Pickups and Dropoffs - 1301 N. Derbigny, Clark Campus

Carpool Drop Off begins at 7:07am on North Roman (rear of school). Students must exit from the driver’s side only. This will be strictly enforced for student safety. On rainy pick up/drop off occasions, carpool parents will wait for busses to depart, and then turn from North Roman line up onto Bayou Road, where students may wait under overhang to remain as dry as possible.


Please note, students must have entered school via cafeteria and be proceeding briskly to classroom no later than 7:37 to be considered present and on-time! Breakfast service begins at 7:07 and ends at 7:37.


AM: Students who arrive after arrival doors (Bayou Road) have closed (7:37) should enter through office on North Derbigny with their school ID to check in, and will be marked tardy. They will report immediately to class. (If your child is late, please ensure s/he has had breakfast so s/he can be ready to learn!)


2:35 is dismissal time.  It is essential that you (or your carpool) pick your child up on time, have them ride a school bus, or access RTA or walk/bike and depart promptly at the end of the school day.

MJHS is not able to supervise after school hours unless student is participating in tutoring, clubs, athletics and other programs. (With the exception of Fall Athletics - including volleyball, swim, cross country and basketball - such after school programming will begin after Labor Day.)

All students not enrolled in one of the above should be off campus by 3:15pm at the latest. They will await parents beneath the overhang on the Bayou Road side of the cafeteria; a security Officer is provided as a courtesy to our families.  


Fall athletics, Cross Country, Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball will begin the second week of school. Other after school activities begin after Labor Day.