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Imran Khushal's Portfolio 2021
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Grow your business with content that search engines rank higher and people love to act upon.

With over 10 years in journalism, copywriting, and marketing, I’m ready to help you grow your business, are you?

If you've just started, I can help create:

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Fun facts about me:

So please ask me how can I help you communicate better, connect deeper, and grow faster?


Imran fully dedicates his energies and produces an excellent copy.

Armughan Khuwaja


I strongly recommend Hiwrita for editorial writings and content development.

Neer Joshi

Immigration Expert

Imran goes that extra mile in every field, which usually matters towards the end.

Hamid Abasi

Business Executive

It was fantastic working with (Imran). Thanks for helping me out in writing such a wonderful context.

Malkah Hayat


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             Brand & Marketing Strategy Examples:

                Copywriting Examples:

Most clients sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibits service providers from sharing their work as a sample. Ask if you need to see more samples.

             Journalism, Research, Books:

I’ve been a blogger, contributing writer, and political analyst for Pakistani and international press including The Daily Times, Samaa TV, Dawn News, Express-News, and more.

Over the years, I produced hundreds of stories, blog posts, OP-ED, commentaries, news articles, and columns for leading newspapers, media houses, and websites, including a fortune-500 company.

I have authored three books, conducted dozens of interviews, wrote over 60 concept papers, and edited a generous amount of books, papers, and articles.

I practiced different writing styles, including the Associated Press, American Psychological Association (APA, 6th edition), and Chicago Manual of Style, extensively during my journalistic work, academic research, and copywriting career.

             Journalism Examples:

Access my author pages at leading media houses through the following links:

Also, see my media appearances:

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If your project requires any of these expertise, I’d love to help!

1. SEO copywriting

2. Technical copywriting

3. Brand copywriting

4. Website copywriting

5. UX copywriting

6. Messenger bot copywriting

7. Email copywriting

8. Brand strategy

9. Communication strategy

10. Content strategy

11. Social media strategy

12. Brand messaging

13. Brand positioning

14. Brand development

15. Business development

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