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1.        Purpose

The Board recognizes that the emotional, social, physical and educational development of students will vary and that students should be placed in the educational setting most appropriate to their needs. The district will establish and maintain high standards for each grade and monitor student achievement in a continuous and systematic manner.

2.        Authority

        SC 1531, 1532        Title 22

        Sec. 4.42

The Board establishes that each student shall be moved forward in a continuous pattern of achievement and development that corresponds with the student's development, the system of grade levels, and attainment of the academic standards established for each grade.

        SC 1532

        Pol. 213

A student shall be promoted when s/he has successfully completed the curriculum requirements and has achieved the academic standards established for the present level, based on the professional judgement of the teachers and the results of assessments. A student shall earn the right to advance to the next grade by demonstrating mastery of the required skills and knowledge.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

        Title 22

        Sec. 4.12 4.13

        Pol. 100

The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures for promotion and retention of students which assure that every effort will be made to remediate the student's difficulties before the student is retained.

        SC 1532

The recommendation of the classroom teacher will be considered for promotion or retention of a student.

The building principal shall be assigned the final responsibility for determining the promotion or retention of each student.

4.        Guidelines

In all cases of retention, the parents/guardians shall be fully involved and informed throughout the process. Parents/Guardians and students shall be informed of the possibility of retention of a student well in advance.

Parents/Guardians can be notified as early as difficulties are noted and at each mid-quarter of each report card period an academic mid-quarter report of the situation shall be sent home. In the elementary, the second quarter report card is also marked "promotion in danger."

If in the third quarter it appears retention will be recommended, the teacher should confer with the principal and other staff members involved with the child. The parents/guardians shall be invited to a meeting with the teacher and other staff members. This meeting should center on the child, current academic standing in relationship to the group and to his/her own ability. Goals will be set for the next quarter. In the fourth quarter, a meeting should be held to review the child's progress and a recommendation will be made. This recommendation will then be shared with the principals for an ultimate decision.

        Pol. 212, 213

Academic achievement, attitude, effort, work habits, behavior, attendance and other factors related to learning shall be evaluated regularly and communicated to students and parents/guardians.

        Pol. 213

The district shall utilize multiple measures of academic performance as determinants in promotion and retention decisions.

Acceleration, Enrichment, And Advancement

Decisions related to acceleration, enrichment and advancement should be the function of a building level team. The team could include, but not be limited to parents/guardians, teachers, students and guidance counselors. I.E.P. teams develop recommendations for handicapped students. However, teams comprised of the above mentioned constituents may make decisions about advancement, acceleration or enrichment for non-handicapped students.

The criteria used for evaluation by the team will include but not be limited to:

1.        Options Program –

(Student grades, pre-requisite(s), student performance in classroom i.e., quality of classroom work demonstrates willingness to undertake new work/welcomes challenges, etc.)

2.        Standardized Tests.

3.        Teacher Recommendation Checklist(s).


4.        Parent/Guardian Recommendation Checklist(s).


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 1531, 1532, 1533

State Board of Education Regulations – 22 PA Code Sec. 4.12, 4.13, 4.42

Board Policy – 000, 100, 212, 213, 217

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