Upper School ’Innovation Insights’

Purpose: Sharing, connecting and building upon ideas with the intention of building a project/service/exhibit together.

Date: Monday, November 20th 15:00 -16:00 (US Staff Meeting)

Venue: LLAC Lobby (15:00 - 15:15) and & 7th Floor Classrooms (15:15 - 16:00)


Big Idea




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The Connected Educator - Professional Development with Twitter

Iain Shortt


Are you curious about Twitter? Not convinced it’s should be a part of every educator's toolkit?  Come along to this session see how Twitter is being used by international educators to share and extend good practice.


NIMBY (Not In My Back-Yard):

Aberdeen Harbour Community Project

Smriti Safaya


Calling all dreamers, practical thinkers and action-minded doers!  

Learn about this whole school (and all Hong Kong)  initiative and contribute ideas for curriculum & community integration for all disciplines and grade levels.

Click on the ‘Mission Blue’ image to see a short clip of
what some of this overall project is about!


360 Degree! - A unique perspective of learning

David Larson


You’ve probably heard a lot about Virtual Reality (VR) but what are the actual educational possibilities?   In this sharing I share the thinking, planning, and assessment of a VR project in Grade 7 Design with time for discussion on how you might integrate VR into your teaching and learning.


Please install the Ricoh Theta SC and Adobe Air apps prior to the session so that you can view 360° media on your Macbook.

Get Smart! Meeting the App Generation Where They Are

Kadie Riverin


Learn how SmartPhones are being embraced in Physical Health and Education and how you might integrate them into your curriculum.


Project-Based Learning

Darrell Sharp & Horace Lee


We will share our experiences developing problem-based learning experiences:

  • Blueprint Club - cdnisRECYCLE project - intelligent Internet of Things recycling tracking and gamification
  • Grade 7 Science  - upcycled cardboard furniture



Curriculum Webbing

Danielle Van De Broucke


Why is ‘interdisciplinary’ a buzzword in  contemporary education? Is it just another gimmick? And how, exactly, are we supposed to make time for it? We’ll explore these questions with reference to a recent collaboration between Literature and Biology students.


You will need to access to the following video blogs during the workshop:

-Case study 1

-Case study 2

-Case study 3

-Case study 4

-Case study 5

-Case study 6

The First Cut is the Deepest: Learning with Lasers

Davis Chan


Are you curious about laser cutting?  Come along to this session where we will learn about the creative design process for using a laser cutter.


Please install Adobe Illustrator from Self Service in your laptop prior to the session.

Download the “A5 Template.ai”   here and open it with Adobe Illustrator.