Form 14- Media Release- ISSE
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Form 14- Media Release- 1 Copy to host school, keep copy at home school

International School to School Experience

Media Authorization Form

School: _____________________________________________

Dates of exchange: _____________________________________________

Partner school for exchange: _____________________________________________

Dear Parents of ISSE student delegates,

The essential commitment of the International School to School Experience (ISSE) program is to contribute to international understanding and world peace by offering children opportunities to meet and cultivate friendships with young people from other nations.

ISSE depends primarily on partner schools that believe strongly in the program and want to keep it moving and expanding. In order to accomplish this, ISSE encourages participating schools to share their experiences after returning to their home school with stories, photos, videos and other means to be placed on the ISSE International website ( Sharing materials from actual experiences is one of the best ways schools can contribute to this purpose and it would be much more efficient if this was accompanied by samples of students’ work.

The ISSE administrators would be very grateful if they could count on your authorization for the possible use of the work prepared by your son/daughter, and/or the photographic images of him/her during school activities, only if the work or images were to be selected by the participating schools. These would then be forwarded to the ISSE administrators for display on the ISSE International website.

Please check the small square at the beginning of each section to indicate if you give the necessary authorization, write the date and sign the form. Your school will keep the document in your son’s/daughter’s personal file.

Work by the student 

Image of the student 

Home School: _____________________________________________

Dates of exchange: _____________________________________________

Name of student: _____________________________________________

Printed name of Guardian: _____________________________________________

Signature of Guardian: _____________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________