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The end of the quarter is fast approaching.  10/27 is the last day of the first quarter, and report cards will go home the next Friday, 11/3.  If you have questions about your child’s progress, please be sure to call your child’s teacher.  Parent/Teacher conferences should be in the process of being scheduled, so please look out for a sign-up process if you haven’t seen it already.


Lincoln Street School had a practice “lockdown” today, 10/19, as part of efforts to have students and staff practice a variety of safety-related drills.  Lockdown is used to prevent unauthorized entry if the threat is outside the building i.e., a robbery in proximity to the school, or to protect against potentially dangerous intruders that may be inside the building or on the school site. The response secures students and staff, usually in classrooms, to prevent access or harm to the occupants of the lockdown locations.

The drill was overseen by the Exeter Police Department who reported that everyone did an excellent job following appropriate “lockdown” procedures.  The Exeter Police Department will supervise additional practice “lockdowns” throughout the school year.

Additionally, please know that our school has participated in five of eight state-mandated fire drills overseen by the Exeter Fire Department.  Each grade level has also practiced exit procedures from our cafeteria, and we have conducted one of our two required bus evacuation drills.

Finally, Lincoln Street School continues to work very closely with the Exeter Police Department and the Exeter Fire Department on issues related to school safety.  These various drills are an important component of our continuous efforts to provide a safe school environment for our students and staff.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

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Monday, 10/23

Homework Club

Drama Club


3:00- 4:30pm

Tuesday, 10/24

Student Council Meeting

Mrs. Gordon’s D.I. Team

8:00am -Mr. Schmitt’s room


Wednesday, 10/25

Grade 4 Field Trip

Sandy Point-Hanlon, Schmitt & Varrin

Thursday, 10/26

Grade 4 Field Trip

After School Activities

Homework Club

Drama Club

Sandy Point- Poly, Shaheen, Smith & Estle

3:00-4:00pm (Last day for session 1)

3:00- 4:15pm


Friday, 10/27

Grade 4 Field Trip

Sandy Point- Leaver, Pupino & Roeder

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