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Educational Opportunities for Families
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All of the materials listed below are not mandatory, these are completely voluntary. These are opportunities that your family may choose to do.

Virtual Field Trips (All grades)

The above link is to Scholastic and offers the families three potential hours of activities daily.

The above link is to Khan Academy.

T-K & K Music Activities

1st Grade Music Activities

2nd Grade Music Activities

3rd Grade Music Activities

4th Grade Music Activities

Music Video Links for All Grade Levels - These are a variety of activities for all grade levels.

The above links will open you up to music activities by grade level.

The above links will open you up to art activities.

4th Grade ELA Activity ideas with Bingo board

3rd Grade ELA Activity Ideas with Bingo board

3rd and 4th Grade Math Activities and Bingo Board

3rd and 4th Grade Science

3rd and 4th Grade Stemscopes Log In for Science (Use the student log in with no capitals, and no space for the user name and the password is a number.  If anyone can’t remember their log in let us know and we can email you or DoJo message it to you. Just click on any assignment and listen to the video or complete some of the activities or questions that we have been through already.)  Mrs. Low at or  Mrs. Clarke at

4th Grade Social Studies

In social studies 4th Grade is working on States and Capitals and the ten largest cities in Iowa.  We are researching population, the median age of each city, fun things to do in their city, and important landmarks. We were just heading into different nationalities of the United States if they would like to research any of the nationalities and cultures of our great country.  

Mrs. Low at or  Mrs. Clarke at

3rd Grade Social Studies

In third grade we are studying the nationalities of Iowa, starting with our Native Americans, Germans, Irish, Scandinavian, and Chinese nationalities.  We have several towns that have a large concentration of each throughout Iowa.  Mrs. Low at or  Mrs. Clarke at

Good evening!

I have been busy today reviewing websites that I feel your child would enjoy during our time away from school. These are the websites that I have found so far:

1) Iowa AEA Online:

students will need to use my user id and password to access the site:

user id: 0936cames password: mbaea9

I highly recommend: ScienceFlix and TrueFlix

Students can access TrueFlix for Social Studies: westward expansion, US regions & states, etc...

ScienceFlix has access to: landforms, objects and motion, life cycles, biomes, weather and more...

There are other links that you can check out, just use the same id and password above to log-in...

2) has a list of companies offering free educational subscriptions...

3) Scholastic Learn @ Home: select the grade level and everything is there for you day by day...

4) Many zoos, museums, and art galleries are offering virtual field trips. Google virtual field trips- you can

take a daily field trip! I've been visiting and enjoying the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens...

5) Parents guide to google classroom is a site that has live links for all subjects...

Missing and thinking of all of you!

Take care!

Mrs. Clarke 

Healthy at Home  - this free toolkit was developed by the experts at Teaching Strategies, Inc. as a resource to support families with information and resources for supporting the children (including infants through kindergarten age) in their care.

NCPMI Emergencies and Natural Disasters: Helping Children and Families Cope - this page includes resources to support families in helping young children cope with the challenges that might occur during stressful emergency or disaster situations.