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FY21 FAQs for Reopening
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  1. How do I sign up for Blended/Online Program? Blended/OnlineContact for Further questions is Jade Christiansen,
  1. Many of you completed a survey a few weeks ago asking your preference for scheduling. That did NOT lock you into a schedule. YOU MUST complete the online contract to participate in both the Blended or the Online options.
  2. Just sign up for your regular classes and complete the Blended/Online Contract and submit this to the office. If you can’t print from home you can complete this during Plebe Week/Back to school Parent night.
  3. You must have the Blended/Online contract complete to participate in that option. If we do not have that form on file your Cadet will be required to come to classes on site.
  4. If you have more in depth questions about Blended Learning please contact Ms. Christansen at
  1. How does Blended/Online Work? : Blended/Online Contact for Further questions is Jade Christiansen, jchristiansen@utahmilitaryacademy. org
  1. UMA Teachers will be live streaming their classes via Zoom or Google meets daily. Cadets will be required to keep their class schedule (Bell Schedule linked here) and join classes from home.  98% of UMA’s classes will be available using this feature. It will allow them to join discussions, presentations, etc. If you choose to do the online method for classes you will be locked into online classes for the semester.
  2. You may still be required to come into the building for state testing and other testing as needed. Please note if you're participating in the Online option you will be required to set an appointment to come into the building to meet with your teachers. Blended will require you to only be on campus during your scheduled on site classes.
  1. How do I sign my cadet up for regular 5 day scheduling
  1. Just send them to school. If you do not complete the online/blended commitment form, you are defaulted to the Regular on site schedule.
  1. If my Cadet is ONLY online, do I still need Uniforms?
  1. You will need to purchase at least one soft uniform of your choice and be issued one military uniform. Your Cadet will be required to wear the uniform anytime they come into the school. (Teacher Appointments, tutoring, awards ceremony, sporting events, TEAM activities, Field  Trips, Testing,  etc.)
  1. Will Cadets, Visitors, and Faculty be required to wear a Face Cover at school?
  1. As per the Governor’s Executive Order, Cadets, Faculty, and all visitors will wear face covers at school and on the bus. Of course Cadet/Faculty may remove their cover when they are eating and drinking.
  2. Any comfortable mouth/nose cover is acceptable, as long as it is school appropriate. (Clear Face Shield, bandana, cloth or paper Face mask). Cadets covering their full face and eyes will not be allowed
  1. Source: Governor Issues Executive Order Adopting Updated Phased Guidelines and the State Health Department Issues Public Health Order Mandating Covers in all K-12 Schools
  1. What Cleaning Processes will be in place?
  1. Cadets will grab a personal rag each morning in their first period to keep with them all day. Teachers will spray down desks/chairs/materials at the end of each class so Cadet’s can wipe clean all surfaces/materials used. Cadets will then drop the rags in their 5th period for rags to be collected and washed each day.
  2. Cadets reported for improperly using their rags will face disciplinary action.
  3. High Traffic Areas will be sprayed with sanitizing spray throughout the day.
  4. Sanitizer Dispensers will be placed at front doors, and in higher traffic areas.
  1. Will I have to have proof of a negative test prior to returning to school?
  1. No. Studies show people may test positive long after they are infectious (sometimes more than 45 days after). This means a person who at one time was sick with COVID-19 could still test positive, even though he or she can’t spread the virus to other people anymore. This makes it hard for students, teachers, and employees to know when they can return to school or work if their school or employer requires a negative test result.
  1. Source- Covid 19 School Manual.
  1. If my Cadet is sick, when can they return to school?
  1. Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 should isolate until his or her symptoms get better and he or she has been fever-free for 24 hours without medicine AND it has been at least 10 days since he or she first had symptoms or tested positive..
  1. Source - Covid 19 School Manual 
  1. If a student tests positive, will the school need to close?
  1. No. In most cases schools will not need to close for on campus learning. If there is a breakout of COVID cases the school may need to temporarily move to online learning for the health and safety of everyone in the school.
  2. If a teacher or cadet tests positive for COVID they should self isolate immediately and not attend school/work.
  3. If a cadet’s or teacher’s family member tests positive for COVID they must be quarantined for 14 days and cannot return to school until the quarantine period is over.
  1. Source - Covid 19 School Manual

PLEASE NOTE the COVID-19 Manual provided by the state is a living document and changes frequently. This information may change based on the information we are given from USBE and the Health Departments.