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June 5 2018 1341 GMT

Started January 23 2018 1929 GMT

Joseph Madden - Man in the Middle

Joseph Thomas Madden
405 Columbia Avenue
St Cloud FL 34769-2650

Joseph Thomas Madden
Litigation Claims Analyst
Frontline Homeowners Insurance
500 International Parkway
Lake Mary FL 32746
fax:  +1.407.444.5234

Dear Joe:

You occupy a particularly probative position in the USAA Fraud that was perpetrated against my family.

You were an employee at Richard J Froese Company when Mr Froese:

  1. Defrauded my family by failing to perform the standard 2nd-3rd party adjustment.
  2. Defrauded my family by suggesting that the claim should be deflected as it wasn’t fair to the other 2.5 million syndicate names at USAA.  Fair?
  3. Asked me to admit having caused the damage in which case “he’d process the claim” and “arrange for a check”. [Insurance Fraud].
  4. You were there when Richard J Froese was discovered to be adjusting without a license.
  5. Whatever other concomitant reasons there were for Froese’s rapid departure and subsequent bankruptcy - you know what they were.
  6. If Froese was adjusting my family’s claim in a criminal or unlawful manner - you’d know it.
  7. If there was anything additional that my family should have done to obtain our insurance settlement that we were fully entitled to - you will know what that is.
  8. If we failed to supply pertinent information to obtain out check - you’ll find out from Frose what that was.
  9. You were then a “partner” of Grace Ward in a successor business.
  10. You and Grace Ward became the de facto staff adjusters for USAA:” as you described it on our November telephone call, the business just sort of fell off the back of a truck.  Do you care to clarify that.
  11. You will also know in detail the arrangement Gace Ward and you had with neighbor:

John Joseph Variano
1 Highland Place
Nesconset NY 11767-2307
+1.631.361.5072 [Valerie M Variano]

Jack Variano
In-House Adjuster
PO Box 85
Rockville Center NY 11571
+1.516 763 2523 (ng 03 feb 16)
fax:  +1.516 763 2617  (ng 21 dec 17)

  1. You know the exact circumstances behind Grace Ward’s secret undated adjustment:

And if you don’t know, I suspect that in about 5 minutes after a phone call to Grace that you will know.

  1. Question:  who is this guy?  Is that you?


  1. And so on and so on .   .  .  

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig
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