Outreach Specialist at Nightwatch

We’re looking for a perceptive and experienced outreach person to join our close-knit remote team and bring our outreach campaigns to the next level. The individual should be an excellent communicator and negotiator, and have experience with outreach in a similar internet company.


Our mission is to create forward-thinking SEO tracking tools that help our users scale their online businesses, so familiarity with the world of SEO and software is definitely a plus.

We're offering a fully remote position and a flexible work schedule (part-time with a possibility to go full-time) with high working ethics standards. We communicate regularly via Slack throughout the day, and on team calls weekly.

The individual will be responsible for communication and establishing relationships with our partners (influencers, website owners, business owners, etc.). The main goal of work will be improving relationships with influencers, backlink acquisition, guest post publishing, or soft promotion.

The most important personality traits are having initiative, being proactive, and being resilient -- with a positive attitude and ability to operate in challenging situations.


What it is going to look like:

Interested? Apply now! Write to us and tell us why you'd like to join, what you have achieved so far, and what the work you’ve done looks like.