V1.5 Rulebook

June 26th, 2019

RVA Mini Z Racers

8032 West Broad St Richmond, VA 23294

Special thanks to:

HobbyTown and the West Broad St. store staff, without you guys and your willingness to accommodate us, none of this would be possible.

General Information

General Competition Rules

2WD Stock Class

The 2WD Stock Class is a racing division restricted to Kyosho MR-03 FHS and FHSS RWD Mini-Zs. Certain upgrades are permitted, please see information below. This division has a combination of entry-level and experienced racers that participate.

Additional Notes

At this time, 102mm wheelbase style Stock Mini-Zs are not allowed to race in the stock class. After much testing we found that these cars greatly outperformed the 98mm wheelbase stock Mini-Zs in almost every way. Far more 98mm wheelbase stock cars are purchased versus the less common 102mm wheelbase cars, so we have chosen to have the stock class run only 98mm wheelbases to keep the playing field even for the larger audience coming into Mini-Z. With this, we want to provide a few options for those that own this type of Stock Mini-Z:

  1. If you are adamant in competing in the stock class, your option would be to convert the 102mm car to a 98mm wheelbase. Parts needed: MM motor pod (Part# KYOMZ215), 98mm rear axle (Part# MZ207), 20mm front wheels, and a 98mm body.
  2. If you are okay with running in the Pro Stock class (which is entry level racer friendly also), you can either stick with your current stock setup, as it will perform well in this class as is; or you can purchase a Kyosho X-Speed motor (Part# MZW8P) if you want to get a little more speed out of the car.

In conclusion, changing to a 98mm setup will cost more but could possibly provide you with competitors of around the same skill level if you are new to RC car racing. Moving up to the Pro Stock class would be more cost effective as you would only have to buy a faster motor if anything at all; but you would be having a mix of both entry level and experienced racers to contend with. Ultimately the choice is yours!

2WD Pro Stock Class

The 2WD Pro Stock class is a racing division that provides a middle ground between entry level stock class and the very fast modified class. You will find a mixture of both class rules in this division. This class is still very friendly to newcomers, the only difference being slightly higher speeds, more freedom for modifications, and ability to run different eras of RWD Chassis.

2WD Modified Class

The 2WD Modified Class is a racing division that produces the most freedom to modify any generation Kyosho RWD Mini-Z within the confines of the rules set below. Very fast division, with a lot of experimental setups. Mostly experienced racers participate but is welcome to new racers as well.