Buckingham SHIELD Meeting Minutes January 8th, 2018

Present: Teresa Pisani, Tim Kruse, Sandy Hess, Lorraine Nitto, Jen Henson and Nadine Van Buskirk

Location: BCMHS Rm. 2

Meeting Type: Normal

Notice of meeting: email

Meeting Called to Order: 7:03pm

Minutes: Teresa made the motion to approve December’s meeting minutes and Sandy seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: not available at this time.

Tim made the suggestion to have a Board of Director member act as a secondary chain of command when current treasurer is unavailable to provide treasurer report updates during SHIELD meetings. Tim, proposed that the ‘Secondary chain of command’ would have access to SHIELD bank account info providing Board members and parents with an up-to-date account information.

Old Business:

Board Position: SHIELD has an open Treasurer position that needs to be filled. YunAe Mello will act as interim Treasurer, until a new Treasurer is voted in. Our newest SHIELD directors are Lorraine Nitto and Jen Henson. We welcome their new ideas and fresh perspective.

Fundraising: Mahalo auction dinner is on track. Main focus for the next months:

o Sponsorships o Marketing

New Business:

Speakers at meetings: With parent input along with SHIELD board of directors we highlighted potential areas to invite guest speakers to speak on:

o Social media o Teaming up with Summit for success seminars o “How to” tutorials o SHIELD YouTube channel o “Teaser” trailers for upcoming SHIELD events/guest speakers o Facebook polls to better understand what parents need eg. “what are you

worried about”.

News/Updates: Mr. Beuscher, briefly spoke of the positive vibe on BCMHS campus since the return from winter break. He is also hoping for an update in March on campus location.

Next Meeting: February 5th, 2019

Location/Time: BCMHS Rm. 2 at 7:00pm

Meeting Adjourned: 7:41pm

Respectfully Submitted, Nadine Van Buskirk