Plan

IHE        Institute of Higher Education

ILP        Individual Learning Plan

MIC        Madera Induction Consortium

NCLB        No Child Left Behind

PD        Professional Development

PTRA        Plan, Teach, Reflect, Apply

SA        Site Administrator (Principal)

SARC        School Accountability Report Card

SPED        Special Education

TPE        Teaching Performance Expectations

Components of Induction

The Induction Program provides credentialed teachers with a specially designed, standards-based program that eases them into the teaching profession and simultaneously offers them support and advanced training.  Induction provides a bridge linking theory and learning acquired in the California Preliminary Credential Program to the realities of daily classroom teaching.  A trained experienced teacher – a Mentor – is assigned to work with each new teacher.  The Mentor Teacher guides and supports new teachers to meet the complex requirements of their job.  Upon completion of Induction, Induction Candidates earn a California Professional Clear Credential.

There are seven main components of the Induction Program:

                1.        Advisement

                2.        Enrollment

                3.        District and School Level Support

                4.        Mentor

                5.          Individual Learning Plan

                6.          Formative Assessment

  1. Program Completion

1.  Advisement

Eligibility for Induction includes teachers new to the profession in California who are teaching on a preliminary or professional clear credential.  At the point of hire, a district representative provides each new teacher with a New Teacher Placement Form that is signed by the Induction Candidate.  Copies are distributed to the Induction Candidate and Madera Induction Consortium Program.



2.  Enrollment

All first year Induction Candidates must attend Induction Orientation.

Upon program entry, the program uses the following;

Each district provides the program with a copy of the Teacher Information Form, teaching credential, and if entering the credential program, a signature on the Notice of Eligibility and Responsibility to Enter an Induction Program.  

At the Entrance Interview during Induction Orientation, the new teacher indicates how he/she will earn the professional credential on the Declaration of Method for Earning a Professional Credential, signs the Entrance Interview Form and the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Signing the MOU is an agreement that you accept the items on the list as conditions for participating in the Induction program.  

All Induction Candidates, Mentor Teachers, Site Administrators and School Districts sign a MOU with the program.

3.  District and School Level Support

School and district personnel, as well as the site principal all contribute to the support provided to new teachers!  Along with the initial advisement, the school and district have several key roles in supporting the Induction Program.

√        Selecting a Mentor Teacher

√        Providing Professional Development

√        Your District Coordinator, Site Administrator, and/or Mentor will be able to answer all of your local district and site questions (e.g., how to request a substitute, substitute codes). 

√        Site Administration Consultation        

The site administrator, early in the school year will conduct a Site Administration Consultation meeting with the Induction Candidate and the Mentor Teachers on their site. This will help orient the new teacher to the site and surrounding community. It is also a great opportunity to share information about site and district initiatives that can be included in the Induction Candidate’s Individual Learning Plan.

Site Administration will also sign the Site Administration MOU.  This ensures that your Site Administrator is aware of the requirements of the Madera Induction Consortium Program.

Individual Learning Plan:

 Site Administration Consultation



What can you tell me about our surrounding community?  What resources are available that I can utilize with my students?


What are your behavioral expectations for our students? Who can assist in creating behavior expectations and implementing them?


How best should I handle discipline problems?


What do you expect to see in a lesson plan?  Is there a district template or special protocol I should use?


What is our grading policy and how often do we report grades?  


How often and in what method do you want me to communicate with parents?  How would you like me to document my interactions?


How do we support our English Learners and how is ELD organized at this school?


How often do we give common assessments (benchmark, etc)?  Is there time dedicated to work as a collaborative team to discuss data?


What kinds of interventions are in place for our students?


What are our SST, IEP, 504 and RtI processes?  How do I report suspected child abuse?


What are your expectations when you walk into my classroom?  Do we have a professional dress code?


How does the teacher evaluation process work?

What are the district and site initiatives that I need to be aware of?


What site and district level professional development opportunities are available this year?

What are some other things that I need to be aware of?

4.  Mentor

Induction Candidates are assigned a Mentor Teacher to provide formative assessment information and guide them in meeting the complexities of their job and to complete the requirements of the Induction Program.  This partnership is the most important aspect of the Induction Program.  Mentor Teachers meet with Induction Candidates a minimum of one hour per week to plan, problem-solve, and reflect on teaching practice.  Mentor Teachers guide Induction Candidates in their consideration of formative assessment evidence as they develop planned, systematic opportunities to improve their teaching.  The success of these pursuits is reliant upon a relationship based on trust, confidentiality, and a commitment to the goals of Induction.  

Well-trained Mentor Teachers have a critical role in the implementation of the formative assessment system. They are trained to utilize evidence, including observational evidence that focuses on classroom practice in relation to the CSTP, Common Core standards and performance levels for students. Through ongoing weekly meetings and professional learning opportunities, as well as formal classroom observations, Mentor Teachers gather evidence of classroom practice. Mentors then reflect with their Induction Candidates about the evidence in order to improve his/her classroom teaching.  This peer coaching supports new teachers but is also an effective strategy for all teachers!

5.  Individual Learning Plan

Induction Candidates will write their Individual Learning Plan(ILP) by the first six weeks of school. It will include Site Administration consultation via the Site Administration Orientation. The ILP will include a pathway to reaching the Induction Candidate’s learning goals for the year. The pathway will incorporate Professional Development that will be utilized in the classroom.

Professional Development & ILP Research Menu

These are examples of PD and research for your ILP. If you find something else that is NOT on the list feel free to use that as well, as long as it relates to your ILP goal.

6.  Formative Assessment

During the Induction Program, Induction Candidates, with the assistance of their Mentor Teachers, will develop five learning goals throughout the two year program. 1st Year Induction Candidates will write their Individual Learning Goals based on CSTP 1 and 2.  2nd Year Induction Candidates will write their Individual Learning Goals based on CSTP 3, 4 and 5. The ILP will show growth in teacher practice over time as measured by student outcomes. Each Induction Candidate will collect evidence of growth through monthly journals. Induction Candidates will also complete a self-assessment of their teaching practice three times to document teacher growth. At the conclusion of each year, the Induction Candidate will present their evidence of growth to the MIC exit panel.

7.  Program Completion

Each Induction Candidate will build their Induction Portfolio using Google Classroom. Monthly journal assignments along with other assignments will be reviewed monthly. If an Induction Candidate fails to submit their assignments by the due date the Induction Program Director will contact the Induction Candidate to remedy any problems. This may include a meeting with the Program Director and the Mentor Teacher.

At the end of the each year, all Induction Candidate’s portfolios will be reviewed for completeness. Once the portfolio is identified as completed the presentation will be scheduled. The Teacher Growth presentation is the culminating event that highlights the Induction Candidates growth and competency in the classroom. This culminating evidence along with the Induction Program Portfolios is used by the program to verify completion of program requirements. Candidates who have completed all requirements of the Induction Program will be recommended for a clear credential. Madera Unified Candidates will be provided with documentation that must be submitted to their MUSD Credential Technician who will then submit the recommendation to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Induction Candidates that are not part of MUSD will also receive completion documents but their recommendation will be automatically submitted by the Induction Program Director by no later than June 15.

It is essential that all fees required by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing be by with 90 days of the recommendation to ensure receiving the Professional Clear Credential. If an Induction Candidates Preliminary Credential expires prior to June 15 of their 2nd year in the Induction Program, it is imperative that the Induction Program office is contacted as soon as possible.

        I understand and agree that to receive the full benefits provided by the Madera Induction Consortium Program, my participation carries with it certain personal and professional responsibilities and expectations.  These responsibilities/expectations include:

Furthermore, I understand that my participation in the Madera Induction Consortium Program will have no bearing on, and play no part in, the formal evaluation process of my employment status in my school district.

Furthermore, I understand that I will control and direct the use of any support and assessment activities and materials, as well as any communication conducted between myself, my Mentor Teacher, and my administrator. I will contact the Director immediately if issues arise, which interfere with my ability to complete program requirements, including my work with my Mentor Teacher.

Name        ____________________________        Date        _________________________________

School        ____________________________        Grade /Subject        ___________________________

District        ____________________________         Signed__________________________________        

Eligibility:          Contracted first or second year teachers participating in the Madera Induction Consortium Program with a Preliminary Credential.  Out-of-state teacher eligibility is determined by examining individual requirements.

Distribution:        Copy to Program Director                                Copy to Participating Teacher

Revised 7/19/16


District Induction Mentors are exemplary teachers who give of their time and expertise to help other teachers improve their teaching practice and achieve a transition into teaching. Induction Mentors employ techniques such as observations, examination of student work, and reflective conversations.  They attend professional development activities. Induction Mentors may be assigned to support a teacher from a list of teachers at different schools.  The stipend paid will be based upon the number of teachers served.

Minimum Qualifications and Selection Criteria:

Major Duties and Responsibilities, to:

Name        _____________________________        Date        _________________________________

School        _____________________________        Grade /Subject        ___________________________

District        _____________________________         Signed__________________________________        

Tenure:          Newly selected and (veteran renewal) Induction Mentors will have a two year term from July 2016 to June 2018, dependent upon an annual review based on performance.

Memorandum of Understanding


I understand that the knowledge, attitudes, and actions of Site Administrators are critical to the success of Induction Candidates.  In order to create and nurture the positive climate necessary for this success, I realize that as Site Administrator I must assume certain responsibilities for ensuring and facilitating the successful implementation and operation of the Madera Induction Consortium Program.  These responsibilities include, to:


        Attend any Madera Induction Consortium Program Site Administration training;


        Provide an orientation that informs the Induction Candidates about site resources, personnel, procedures and policies, and site and district professional development opportunities that will enable the Induction Candidate to write their Individual Learning Plan.


        Become familiar with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), the formative assessment process and use of the Individual Learning Plans that will be used with Induction Candidates;


Support formal professional development programs and activities specifically designed for Mentor Candidates;

        Submit a professional development description for the site, which lists professional development planned for the year, to the Madera Induction Consortium office by October 1 of each school year;    


Provide the structure for Mentor Teachers and Induction Candidates  to work together on a regular basis;          


        Participate in the program's evaluation and development.


In addition to these responsibilities, I understand the Induction Candidate and their assigned Mentor Teacher will need to meet and work together on a regular basis.  This would include weekly sessions (approximately 1-2 hours) conducted before or after school.  I also understand that a limited number of substitute release days will be necessary for coaching and classroom observations.


Finally, I understand and will respect the need for confidentiality regarding all support and assessment activities conducted as part of the Induction processes.  Furthermore, I understand and agree that the formative assessment activities of the program can play no part in the formal evaluation process of any Induction Candidate.  If issues arise, which are of a confidential nature, I will consult with the Madera Induction Consortium Program Director and/or Mentor Teacher to arrange support for the Induction Candidate’s growth.


                   _____________________________________        _______________________________

                                            Name                                                             Signature


                  ____________________________________        _______________________________

                                            Date                                                                 School         

Request for Reassignment Policy

Request for Reassignment


If at any time the match between the Credential Candidate and Mentor is perceived as being unsuccessful for any reason, this match may be revised.


The Madera Induction Consortium Program will utilize the following protocol:

  1. An Induction Candidate or a Mentor Teacher may make a request for a new match at any time to the Program Director.
  2. Upon receipt of a request for a new match, the program leader secures confidential information from both the Induction Candidate and Mentor Teacher.  Efforts will be made to maintain the respect and dignity for all those involved and to collaboratively determine a solution to the presented issue(s).
  3. The program leader implements the solution and monitors the new match, if this was determined to be the best solution.  Appropriate information is shared as needed.

Note: There are times when the Mentor Teacher has provided partial services, attended meetings, and/or has an agreement for compensation with the district. The reassignment of the Mentor Teacher will include consideration to prorate compensation.  Newly assigned Mentors Teachers’ compensation will also be prorated depending on the time remaining in the school year and the duties to be completed.  The Madera Induction Consortium Program will work within the context of the local district and any agreements to ensure district policy is implemented.

The above policy and procedures were carefully considered and the following reassignment has been recommended and approved by the Madera Induction Consortium Program:

Induction Candidate:                                                                                           

                                    Print Name                                Signature

Current Mentor:                                          New Mentor:                                 

Approved by:

MIC Director:                               _______   Site Administrator:________________________

Effective Date of Reassignment:                                                 


Distribute copies of this completed form to all parties involved.


Monitoring Mentor Effectiveness & Credential Candidate Participation

                                                        No Resolution





Extension of Induction Program Policy

Policy:  The purpose of this policy is to provide opportunities for extending the Induction Program to those Induction Candidates who do not complete the program during their initial two years of teaching.  These extensions are offered according to the following program criteria:

General Terms:

  1. Application for the Professional Clear Credential shall be submitted to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) within five (5) years of issuance of a Preliminary Credential.  In order to apply for the Professional Credential, the applicant must have successfully completed an accredited Professional Teacher Induction Program.  It is the intent of the legislation that under most circumstances, the Induction Program will be completed in the initial two years of teaching.
  2. A Credential Candidate from out-of-state, who is clearing his/her California credential under SB 57, must apply for a Professional Clear Credential within the initial five (5) years of teaching in California.

Although each Induction Candidate is encouraged and expected to complete the Madera Induction Consortium Program within the initial two years of California employment, extenuating circumstances may preclude this from being accomplished.  The Induction Candidate must request an extension of the Induction Program using the Application to Extend the Induction Program procedures and submit the request to the Program Director.  Appropriate documentation must accompany the extension request and the following criteria will be considered in approving an extension:

Extension Criteria:

  1. Severe personal health issues (1) related to the Induction Candidate.
  2. Severe health issues (2) related to the immediate family of the Induction Candidate.  The policies of the district of employment define immediate family.
  3. An approved leave of absence from the district of employment.
  4. Lay off due to declining enrollment or staffing adjustments.
  5. Break in service for person reasons or non-re-elect.
  6. Relocating to another state or country. (Must return to California in time to complete the prescribed program within five (5) year limitation).


An Induction Candidate who fails to complete the program because he or she has not completed the documentation of formative assessment activities must complete all make up assignments before being recommended for a Professional Clear Credential.  Should a Mentor Teacher be required in order to complete the assignment, the Credential Candidate will be charged the actual costs of services rendered.  Funds must be received prior to each month required for make-up assignments.

Madera Induction Consortium Program Intent

The Madera Induction Consortium Program is intended to be a two-year induction experience.  Any “approved leaves” granted by the hiring district will be honored by the Madera Induction Consortium Program.  Leave time away from the classroom environment will be a considering factor for any possible required extension timelines in completion of the two-year Induction Program.

Application to Extend the Madera Induction Consortium Program

After carefully reviewing the Extension of Induction Program Policy you believe that you meet the criteria for receiving an approved extension, please provide a written response and your request for an extension to the Induction Program Director.  Additionally, you must sign and date your request and have your request signed by your Site Administrator.


 Application to Extend the Madera Induction Consortium Program

Your written request must include, but is not limited to, responses to the following criteria:

  1. Extension Criteria: (Please thoroughly explain your need to extend your Induction Program and describe the qualifying criteria that fit your circumstances.)

  1. Funding: (Please describe the funding necessary to extend your Induction Program, the sources of this funding, and, if necessary, your appeal.)


Credential Candidate’s Name:                                                                         

                                                                           (Please Print)

Induction Candidate’s Signature:                                         ______   Date:                 

Site Administrator’s Signature:                                                    Date:                 

Induction Director’s Signature:                                                    Date:                 

Approved Leave Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all parties are clear on the required expectations of any approved leaves. This document is to be completed by the Induction Candidate with the assistance of their Mentor Teacher.

Madera Induction Consortium Program Intent:

The Madera Induction Consortium Program is intended to be a two-year induction experience.  Any “approved leaves” granted by the hiring district will be honored by the Madera Induction Consortium Program. Leave time away from the classroom environment will be a considering factor for any possible required extension timelines in completion of the two-year Induction Program.

Your written request must include:

  1. Dates of Granted Leave: ___________________ to _________________

  1. How will your Individual Learning Plan be completed? (Please attach an additional page, if necessary)

  1. Will you require additional time to complete the ILP?

                                                                         YES        NO


Induction Candidate’s Name:                                                 _____        ________

                                                                      (Please Print)

Induction Candidate’s Signature:                                           Date: ________

Site Administrator’s Signature:                                                   Date: ________

Reviewed by Program Director __________________________                   Date: ___________

SB 57 – Early Completion Option (ECO) Policy


SB 57 (Scott) provides for an Early Completion Option (ECO) for Multiple and Single Subject Induction candidates.  This option is more rigorous than the full Induction Program, but is offered at an accelerated pace.  The Madera Induction Consortium Program’s Early Completion Option includes an individual plan of directed study and evidence of completion.  Upon successful completion of the Induction requirements as set forth in this policy, candidates are recommended to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for a Professional Clear Credential.


The candidate must hold a preliminary multiple or single subject credential and be employed in a CA public school.  The intent of the law is to serve experienced and exceptional candidates.

Criteria to determine Eligibility:

Demonstrate 2 years prior teaching experience as the teacher of record (e.g., Intern Program, private school teaching experiences, or other recent teaching experience NOT including student teaching) AND receive a recommendation from your site administrator.

To be considered for ECO status, you will need to submit the following no later than September 30th of the current school year.

All of the above criteria must be met as determined by the Madera Induction Consortium Program Director and the employing district.  In addition, the Madera Induction Consortium Program and employing district retain the right to request any additional evidence that may be necessary to determine a candidate’s appropriateness for the ECO, including an observation and/or an interview.

   Monitoring Progress

If the Candidate is not able to complete the Induction requirements at an accelerated level, then s/he will revert to a Year 1 Candidate status or may be exited from the program.  This determination will be made by December 20th of the current school year.

The intent of the Early Completion Option is to provide an accelerated induction experience for candidates with prior, exceptional teaching experience (i.e. 2-3 years).

The application process for entrance in the 1 Year ECO Program includes the following components and copies must be submitted to the Induction office by September 30th:

The Induction Candidate accepted in the ECO Program will complete the ECO components with the assistance of their Mentor Teacher:

If the Candidate is not able to complete the Induction requirements at an accelerated level, then s/he will revert to a Year 1 Candidate status or may be asked to exit the Program.  This determination will be made by December 20th of the current school year.

The Clear Credential will be recommended upon completion of all program requirements that demonstrate candidate competence (Note: Credential requirements for Ed Specialist and CTE may require additional program requirements..)

Send all documents to the attention of Steve Thornton no later than September 30th:

c/o Madera Induction Consortium Program

Eastin-Arcola Elementary School

29551 Ave 8

Madera, CA 93637


Early Completion Option


Experience and PD Record


Senate Bill 57 was designed to allow eligible individuals to complete a Commission-approved professional induction program at a faster pace than the full two years required to complete all of the requirements. The intent of the law is to serve experienced and exceptional candidates. In order for a Commission-approved induction program to verify completion of the program for any candidate enrolled in the early completion option, the candidate must have demonstrated that he or she has two years’ experience as the teacher of record,  and the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required for the Professional Clear Credential.

Has your administrator conducted a formal observation of your teaching?   Yes No






Experience and PD Record Administrator Observation ECO Interview Form Letter of Recommendation


Number of Years Completed:      Two Years Three years

Teaching Assignments as Teacher of Record


Earned while employed in the district. Do NOT include requirements that were part of your teacher preparation. Examples of PD professional development (PD) might be 466 training, technology training, content specific conferences, and/or workshops. Include the number of hours completed. Please attach attendance documentation to this ECO application.


           TITLE OF TRAINING                                                       DATES                                                                 HOURS ACCRUED

Early Completion Option




The purpose of ECO is to serve EXPERIENCED AND EXCEPTIONAL CANDIDATES. In order to qualify for ECO status, the candidate must have demonstrated that he or she has the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required for the Professional Clear Credential


Candidate’s Name:                         Date



Administrator’s Name:                                 Position:

I understand that this teacher WILL NOT receive two years of support from a mentor.

I have observed this candidate ________ times    ❐ I have included a letter of recommendation             

Please mark the appropriate column that best describes this candidate’s observed skills and abilities:


Maturing Beginning Practice

Experienced Practice that Exemplifies Expectations

Experienced Practice that Exemplifies Exemplary Practice

1. Engages and Supports All Students

  in Learning

2. Creates and Maintains an Effective Environment for Student Learning

3. Understands and Organizes Subject Matter for Student Learning

4. Plans Instruction and Designs Learning Experiences for All Students

5. Assesses Student Learning

6. Developing as a Professional

Please return to the MUSD BTSA Office


Early Completion Option


To be completed by the prospective ECO Candidate and

Reviewed by the MIC Director


Name:                                         School /District                                         Date


Reviewer’s Name:                                                                           Date

1. The CSTP (CA Standards for the Teaching Profession) are a core component of the Induction Program. What knowledge to you have of these standards?

2. Discuss a standards-based lesson you have developed and delivered. What is the rationale for the lesson and your choices of delivery? How does this lesson fit into long-term planning? (e.g., Show knowledge of curriculum mapping, district, site, department or grade-level long-term planning; show your standards-based lesson plan including Student Content Standard(s), student achievement goals, standards-based assessment(s), instructional strategies, student activities, and materials utilized.


Name:        Date


Reviewer’s Name:                                                                 Date

3. Discuss your analysis of student work. From data analysis, what specifically did you learn about student academic performance (class as a whole and/or focus students)? What have you learned about your own teaching practice from the analysis? (e.g., Discuss ideas for your own next steps in using student work to guide instruction; show use of student work for progress monitoring/ checking for understanding; show evidence of planning intervention, remediation or extension for focus students based on the data,)

4.Discuss how you differentiate instruction for an English Language Learner OR a student with an IEP. Discuss how your instructional strategies and student activities differed for this student(s) and why you chose these strategies and activities.

Early Completion Option



Name:                                                 School/District:

Interim Review Date: December 10, 2016

Journals Completed

ECO  Completion Date: May 1, 2017

  ILP Learning Goal #1


 ILP Learning Goal #2

 ILP Learning Goal #3

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 DOC #1: Experience & PD Record Received:   DOC #2: Administrator Observation Received:

 DOC #3: ECO Interview Form Received:

Approved for ECO ❐ YES ❐ NO

Approved by: _______________________________________

Interim Review Date: December 10, 2016

 ❐Continue as an ECO  Discontinue ECO Status