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Individual Enrichment Information

Updated March 27 at 1:25pm

Please use the table below to find instructional activities and individual enrichment opportunities from each Pine Hollow teacher. The recommended work during this school closure will not be graded, and will not impact student records, however, we strongly advise students to complete as much work as possible so that they continue to make academic progress. Although teachers will be working from home during this closure, they are available via email and will be providing work via the below sources on an as-needed basis. Families who are in need of a device to complete work should complete this checkout form and bring to Pine Hollow on Monday, March 30th from 9:00-11:00am to receive a loaner device. Be well and Go Mustangs!! --The Pine Hollow Staff



(Khan Academy, iReady, Digits, Etc)

Adams, Janelle

Agnost, Peter

Office Hours: 

  • Math 7: up4ouyj
  • Math 8: qsk4e2b
  • Coding 1: d5yidib
  • Coding 2: dq4xs4h

All instructions and coursework on posted in Google classrooms

Anthony, Maria 

Office Hours:

  • 1st Period Science: wa6xtju
  • 2nd Period Science:  wqcgh4k
  • 4th Period Hands on Tech: kbnwxsr
  • 5th Period Hands on Tech: 7arnigf
  • 6th Period Science: gvc2tb6
  • 7th Period Science: clizzt4

4th and 5th period should be working on their “How to Speech”

Most activities posted in Classroom.
Interactive Notebook activities

Christensen, Karen 

Office Hours:
Students may text me from 8am to 8pm. Students have the # or can find it in their Google Classroom.

  • PE 1st Period: ng7fcqs

PE students email me with questions.

  • Math 6: fyiwzzo
  • Science 6: xprjyk6
  • Reading 6: apva446

iReady Math for 15 minutes or more daily. Students know how to log into iReady through Clever.

All other assignments and links are posted in the Google Classrooms.

Digits Math can be accessed through Clever.

Dickison, Gina 

Office Hours:

  • 1st Period: 2undywe
  • 3rd Period: 3rvxgkw
  • 4th Period: x2pm7co
  • 5th Period: z26ensk
  • 6th Period: 4khk65w
  • 7th Period: c6or3rc 

Eldrich, Mike 

Office Hours:

These are our usual Google Classrooms, but if you have not joined:

  • 1st Period English: fkqic52
  • 2nd Period DMA: o3xyddi
  • 3rd Period DMA: 7qpv4zz
  • 4th Period DMA: rfddilh
  • 5th Period English: a7vi3sx
  • 7th Period English: bsscsdu

For English this quarter, just finish those essays and submit the final in Classroom by March 31.  

For Digital Media Arts, finish your projects and work on Khan Academy

Next quarter, we will do a little practice for the SAT and some reading of literature.  If I can find a reliable pdf of the novel and some online audio, we will also read that.

Ellgaard, Annette 

Office Hours:

  • 2nd Period, English 8: uuniqvy
  • 3rd Period, English 8: uwevoim
  • 4th Period, PE: jmbjcsu
  • 5th Period, English 8: 45nzw34

Check google classroom for assignments and any attached documents

Students check google classroom on Monday, Mar. 23, 2020 for updates.

Ellis-Falik, Lorraine 

Office Hours:

  • Class Code: huoby7q

List of online programs and resources.


Individual student pages with scheduling and specific online and hands-on activities (in progress)

Gale, Toni 

Office Hours:

  • Class Code: g4qxkxi

i-Ready Math: 30 mins or more per day.

i-Ready Reading: 30 mins or more per day.

MobyMax: Math, ELA, Science.

Students know how to logon to i-Ready and MobyMax. Instructions also sent home on 3/13/2020.

EBooks -

  • Class code: eex8617

Virtual Field Trip

Grose, Peter 

Office Hours:

  • 1st Period Art1:  bbf3adn
  • 2nd Period Art1:  uwpivvg
  • 3rd Period Art1:  4fhqbr3
  • 4th Period Art1&2:  axvhqnp
  • 6th Period Art2: 6n5cilb
  • 7th Period Art1&2: y3bzdvd

Supplies are varied depending on what students have at home so we will be versatile in materials.

Lots of sketching.

Hagen, Rachel 

Office Hours:
Daily Zoom meeting 10 AM

  • Period 1, Science 8: bep6c4s
  • Period 2, Math 6: p5vmgpw
  • Period 3, Science 6: ethkoqv
  • Period 5, Math 6: wmslauc
  • Period 6, Science 6: 7wf775n
  • Period 7, Science 8: 7tpcdnf

Daily assignments for Math include iReady Math for 15 minutes or more daily. Students know how to log into iReady through Clever.

All other assignments and links are posted in the Google Classrooms.

Jimenez, Jenny Rose 

Office Hours:

  • Period 1 World Cultures: hep6tuj
  • Period 2 Spanish 1A: u7dk4jt
  • Period 3 Spanish 1B: kb6fvt5
  • Period 5 Spanish 1A: ju3omdc
  • Period 6 Spanish 1B: syusdh2
  • Period 7 Spanish 1A: d4cxx3m

15 minutes or more daily of studying Spanish. All assignment ideas, including non-tech, and links are posted in Google Classroom. EdPuzzle accounts are linked through Google Classroom. (resources by chapter for self-guided studying or review of past topics)

Kahl-Hernandez, Kelly 

Office Hours:
Zoom Class Meeting every Monday and Thursday.

Students know they can text me from 8am to 5pm, email me or leave comments in Google Classroom

  • Period 2 English: ailvcup
  • Period 3 History: necl2cz
  • Period 4 Rotation: qmkmi46
  • Period 5 English: umvgwwv
  • Period 6 History: oado3nh
  • Period 7 Reading: o6mdxml

All assignments and links are posted in Google Classroom

Mann, Tara 

Office Hours:
Zoom Class Meeting every Tuesday and Friday. Students have the ability to text me 8am to 5 pm, comment in Google Classroom, or e-mail anytime.

  • Period 2 Math: ni35dmv
  • Period 3 Science: erdgprf
  • Period 4 Computer Rotation 3Q: co6siud
  • Period 4 Computer Rotation 4Q: xrc3f2z
  • Period 5 Math: kdzovyl
  • Period 6 Science: i4u52cm
  • Period 7 Reading: ugtoo5a

All links needed are in Google Classroom

Medina, Leeat 

Office Hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri.: 9:30-10:30 @ google hangouts

Tues, Thurs,: Zoom meetings (period 2,3 1:00, period 5,6,7: 2:00)

  • Period 1: ngydsb
  • Period 2: v3dzxcy
  • Period 3: aurv5l (last letter is a lower case L)
  • Period 5: w7ieyeu
  • Period 6: ts4hc24
  • Period 7: 23qwvs

All links needed are in google classroom.

Miller, Krista

Office Hours:

All assignments will be posted in HomeLink and emailed out.

Math 7- Period 1 and 4

Digits and iReady via Clever

Accelerated Math 7- Period 2 and 3

Digits and iReady via Clever

Algebra- Period 6

Big Ideas via Clever

Khan Academy- class code:4G8XNZMV

Miner, Jenny 

Office Hours:

  • Period 7: hbvnzd5

Access iReady via Clever for 30 minutes of Math and 30 minutes of Reading.

Additional Resources (links/codes on Google Classroom):





Nelson, Christina 

Office Hours:
M-F 10am-11am via Google Meets- link posted on Google Classroom

  • All Subjects: idijpw4

Epic Readying at 
Class Code: wgl7171

Khan Academy - Sign in using school email and password

Ono-Karimi, Eriko

Office Hours:

  • Period 1: bailzgl
  • Period 2: 2rhzjr6
  • Period 3: hxumyk4
  • Perod 4: eo5wg7d
  • Period 6: 3v7dxi4
  • Period 7:  bue4i7k

All links are posted in Google Classroom

Peiffer, Veronica 

Office Hours:
Email any time

  • 1st Period - Orchestra: h4tu2au h4:
  • 3rd Period - Music Theatre: 4gl5sw5 4
  • 4th Period - Band: aogovuc

Links and assignments will be emailed via Homelink or in Google Classroom

Quinn, Danae 

Office Hours:

  • First Period History: 2juwawx
  • Second Period History: kk6erxz
  • Third Period History: cotfj5d
  • Fourth Period History: qajyv6t
  • Fifth Period History: lt44klu
  • Seventh Period Leadership: nplxrlv

All links needed will be in Google Classroom

Roberts-Farley, Eileen

Office Hours:
Zoom Class every Tuesday and Friday. Students can text me from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, comment through Google Classroom or email any time.

  • Period 1 - Art Rotation: nvv5ot5
  • Period 2 - English: pp56keq
  • Period 3 - History: d6s62td
  • Period 5 - English: hh2bheb
  • Period 6 - History: t7iyyfm
  • Period 7 - Reading: apva446

All assignments, links and forms are posted in Google Classroom

Vallis, Damian 

Office Hours:

  • Period 0:  4lop366
  • Period 1:  qduk6w7
  • Period 3:  pck7irm
  • Period 4:  tncqgwx
  • Period 5:  3f53eoq
  • Period 6:  x6s7skk 

Van Brocklin, Linda 

Office Hours:

Access the Google Classrooms for your core teachers and email me if you have questions about the assignments.

I am available by phone (office hours) from 8:30 - 10:00 am Monday through Friday.  Please call 925-708-1590 if you have questions or need help.  If these hours, do not work for you, please email me at and I will work out a more convenient time.

Check my Google classroom on Friday.

  • Academic Success 6, Period 4: bespw5
  • Academic Success 7, Period 6: kg6finu

Access iReady once a day, 30 minutes for Math and 30 minutes for Reading)- go through Clever

On-line resources

Language Arts:

Math resources

  • Khan Academy

Walker, Dean 

Office Hours:

  • All Classes: bx34dzv


Links to relevant material

Wathen, Joanne 

Office Hours:

  • World History Classes: 2x4w5r
  • 6th grade Reading Class: 7aanxqn

All assignments and links posted in google classroom.

Counseling Team

Nardone, Lori

Perryman, Ed 

Google Voice:

(510) 621-7406

Students & Families please visit our Google sites for communication & resources.

Martinez Wellness Center

Contra Costa Crisis Center


Dinicola, Alison

Office Hours:

10-12 & 1-3 via email

Robinson, Mona

Office Hours:

9-11 via email

Pine Hollow Library Website (NEW!)



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        Password: JLGFREE

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