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1:1 Review-Question & Answers
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1:1 Teaching & Learning Review - Questions & Answers

Lincolnshire-Prairie View SD103 - SY 2023-2024

Frequently Asked Questions



Does an increased use of mobile learning devices have an effect on traditional learning skills like handwriting?

Mobile learning devices are utilized for their potential learning benefits. As an example of the iPad’s potential, there are over 15,000 “educational apps”.


There are also a large number of studies that show skills like handwriting have a positive impact on other skills, such as literacy, reading comprehension, memory recall, critical thinking and conceptual development, and creativity.


The goal of any technology integration is to increase the learning opportunities that we can offer our students, while still celebrating the benefits of traditional, non-technical learning.

Our teachers do a great job of balancing the learning benefits of both the iPad and traditional skills. As instructional professionals, they leverage the learning benefits of multiple resources that are academically appropriate for the age and ability of the students they support.      

How is technology managed in the classroom?

Teachers are encouraged to manage technology use in their classrooms, similar to the way they manage other classroom procedures, such as group work expectations, assignment deadlines or student behavior. Once classroom technology use guidelines have been defined, students are expected to follow those guidelines. If a student does not follow the guidelines that have been established, the behavior will be addressed as though the student is not following a classroom procedure.

What are the technology use expectations when traveling to or from school on the bus?

The typical SD103 student spends roughly 30 minutes traveling on the bus. There are not specific technology use guidelines associated to that time, other than following school/district rules and procedures. If specific technology use requirements have been implemented, they are specific to the school, the bus or the situation.  

Are there any specific time recommendations for using the iPad in classrooms?

By design, our teachers are not given specific time recommendations for how to implement technology in their classrooms. Teachers are encouraged to develop curriculum that is academically appropriate for their students. A number of factors are considered when developing a robust and rigorous curriculum, but a learning device requirement is not one of them. The goal is to support the autonomy of our teachers to adjust instructional practices based on the learning needs of their students. Teachers are encouraged to plan for student use of technology when it can be purposefully used to benefit student learning.   

'22-'23 - 1:1 Participation Options

Any changes to the 1:1 Participation Options are approved by the School Board in Spring, prior to the opening of Returning Student Registration. There are a number of factors that go into the consideration of any changes, but ultimately the goal is to create the most effective learning environment for our students.


What if an iPad is damaged or breaks during student use?

The student should tell their classroom teacher immediately.

Students/Families are responsible for damages to district property, including iPads. Families are responsible for up to $50 for the first repair and up to 100% of the cost for any additional repairs.

A loaner iPad will be issued to the student until the broken iPad can be repaired.

What if the device is stolen or lost?

The student should tell their classroom teacher immediately.

If stolen, the family is required to provide a police report. Once provided, the District will replace the iPad.

If lost, the family is responsible for covering the replacement cost.

A loaner iPad can be issued to the student for up to 10 school days.

Can we install our own stuff (applications, apps, videos, music, etc.) on the device?

No. Apple’s App Store is intentionally turned off on all District owned iPads. The District manages ALL apps (purchases, disbursement and retrieval).

There are no exceptions.

What about Internet filtering?

On and off campus, District 103 filters all web content through a web filtering program.

We utilize a mix of different filtering methods and best practice strategies to provide as safe of an environment as possible for District stakeholders.

How do I clean the device?

Handle your iPad with care to maintain its appearance. Unplug all cables and turn off iPad. Simply wipe iPad’s screen using a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting moisture in openings. Do NOT attach anything sticky to the iPad or case, including stickers, accessories, etc. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Will the District provide any iPad accessories such as screen protectors, blue light filters, wireless mice, keyboards or styluses?

No. Families can purchase accessories according to student preference or desire. However, please do not purchase any accessories that require "sticking" to the iPad, or any other situation where damage to the iPad or case may occur.

D103 will continue to evaluate accessories based on learning needs.

What if my child leaves his/her device at home?

Students are expected to be responsible for their device. This includes keeping their device charged and bringing it to and from school. In an emergency and if available, a loaner iPad can be provided.