2019 Target United Cup Rules

Formerly the ‘West Chester RecPlus Spring Festival’

Tournament Information

West Chester United Soccer Club is sponsoring the 2019 Target United Cup which would have been formally referred to as the 12th Annual West Chester RecPlus Spring Festival.

The tournament is open to all clubs (U10-U19 Boys and Girls AGE GROUPS).

It is designed to give “Non-Travel players” a “Travel-like” experience. The tournament is played on WCUSC fields, which are ranked among the best fields in the area. West Chester United Soccer will make every effort to offer each team three games, with the possibility of playoff qualification to determine the Finalist and Champions in each Age Group. This is a “Patch Exchange” festival.  This is an optional activity in which participating teams may exchange their club’s Pins or Patches after each game.  There will be Trophies for the Champions and Finalists of each Age Group/Gender.


Boys and U19 Girls – Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Girls – Sunday, June 9th, 2019


The PRIMARY designated location will be:

WCUSC Thornbury Soccer Park

1200 Westtown Rd, West Chester, PA 19382

Field Map Layout (http://www.wcusc.org/imgs/Fields/TSP_Map.pdf)

These SECONDARY designated locations may be used in part or whole:

Delacy Soccer Complex

521 S Creek Rd #501, West Chester, PA 19382

Lower Oakbourne

 500 East Pleasant Grove Rd, West Chester, PA 19382

Rustin High School Turf Field

1100 Shiloh Rd, West Chester, PA 19382

Rustin Stadium is located at the southern end of the campus






Roster Size

Date-of-Birth Range


Game Length






40 Minutes





50 Minutes





50 Minutes





50 Minutes


*= Twelve players recommended but up to 14 players are permitted.

We will allow a maximum of 3 players to play down an age group as long as they are in the same grade as the oldest birth year (ie. 2002 player in 6th grade can play with the U14 team)

** Age groups may be combined or eliminated depending upon registrations.

A. The first six teams in each age group to register will be accepted.                                     B. The festival is for recreational players only (no travel players - or players with a registered Player Pass - may participate).

C. Player eligibility is based on age, not school grade.  Players may play-up 1 age group.  

D. It is the responsibility of each registering team to certify the eligibility of its players.

E. This tournament is sanctioned through Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer.

F.  Team/Club Patch exchange is encouraged but not required.

G. Players may only play for one team in the festival.


Insurance is the obligation of the teams entered in the festival.  The festival is sanctioned by Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and therefore carries the insurance of the State Association as a sanctioned event.


U09 & U10 (7v7) Specific Modified Rules:


Build Out Line:

Offside Rule:

Combined U11/U12 (9v9) Specific Modified Rules:



WCUSC Expectations of Coaches, Parents & Players:

The coach is expected to behave in a manner conducive to the promotion of good sportsmanship at all times including practice, during games and at any other team or program event. Coaches are an extension of WCUSC, and recognize the importance of their role in casting a positive reflection on our club. More often than not, both players and parents tend to adopt the coach’s attitude and behavior. The coach, who argues and complains incessantly, berates officials throughout games, looks down on or criticizes opponents and otherwise demonstrates a haughty attitude is likely to have players who are conditioned to show a lack of respect for the game and exhibit poor sportsmanship. WCUSC has little tolerance for such a coach, and seeks instead one who provides an environment that enriches WCUSC players and fosters a sense of good will in all areas of the game.  We also look for our parents to demonstrate the same sideline conduct as our coaches, and a similar positive attitude towards all players and coaches. We also expect all of our players to always demonstrate sportsmanship to their teammates, opponents, coaches, and referees. This will foster a positive environment for all players to demonstrate ongoing sportsmanship to their teammates, opponents, coaches, and referees and to develop a love of the game.

A. Coaches, players and spectators are required to conduct themselves within the Laws of the Game.

B. All disciplinary measures imposed by the Rec Plus Festival Committee shall be limited to participation in the festival.

C. A player or coach accumulating 2 yellow cards will be suspended for one game.


Division Winners and Wild Card Teams:

A. Game points will be awarded as follows: Teams will be awarded three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss.

B.  In the case of a single division (Round Robin), the team with the highest point total will be declared the Champion and the team with the next highest point total will be declared the Finalist.  Breaking ties within the division will be determined by below (See “C”, below).

C.  In the case of multiple divisions in an age group, at the end of the preliminary rounds, the divisional winner shall be the team with the most game points in their division. In the event of a tie within a division, the following criteria shall be used to determine the winner:

  1. Head to head competition. (In the event of a tie among three (3) or more teams, this does not apply).

  2. Most Wins

  3. Goals Against.

  3. Goal Differential

  4. Goals For

  5. Penalty kicks between the tied teams

C. In the event of a tie among three (3) or more teams, the elimination procedure begins with rule B step 2. If two (2) teams remain tied through rule B step 3 that tie will be broken, based on head to head play, rule B step 1 and if still tied at that point by penalty kicks.

D. In a three bracket division, a wild card team will be selected for the playoff round, based on the criteria and procedure outlined in playoff rounds, sections A and B as applied across the entire division.

E. The venue coordinator, acting within the parameters of these rules, will determine the teams to advance into the final rounds.

Playoff Rounds (if necessary):

A. Tournament winners may be decided by a championship game. The first and second place teams at the end of the preliminary round will advance to the championship game, if playoffs are specified.

B. Should game remain a draw after regulation time, FIFA penalty kicks will be taken to determine the winner. The best of five penalty kicks taken alternately by each team will determine the winner. Only those players on the field at the end of overtime may compete. If the penalty kick score is tied at the end of five kicks, teams will continue to take penalty kicks, alternately, until there is a winner. All players on the field must take a penalty kick before any player is allowed to kick a second time.

Failure to Show and Forfeits:

A. A minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a team by FIFA rules. A team representative is required to check in 20 minutes before scheduled kickoff time. In order to check in at least seven (7) players from the team must be present at the field. Teams without a minimum of seven (7) players present at kickoff time will forfeit the game. The start of the game will not be delayed.

B. In no case shall a team that forfeits a game be declared a division winner or wild card team. If an apparent division winner forfeits a game, the team from that division with the next best record shall be named the division winner.

C. If a referee is forced to terminate a game due to gross misconduct by players, coaches, or spectators, the team that causes the game to be terminated will forfeit the game.

D. In the case of a forfeit in the preliminary rounds the opposing team will be awarded three (3) points for the win. For tie-breaking purposes, teams winning by forfeits will be awarded 3 bonus points for a shutout.

E. Forfeits of games shall be recorded as 1-0 games.

F. Failure to produce authorized Roster at the time of registration or by game time is grounds for forfeit.


The champions and finalists (second place team in case of a round-robin division) will receive awards.

© 2019 West Chester United Soccer Club, no part of this manual may be reproduced or copied without the expressed, written, consent of West Chest


A. WCUSC will use all available means to post weather updates, including website updates and emails to team contacts.

B. Refund Policy: Full refunds will be given to all teams not accepted into the tournament. Refunds will not be issued in the case of a team withdrawing from the tournament after being accepted. There will be no refunds for partial cancellation of the tournament for any reason. In the event of a full tournament cancellation (no games played), WCUSC intends to make partial refunds of team application fees. The amount to be refunded, if any, will be determined at that time. In the event of a full tournament cancellation the WCUSC would love to be able to provide significant refunds to all teams. Unfortunately, non-refundable expenses incurred by WCUSC prevent the club from providing significant refunds to the teams participating in the tournament.