Advocacy on the National Level:

LWVUS Statement Opposing a Rushed Supreme Court Confirmation Process

Write a letter to our senators urging them to pass the Delivering for America Act H.R. 8015 which would prohibit implementing changes to USPS operations that would impede prompt, reliable, and efficient service during Covid-19.

Write a letter to our senators urging them to pass the For the People Act (S. 1): The provisions in the For the People Act will modernize our election system, reform redistricting, and improve transparency in our elections. The For the People Act will improve American elections by making our election system more free, fair, and accessible to all eligible Americans.

Write a letter to our senators urging them to pass the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, which establishes a new background check requirement for gun transfers between private parties.

Write our senators urging them to support D.C. Statehood:  Residents in D.C. deserve full representation in Congress.

LWV Statement on DHS Crackdown on Portland Protesters

LWV Resolution on Racial Justice:  The League advocates against systemic racism in the justice system, and at a minimum, for preventing excessive force and brutality by law enforcement. We also call for prompt actions by all League members to advocate within every level of government to eradicate systemic racism, and the harm that it causes.

LWV Statement on Police Killing of George Floyd

LWV Urges Congressional Support for H.R. 2, the Moving Forward Act:  This legislation is a bold infrastructure plan that will transform our transportation systems, transition the nation to cleaner sources of energy, invest in clean and safe water, protect workers, preserve nature, and address the challenges from a changing climate to our communities.

**Email or Call your Elected Officials in order to advocate for these League positions.**

Advocacy on the State Level:

Understand redistricting in New York with this beginners guide.

LWVNY Files Lawsuit to Correct Error-Prone Ballot Verification Process in New York

Email your State Assemblyperson to voice your support of absentee voting reform legislation, recently passed by the NY State Senate, which makes it easier to apply for and submit absentee ballots.

LWVNY Urges the Assembly to fully webcast all of its committee meetings held via video during the pandemic so that they are available to the public for viewing.

Advocacy on the County Level:

Apply on the Westchester County Board of Elections website to work as an election inspector at polling sites on Election Day.